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The Next Poster...

Forum Games

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I want to help Lisp dethrone you, but... I am Lisp (or did I mean Slip ? Well, I am the culinary one, anyway).

And I'm utterly unable to help myself x-D !

Mwuahahaha !

The next poster will scratch his head in bemusement.

I would if I could.

The next poster will scratch his head for me.

Hey, I haven't any hair on my head... I just noticed.

[looks in the mirror]

"Aaarg ! I'm an orientalish gnome from an AP I haven't even read !"

The next poster will do whatever he bloody wants to do.

And that is cast Create Money.

The next poster doesn't know I got Create Money to be a cantrip.

Star Voter Season 9

It's not my fault that i don't have spellcraft or K(arcana)! I'm a summoned elemental jsut leave me alone on my home plane, sheesh guys!

The next poster will get lost in an existential maze.

Who am I ? Where do I come from ? Who killed Doctor Lucky ? Who really likes bacon ?

I am... lost ! I am... an orientalish gnome from an AP I haven't even read yet, but that I plan to read one day, I promise !

I am... but... what does that really mean ? Does that mean anything at all ? Why is Colin Farrel such an incompetent actor ? Why...

The next poster will be dead serious !.

Star Voter Season 9

posting from phone at my own funeral. sadly everyone there's ringers are off out of respect to me. someone please go to forest lawn and let me out of this damn box!

the next poster will fail miserably in spite of their winning personality

The Exchange

And I plan on being the best one to loose, too!

The next poster is willing to help me loose.

Shadow Lodge

I'm pretending this is the last one to post wins thread. You're losing already.

The next poster already ate all their Haloween candy.

What can I say ? I love monster candy !

The next poster will a real he-man, for whatever reason.

I was real He-Man, but now, after the surgery, I am a real Eye-Man.

The next poster is eye-candy.

The Exchange

It's the hair.

The next poster thinks eyes are candy, but not in the creepy psycho way.

Well they are! It should be obvious to everyone who even looks at one.

The next poster believes that there's good in everyone.

It's true!

And those who deem themselves Evil shall be redeemed when possible.

The next poster thinks he is evil, but he can still be shown to the light here.

Mahahahaha! Yes, I'm evil. EVIL! I'm so evil I don't wash my hands! you know why? cos I'm evil. (points for whoever gets the reference.) And because I'm so evil you will all die the slow way, under the drill!

The next poster is a secret agent for the British Dental Association.

Star Voter Season 9, Star Voter Season 9

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I can neither confirm nor deny that allegation, mate. Hey, anyone ever tell you that you've got a bit of an overbite?

The next poster's kids need braces.

I taught my kids to brace themselves against any opposition, that's right, sir ! And I'm proud of it !

The next poster will do the happy-to-be-ugly dance !



I run from nothing. Things run from me.

The next poster wants to join my Legion of Terror.

RPG Superstar 2008 Top 16 , Star Voter Season 9, Marathon Voter Season 9, Marathon Voter Season 9, Marathon Voter Season 9


The next poster was asked to leave the Legion of Terror for being less than terrifying.


The next poster has been Cuteness Proximity'd.

Arggll ! Bluarg ! Koff koff ! I'm suffocating, I'm hyperventilating, I could die - I'm terminally allergic to fuzballs ! the cuteness, the cuteness: IT MAKES ME WANT TO CRY IN DESPAIR !

The next poster is so cool...

Star Voter Season 9, Star Voter Season 9

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

You're a kitty!

The next poster wants a puppy, but mainly to meet girls.

[EDIT: Ninja'd!]

I'm so cool, I don't need a puppy to meet girls!

The next poster is a dog.

Woof ! woof ! sniffs ! sniffs ! pants ! pants

[the next poster must throw me a bone]

I'll throw you a tip: Stop sniffing Haladir's pants!

The next poster has a dog

Liberty's Edge

I do indeed, luv. Several actually. Purebred Nessian warhounds.

The next poster is hanging patiently in my chains.

RPG Superstar 2008 Top 16 , Star Voter Season 9, Marathon Voter Season 9, Marathon Voter Season 9, Marathon Voter Season 9

Well sort of, due to my colossal size it is less me hanging and more you being dragged behind but I will patiently wait for you to catch up.

The next poster know where we are going.

Hey, come here, come here ! I know it's where you were going anyway.

You're all welcome here...

(yes, even you Mithril Dragon: we've colossal accommodations for our customers of... considerable girth, shall we say)

... in Quiche Lisp's Little Inn of Debauchery, where you can wallow in all your carnal appetites - whether it's a quiche or a b+~~#, no soufflé is too outré for our customers !

The next poster will be a biyatch !

The Exchange

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I didn't know that yatchs could go both ways... oh well.

The next poster did know.

That is correct, I did.

The next poster is in command of an artillery company and is not afraid to use them on every problem (after all, when all you have is a hammer...)

Sovereign Court


The next poster is at Ground Zero!

Yes... It's all a part of my cunning plan! MWAH-HA-HA!

The next poster doesn't dare to oppose me!

The Exchange

Ohohohoh... Not high enough level.

The next poster is.

That's right. I AM! Now Lord Deathface, eat high-level fist!

The next poster is IRON MAN! (Rated M for Manly)

The Exchange

OH, YEAH!!!! Warning, unsuitable for the people who can't take a joke.

The next poster is definately NOT Iron Man.

I ain't no Iron Man! I'm here to FLUMPH YOU UP!



Shadow Lodge

Turn it up!!!

The next poster can bring the flumph. I ain't got none.

The Exchange

Here you go."

The next poster is willing to bring me food.

Shadow Lodge

I think I nicknamed that guy on the left yesterday. I hope you like chineese because I just had a lot sent to your house.

The next poster can pay for it.

RPG Superstar 2008 Top 16 , Star Voter Season 9, Marathon Voter Season 9, Marathon Voter Season 9, Marathon Voter Season 9

Sure thing, I'll just settle the check when I get back from the rest room. *Grabs coat and slips out the back leaving Conman with the bill for Tirq's delivery and a dragon sized all you can eat buffet.*

The next poster knows where I am going.

Shadow Lodge

The Number 2 on the subway.

The next poster saw it all go down.

Scarab Sages Star Voter Season 9, Star Voter Season 9

The Challetitanburg, the biggest, baddest, fastest, most luxurious, safest, strongest, sexiest, prettiest, most heavily-armed, spacious, and chocolatiest ship EVAR, went down in a hecatomb of flames, ice, metal, wood, and slave-frogs over the Kerguelen Islands this morning. OH THE HUMANITY!!!

The next poster thinks the human condition is a sickness that ought to be overcome.

How did you know about my raging misanthropy?!

The next poster really likes humanity as it is.

They are much easier to capture and drain the souls out of them the way they are.

The next poster is half the man they used to be.

I'm now half-dragon half-man. And fortunately, I can choose to hide my draconic heritage. Unfortunately, I can't fly for fear of being kidnapped by FBI...

The next poster is not even close to the man they once were.

That is correct. They rebuilt me to be better, stronger and faster.

The next poster will help me pay my six million dollar medical bill.

Six million dollars?! I thought it was six million pesos.

The next poster will repo FuelDrop's bionic parts.

Damn you! Do you know how embarrassing it is to have to repo your own bionics?

Not to mention that it's almost physically impossible!

The next poster will rebuild me on a budget

One (human) skull, some papier maché, black and lily white paint, and a bow-tie thing - ho, and some genuine hair to make a wig.

Voila, M. "Head who calls himself Fueldrop", I've rebuilt you anew on a very tight budget.

The next poster will disagree about something.

RPG Superstar 2008 Top 16 , Star Voter Season 9, Marathon Voter Season 9, Marathon Voter Season 9, Marathon Voter Season 9

That is not a very tight budget. How can you say you are under budget? Human skulls, while having virtually no cost of their own, still incur the high costs's of black-market price gouging, grave digger payoffs, mortician bribes, and the highly inflated Zombie Tax.

The next poster has a more cost effective solution.

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