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PaizoCon 2014!

This is the discussion thread for two campaigns:

[OoC] Wardove's Rumble in the Jungle

Play-by-Post Discussion

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Isaac can't wait to meet all of you!!! :D he apologizes for being careless and getting captured :3

Everyone have a great holidays!

Hey guys! So....I've been stuck visiting the husband's family all week starting at brunch and not getting home until it is near midnight each day. I had no idea I was going to have my holiday time so commandeered. You all have been waiting for me to post and since it was too long since my last post it makes sense you would want to forge ahead.
Unfortunately, this means my character has been weirdly and uncharacteristically absent from all decision making even though my ship and crew and weapons are being used to do this rescue.
Trust me...If I had had a choice in this I would have been posting frequently as I have enjoyed what has been going on in the game so far.

I did try to check the game when I got home each night but found that we have had issues with the router. Sadly, my internet router has gone down as well and I am now typing this using a hijacked wi-fi network from another person in the RV park which has little to no signal strength until we can fix the issue.
That will mean entirely unpacking the storage area of the RV and that will mt happen until we are done with RV repairs and settled in San Diego in about a week.
So....sorry guys...I am trying and do want to be part of this game just everything seems to be conspiring otherwise at this point. Will try to catch up...if I can...

Male Sky Elf Game Master lv 20

No worries, Vic, I'm just sad to hear that your mother-in-law was such a bear to deal with. Feel free to recap what Tyralor said/did as he's gazing off towards the battle, and if he doesn't comment on it first, I'll have Nimniel apprise him of the changing conditions. :)

Male Sky Elf Game Master lv 20

So I just realized today (thanks to a thread I read on the boards) that the bard's Inspire Courage ability got some handy changes between 3.5 and Pathfinder. I've bolded the difference.

3.5 SRD wrote:

An affected ally receives a +1 morale bonus on saving throws against charm and fear effects and a +1 morale bonus on attack and weapon damage rolls.
PRD wrote:
An affected ally receives a +1 morale bonus on saving throws against charm and fear effects and a +1 competence bonus on attack and weapon damage rolls.

Sooo, long story short, I'd simply been having Alis cast Good Hope as a 'pep-talk' because I thought the bonus for actually performing was a morale bonus and therefore wouldn't stack.

Le Sigh...

Anyway, just figured I'd call this out and apologize, most of you will be having an total +5 bonus to hit and damage momentarily:

+2 good hope +1 prayer +2 inspire courage = +5

Talk about a force multiplier!

I'M BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!!!! Took forever but here I am! Sorry for the delays guys. Thankfully, our dear DM managed to play me as near to as I would have ...even managing to pick up T's epic manner of speaking! Great Job M!!

Wish I could have been part of that directly but now you all have some idea what I am and what sort of evil cabal is after Alis...hell's agents themselves!

Male Sky Elf Game Master lv 20

Glad to hear that you're back! Also relieved to hear that I did a passable job of roleplaying Tyralor, thanks! :)

Male Sky Elf Game Master lv 20

XP Breakdown
9600 Captain Beard
9600 Crew of the Falcata
9600 Eleventy-Eight

Sub-Total 9600 + 9600 + 9600 = 28800 ÷ 5 shares = 5760

25600 Ozyrankhus

Sub-Total 25600 = 25600 ÷ 8 shares

Total 5760 + 3200 = 8960

XP: + each (53922 + 8960 = 62882/77,000)

Male Sky Elf Game Master lv 20


  • Amulet of Natural Armor +3
  • Belt of Physical Perfection +2
  • Bracers of Armor +4
  • Ring of Protection +3
  • +2 keen cutlass (scimitar)
  • Non-Magical Loot: 5× rings, bloody pants, bloody shirt, tricorn hat, 2× silver beard spirals, bronze hair spiral, 3× gold earrings, and 3× gold chains

Feel free to discuss amongst yourselves what to do with it. Naturally Jason gets first say since he's the bad-ass who took out The Beard.

My first impressions here...

Amulet: Darv
Belt: Darv
Bracers: Darv, possibly Alis.
Ring: anyone (Isaac? Lureene?).
Cutlass: Aerys/Isaac (backup weapon...maybe sell it?)

The reason I think Darv should get most of the items here, well other than the fact he EARNED them is because he would not need to wear his armor ALL the time. If Darv had the amulet and bracers, his AC without the armor would still be 22 (armor +4, shield +3, dex +1, +3 natural, +1 deflection)

Isaac would be best served by the ring, but he would have to swap a ring out unfortunately.

Male Sky Elf Game Master lv 20

Well no need to worry over items for Alis. She'd most likely balk at wearing the bracers of a dead pirate captain... "Are those naked mermaids cavorting with... Oh my..." ;)

Of course Sasha, Gelik, and Aerys might appreciate gifts of some sort, even if it's hand-me-downs or non-magical bling.

BTW, while it doesn't list what gear the NPCs have, you may wish to consult the party matrix for who has what items and of what types thus far:

Link: Magic Item Slots

Yeah, Sasha is very HIGH maintenance, he he. If Lureene can finagle that Ring of Protection from Darvie, then Lureene can her the Ring she already has, or if she does not want it, then Gelik would...enjoy the gift I am sure.

Dwarf Lightbringer

Darvesch is mostly interested in the belt. Anything that isn't used by the rest of the group, he'll note to Alis that it's to be donated to the Lightbringers.

Those bracers are amazing -only thing I'm interested in- O3o though Darvesch should deffo get the belt. I don't think I'd like to switch out Isaac's rings X.x but he's okay with not getting anything. I believe the cutlass should go to Aerys : ) split the treasure up to the NPC's and what have you ^^

Hmmm...OK so the breakdown I have right now is:

Amulet: Sasha (?)
Belt: Darvesch
Bracers: Isaac
Ring: Lureene
Cutlass: Aerys

Will this work for everyone?

Male Sky Elf Game Master lv 20

Works for me. Since Tyralor didn't arrive until well after Captain Beard was dead (and since he's also loaded), I don't see any issues with that arrangement.

If you guys wanted to RP giving the NPCs or each other anything in particular (i.e. Isaac giving Aerys the cutlass, or Darv giving Lureene/Sasha the amulet) then feel free. I figure I'll have everyone reconnoiter about the Zephrys here shortly...

Ah, I'll have to do that later D: I'm about to go out and don't have much time today! But I will work on Isaac giving the blade to Aerys as soon as I can!

That sounds good to me Eric :3

Male Sky Elf Game Master lv 20

Lureene's Chest:

  • 1 Large Fancy Dark Bluish-Violet Diamond resting in a now-moldy white velvet pillow
  • a hastily scribbled note noting rumors of the mine where it was discovered
  • 1 set of masterwork jeweler's tools
  • 1 monocle functions a a Lens of Detection
  • Several handfuls of coins, smaller gems, and a bejewled damascus dagger with a blade now black from dried blood
  • 2 gold watches
  • 1 empty gold locket
  • 6 empty gold settings
  • 2 matching platinums bands sized for a man and a woman
  • 5 gold fob chains
  • 5 trade bars of pure gold (125gp each)
  • 1 trade bar of pure platinum (100pp)
  • 1 crystal flask half-full of 55-year old single malt Rhime whiskey

Priyya's Chest:

  • 8 gold bricks (1250gp each)
  • 20 gold trade bars (125gp each)
  • 10 platinum trade bars (100pp each)
  • 9 bags of gold coins (250gp each, one bag appears to be missing)
  • An old, certificate validating the sum and weight of 15,000gp and 1,000pp. It was notarized in Colottina some 40 years ago and appears to have been intended for a recipient in Razor's Edge. While the coins have various stamps upon them, all of the bullion was minted in Malatesta.

Sasha's Chest:

  • 5 strands of pearls
  • 7 gold bangles
  • 1 moonstone circlet
  • 1 cast silver skull chalice
  • 5 masterwork silk coin belts (now moldy)
  • 9 sets of finger cymbals
  • 1 set of tortoise-shell brushes and combs
  • 1 large jade collar
  • 4 garnet-studded halter tops
  • 1 moonstone-studded halter top
  • 1 cloth-of-gold shawl interwoven with images of intertwining cats and roses
  • 1 figurine of a primitive cat goddess
  • 1 broken silver hand glass
  • 2 electrum half-masks: one of a cat sized for a woman, one of a woman's face seemingly made to fit a large feline
  • 7 gold hoop earrings
  • 3 bags of powdered silver
  • 1 tarnished silver bell with a rotted ribbon laced thru it
  • several cones of incense and other assorted herbs now black with mildew
  • 124cp
  • 341sp
  • 59gp
  • 2pp

Male Sky Elf Game Master lv 20

Just a heads-up, I'm still getting things prepped for the next phase of the campaign. I've been trying to get Port Eldarion fully fleshed out but the Kingmaker rules for kingdom building are completely kicking my ass. Been working on them for most of my vacation now and I still have a good bit of work left to do. I'll try to get some replies up tomorrow, but my brain is just fried right now from this crap. >.>

I apologize for my lack of posting! I've been in a car for the last 3 days and life has been a little hectic for me, hopefully I'll be able to post again soon! >3< I made it to AZ safely at least lol

Male Sky Elf Game Master lv 20

Glad you made it OK! Oh and no worries, I've been rather busy myself so it's all good.

Give Vic a hug for me when you see her! :)

Oh may as well give Vic a hug for me as well, he he. At least yer much closer to me feel free to wave when you look west, he he.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Your Humble Narrator

Laithoron, just popped by to say thanks for the shortkeys help many, many months ago. I dug up the link on your profile and finally got the bastards to work. Thanks!

Male Sky Elf Game Master lv 20

Oh, glad to hear that ended up being helpful. Thanks for letting me know. :)

Male Sky Elf Game Master lv 20

I've FINALLY finished The Neverending Spreadsheet™!

I haven't uploaded it anywhere yet because I still want to put it thru its paces but the import/export function is working and I've finished the first draft of documentation/annotation for it. Anyway, now that this is done I can finally get to work on fleshing out Port Eldarion.

With that in mind, I may decide to put the game on hold (i.e. leaving us sailing) for about a week just so that I have time to make some headway with mapping and such. In any event, I'm always on gTalk and you can always text me so I'll let you know.

Male Sky Elf Game Master lv 20

While I'm busy getting the maps and such ready for Arrowhead Island, I figured that now might be a good time to introduce our newest player...

Rob (who is playing Amhranai) is one of my best-friends from back when we used to attend high school together in West Chester, Pennsylvania about a 1000 years ago. As I'm sure he recalls, within a few minutes of our first meeting he'd broken my watch, and I'd broken his back in an impromptu duel we had. Yes, such were the way of things in the days before LARP weaponry — we beat the hell out of each other with staves and scythes like REAL men!

Anyway, Rob and the other member of The Terrible Trio™ (also a Mike, aka The Other White Mike™) started gaming together circa 1992 playing 2nd Edition D&D on Lankhmar. We've [hopefully] come a long way since the days where the PCs punched holes in the hulls of our own ships and me throwing said offender into the sun on a magical frisbee, but I suppose there's just no telling now is there? ;)

Dwarf Lightbringer

Say "Hi!", Rob... :P lol

I can neither confirm nor deny that the proceedings Mike describes are wholly accurate, but I have a scar on my knee that says otherwise. Those Nerf weapons would've come in handy back then; on the other hand, we would've lost the fun of finding new weapons while trekking forests. And Holes in Hulls™ never gets old. N E V E R

When you say 1992, it sounds so long ago, but yeah, those were some good times in Lankhmar and then Elsemar. I wish I had some of those older character sheets, exquisite messes that they could be!

I haven't really played D&D in about 13 years (outside of modified rules made more palatable for video games), and never in a forum version, so forgive any mis-steps. I do know enough that god-mode posts don't fly, so you at least don't have to worry about me killing any of your characters, at least intentionally, in any of my posts ;) Rodents of Unusual Size and small furry rabbits on the other hand...

Darvesch wrote:
Say "Hi!", Rob... :P lol

Work and driving got in the way. I did consider posting something while driving, but I thought better of that idea when I had to engage in some evasive maneuvers. But since you asked, "Hello!"

Amhranai wrote:
Darvesch wrote:
Say "Hi!", Rob... :P lol
Work and driving got in the way. I did consider posting something while driving, but I thought better of that idea when I had to engage in some evasive maneuvers. But since you asked, "Hello!"

Heh, good thing you don't live in Cali, as that is against the law, he he.

I used to live in CA, out in the Mojave Desert. They gave me a ticket for throwing a lit cigarette out the window!

Male Sky Elf Game Master lv 20

Heaven forbid if someone should burn down a desert, right? (Probably would have made those two Gulf Wars a bit faster if it was that simple...)

Male Sky Elf Game Master lv 20

On a more serious note, the 2nd printing errata was just released for Ultimate Magic, and while the infamous Antagonize feat is somewhat better now, it still doesn't address the fundamental issues a lot of folks (myself included) had with that lovely feat.

For the sake of reference, the current houserule we have on the Antagonize feat are here:

What I would like to do is simply make the benefits into uses of the Diplomacy and Intimidate skill that are available to anyone. The feat itself could perhaps remain in a Skill Focus type fashion where it gives a +3 bonus to each of those skills but only when taunting another person.

IMO, this would allow for some more creative/tactical uses of those skills than just attempting to demoralize an opponent or adjust the attitude of someone you haven't engaged yet. It just seems silly to me to place a feat tax on top of the skill investment — particularly with the printed feat still being bad enough that I'm unwilling to allow it as is. (Maybe if this wasn't such an RP-heavy game and it was merely a meat-grinder...)

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Amhranai the rabblerouser! :p

Male Sky Elf Game Master lv 20

Ha, that's nothing! You should have seen the s#*+ storm it caused when Sasha met the others! XD

Dwarf Lightbringer

On the 16th of June, I will begin the process of moving. This is the day my internet gets shut off. I probably won't have dedicated internet for well over a month, probably a couple, even three. I will still have my cellphone, which is an android phone, so I'll have limited net access. I'll try to get a post in whenever I can, but realize it's going to be much more limited than I'm accustom to for a while. If you need to reach me, I'd prefer email or text, both can be found through Laithoron.

Male Sky Elf Game Master lv 20

Congrats guys and gal, it took just shy of two years of real time, but we've finally come to the end of what you could consider the first 'book' of the saga. Mind you, I would only consider the 1st part of the Serpent's Skull Adventure Path to be one or two chapters of said book.

I'm beat right now, but I'll pick up with narrating the start of the next part after I've had a chance to rest up.

In the mean time...

in the immortal words of GMs everywhere...


Go ahead and advance your characters to level 8 and be certain to post the changes and additions to your characters in this thread so that I can double-check everything and update ShortKeys, the Party Matrix, etc.

In addition to the XP earned thru all those epic battles, we're nearly at 9000 posts, so I'll try to think of a suitable achievement bonus for completing this major story milestone as well.

Thanks for making this story of ours possible, and here's to our continuing adventures in Dafar! :)

Lureene LEVEL UP (Enchanter/Summoner) (7th/5th)
+1d8 hp, total 5 + 2 = 7
Total HP: 62
Ability: +1 CHA
+1 Will
SR +1, now 14
Concentration +1

Skills (2+ 3 int + 1 favored = 6 total)
Diplomacy +1
Knowledge, Arcane +1
Knowledge, Planes +1
Perception +1
Sense Motive +1
Spellcraft +1

Swap Fiendish Sight for Deepsight. NOTE: The only change for this is it adds low-light vision.

+1 3rd level/day
+1 4th level/day
Spells Learned: Confusion (E), Shout

Gain Shape Emotions as SA

Summon Monster SLA is now III (9 times/day)

Grak Level up

+1 Natural armor (familiar)
+1 INT (total is 9, no change) (familiar)
Speak With Reptiles (familiar)
+1 to Evolution Pool (Air Mastery: Air Mastery (Ex): Airborne creatures take a –1 penalty to attack rolls and damage rolls against an eidolon. The eidolon must have the flight evolution before selecting this evolution.)

Dwarf Lightbringer

Fighter/Inquisitor 8

+1 STR
+1 BAB
+1 Fort
+1 Will
+9 Skill Points (+1 K:Arcana, Dungeoneering, Planes, Religion, Sense Motive, Stealth, Survival, Spellcraft, and Heal)
+11 HP
+1 3rd-level spell known (searing light)
+1 2nd- and 3rd-level spell per day
+1 Combat Feat (Improved Critical (Dwarven Waraxe))
+ Second Judgement class feature (yay!!!)
Replace know thy enemy with lend judgement (for anyone that's going to be my combat buddy! =D)

Alis Level 8
Classes & Levels

  • +1 Bard (7)
  • +1 Monk (6)
  • +1 BAB (+6)
  • +1 Fort (+5)
  • +1 Ref & Will (+6)
  • +1 Charisma (21)
  • +5 HP (46)
  • +12 Skill points (8+3+1)


  • +1 Diplomacy (10)
  • +1 Disable Device (7)
  • +1 Perception (9)
  • +1 Perf: Dance (10)
  • +3 Perf: Oratory (5)
  • +1 Perf: Sing (10)
  • +1 Spellcraft (3)
  • +1 Stealth (10)
  • +1 K: Arcana (2)
  • +1 K: Planes (1)


  • +2 Rounds Bardic Perf
  • +1 Concentration (Arcane)
  • +1 Fascinate Target (3)
  • +1 Inspire Competence (+3)
  • Can start Bardic Performance as a move-eqivalent action
  • 4th Level Spells: +1/day (5), +1 known (3) [Locate Creature]
  • 3rd Level Spells: +1/day (7), +1 known (4) [Witness]
  • 2nd Level Spells: +1 known (6) [Share Memory]


  • +1 Forewarned (+5)
  • +1 Diviner's Fortune (+5)
  • Scrying Adept


  • Bonus Feat: Crane Riposte


  • +1 BAB(+6)
  • +1 Fort, Ref and Will
  • +1 Wisdom (19)
  • +9 HP (71)


  • +1 Heal
  • +1 Stealth
  • +1 Perception
  • +1 Sense Motive
  • +1 Disable Device
  • +2 Diplomacy
  • +2 Craft: Alchemy


  • 3rd lvl spells +1
  • 4th lvl spells +1


  • Improved Uncanny Dodge
  • Rogue Talent: Bleeding Attack

Male Sky Elf Game Master lv 20

And now for a bit of fun/random RP insanity copied from chat...

Before the ball...

Sasha: "Hahaha! Hey Ellie, check it out. Just tried putting on my old corset from before!"

Lureene: "Tight isn't it..."

Alis: "You are NOT going out looking like that, young lady!"
*after much wrestling, Sasha finally changes into something more appropriate for this evening's ball

Gelik: "Well my, you do clean up nicely, Ms. Nevah. Shall we?"


At the ball...

Alis: "Ah I see the problem. Isaac is holding out for Nimniel..."

*Lureene glares daggers at the happy couple: "'Lis PLEASE drop kick the happy couple"

Alis: "Now, now, don't be jealous El, it's unbecoming of a Lady."

Lureene: "HA!..."

Alis: "Besides, would you REALLY be happy with a man with so little libido?"

Lureene: (Ohh ouch!) "I guess you know about that right 'Lis."

*Alis rolls her eyes at Lureene's commentary on Prince Tyralor's unassailable moral character.

Lureene: I saw the way you looked at Tyralor when he smiled at that blonde haired bimbo...."

Alis: "That... was more of a sneer on his part. You really do need to work on reading other people, El."

*Lureene thinks 'Is it my inagination or is Isaac's hair getting longer'
"Why? They ALL love me, 'Lis"

Sasha: "Awww, of course they do!"

Lureene: "See?"

Sasha: "Say, I was just talking with a bunch of guards, and they invited me to come along with them to play poker after the ball's over. You should come with!"

Lureene: "I dunno, I tend to lose a lot of money when I play"

Sasha: "We could always play strip poker I guess..."

Lureene: "plus they always insist on the STRIP poker version for some reason"

Sasha: "Well that's probably because you're always losing all your money too soon."

Lureene: "I know..."

Sasha: "Don't worry about the cards, just gotta bluff 'em, that's all."

Lureene: "true..."

Sasha: "You're good at that, right?"

Lureene: "I am... he he"

Sasha: "Besides, if we just lean forward a bit and hunch our shoulders... they'll be so D-stracted they won't pay attention!"

Lureene: "not a bad plan, one problem with that though..."

Alis: "Lovely, I'm going to have destitute guards."

Lureene: "If we win all their money, then HOW are they going to be able to afford taking us out to dinner? and drinks?"

Alis: "What makes you think they'd want to after you made off with all of their money?"

Lureene: "They love me?"

Sasha: "Yeah! See we win the money from the strong, guys, then flirt with the rich guys!"

*Alis' eyebrow twitches: "I suppose it depends on what you are after..."

*Lureene watches Isaac head out of the room with Nimiel on his arm... "True dat."

Sasha: "Hmm... Well I guess the strong fit guard guys would be more fun for the night. But a rich guy could be fun too if you can keep him on the chase!"

*Alis laughs as she watches the party from her divan. She waves a hand towards the palace surrounding them: "Yes, because Lureene really needs to be concerned about money."

Alis: "Actually, perhaps an fellow mage might make a good match for you, El."

Lureene: "Can he dismiss outsiders? That is pretty high on the qualifications list, he he"

*Alis points to a foppish young elf with black hair: "You see that young man there? His name is Poe. He's Glorohir's nephew!"

Sasha: "Hmm, he looks kind of stuck-up, who's Glorohir."

Alis: "Only the most powerful wizard in Port Eldarion. Poe is nobility."

Lureene: "He seems...nice"

Alis: "He's quite comfortable with exotic companions as well."

Lureene: "yeah Remeber that pervert Immerstal?"

Alis: "I hear that a man of living stone, and a catfolk girl are his companions."

Sasha: "Well that's a weird three-way!"

Lureene: "True Sash"

Alis: "Noooo, I don't mean THAT kind of companion, you two!"

Lureene: "Well shall we indroduce ourselves?"

*Alis tinks her glass against Lureene's: "I should say so!"

*Alis stands and walks over to a beautiful elven woman conversing with other nobles, the young, black-haired magus by her side.

Alis: "Lady Elendreth, I heard tell that your nephew is quite accomplished with both sword and spell. My own retainer, Lady Ourson, is herself a student of the arcane. Perhaps Master Poe could introduce him to Lord Glorohir?"

*Elendreth is at first surprised, but curtsies gracefully, "Why that sounds like a splendid suggestion, your Highness."

*Poe raises an eyebrow and stroke his chin thoughtfully, thinking to himself, 'Hmm, she does seem to be an interesting subject. An examination of her wings could be most fascinating. I should think I would like to take notes...'

Eric: (copious notes I am sure)

Poe: "Hmm yeees," he cranes his neck trying to get a better look at her wings, eyes never straying to her neckline, "that sounds like a splendid suggestion."

Sasha: "Hi, nice to meet you, Pope! This sounds like fun."

*Poe seems alarmed as the human woman vigorously shakes his hand.

*Poe cleans his white gloves with a prestidigitation afterwards. "Chaaarming..."

Lureene: "Uhhh...Master Poe....I am [down] here...."
(thinks...he seems...interesting)

Note on Poe:

Lureene: "Uhhh...Master Poe....I am up here...."

should be "I'm DOWN here"

Yeah I know...

Poe is one of the characters from the local group btw
Nathan Henderson's character

ahh ok

he's not gay, just very British

he he...this should be fun....

and kinda racist against non-elves
although he finds more exotic creatures fascinating
as long as they don't touch him

yeah...they have to work on that


so far Lureene has not touched him...yet


Lureene: "Sooo....Master Poe, other than studying the features of exotic creatures, what do you like to do for relaxation?"

Poe: "Ah, well there is a deLIGHTful grove of dryads on the shores of Tol Lonnduil. It is quite amusing to watch the children harrass my research assistant, Shae. You see, she is an anthropomorphic feline with a coat of jet-black hair. She is quite sensitive about having her tail-pulled and her paranoid mumbles about 'evil elf kittens' are quite droll indeed!"

Lureene: "Quite....fascinating...I should tell you about the dryad I met recently....She is a very nice lady indeed"

Sasha: "Yeah I'll say! She gave me these biiig–"

Alis: "Oh, look at the time! Sasha, would you be a dear and escort me to the balcony for a bit of fresh air?"

*Sasha stops in mid sentence, hands poised as if holding melons and says, "Oh, uh... yeah sure!"

Male Sky Elf Game Master lv 20

Alis, Amh, Darv, El, and Sasha have all been updated on the party matrix. I'll update Isaac whenever Cam finishes leveling him.

fighter/rogue 8

+1 STR
+1 BAB
+1 Fort
+1 ref
+12 Skill Points
(+1 sense motive)
(+1 perception)
(+1 stealth)
(+2 Escape artist)
(+3 knowledge arcana)
(+2 Disable device)
(+2 profession: Sailor)
+8 HP
+1 feat (Cleave)
+ Rogue class feature- Slow Reactions
+Improved uncanny dodge

Believe this should cover it

Male Sky Elf Game Master lv 20

Thanks to the RSS mechanism for this thread being bugged and notifying me EVERY day for the past 2 months, I finally realized something...

Isaac gets 13 skill points per level, not 12.
  8 Rogue
+2 Fighter (Tactician gets 4 sp, not 2 sp)
+2 Int
+1 Favored Class

Spoke with Cam and the extra point is going into Diplomacy.

Male Sky Elf Game Master lv 20

In case you are somehow unaware of this, I'm heading to DragonCon this weekend. As such, I'll most likely be unavailable until next Tuesday.

Dwarf Lightbringer

That just means you have to get as many posts in till you leave! ;)

Male Sky Elf Game Master lv 20

Heh, except for the fact that today was local game day. :P

Dwarf Lightbringer

Your taskmasters are failing at their job of whipping you each time you move away from your keyboard =P lol

Hope you had a great session! =D you want more posts of Lureene flirting with...and then fighting off the advances of every man at the party? That can be arranged, he he. :P

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