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The Next Poster...

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Oh, yes. So much so that I started a rap metal tribute band called Rage Against Florence and the Machine.

The next poster is in a Chris Cornell/Thom Yorke tribute band called Radioslave.

Yes I am, but I can't play any instrument, I am so horrible that the whole band is awful, which makes Radioslave a fitting tribute to Chris & Thom.

The next poster is a DeadHead.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Man, remember that time back in the summer of '78 during the Shakedown Street tour when Jerry took that epic solo between "Scarlet Begonias" and "Fire on the Mountain"... I was tripping so hard, I thought I was the music. I followed them around for the rest of that summer, selling burritos and weed in the parking lot after the show. Man, that was awesome. Good times. Good times.

The next poster wasn't around in '78.

I wasn't even a gleam in my daddy's eye until 1980.

The next poster remembers when they actually used to put neat prizes in the cereal.

Heck yes! My brothers and sisters and I used to fight over who got the prize. Secret Decoder Ring! Yeah Baby!!! And the cereal was honest about what it was "Sugar Pops" "Sugar Frosted Flakes".

The next poster likes CrackerJax!

The Exchange

Honestly I get them for the jokes.

The next poster has an unnatural fear of things that are the color Yellow.

Getting stung by YELLOW Jackets will do that to you.

The next poster sleeps with one eye open.

Well Duh!

The next poster can't sleep.

Scarab Sages

I'm too scared....There's a GIANT EYEBALL in the room outside the Closet I sleep In!

The next poster has buns of steel, a heart of gold, a glass jaw, a cast-iron stomach, feet of clay, platinum hair, tin ears, wooden legs, wax lips, a teacup bladder, a button nose, a stone face, pearl teeth, a barrel chest, butter fingers, and two eyes made out of coal.

Well, it can't be me, I don't HAVE two eyes!

The next poster is on a poster.

And for once, it isn't Haladir... Wait, that's another Red Dragon DARNIT!

The next poster knows a red dragon.

Scarab Sages

You'd be AMAZED what's In Your Closet.
Mint-condition Mighty Max playsets, stock certificates from the Dot-Com Boom, pillbug citadels, Slender Man....

The next poster had a glee-tantrum when I mentioned Mighty Max playsets, and is desperate to tell everyone about the sublime and ridiculous ideas they had been privately conjuring for new ones back in 1994.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I LOVED Mighty Max-- the whole computer-generated talking head vibe, the stutter, the New Wave music... Oh wait, that was Max Headroom, in 1984!

The next poster remembers the Max Headroom TV series!

Scarab Sages

Paizo Superscriber; Pathfinder Battles Case Subscriber; Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Legends Subscriber; Pathfinder Tales Subscriber

Saw almost every episode, only saw the last half of the movie.

The next poster wanted their own Max-like clone.

You becha-cha-cha-cha I diddddd.
Saw Max on the finale of Eureka a few weeks ago.

The next poster saw Eureka and didn't know it was him.

Probably, I don't watch much stuff.

The next poster is suddenly a dragon.

Scarab Sages


The next poster can summon Baldwin brothers and surviving Kennedys as a standard action 5 times per day.

There is a difference between being able to do something and wanting to do something. Pass action.

The next poster has a connection to someone famous.

The Exchange

3 degrees of seperation between me and Chuck Norris, 2 for Fidel Castro.

The next poster is currently swimming to Cuba.

Cuban cigars don't bring themselves to the U.S.

The next poster is a mafioso.

The Exchange

Couldn't you tell? I can't even get respect from a bird!

The next poster gets respect from at least 3 birds and 1 cat.

Yup. I call them Clyde, Chicken 1, Chicken 2, Chicken 3, Chicken 4, and Molly. (I live on a farm! Of course all the birds and cats respect me.)

The next poster is a penguin.

The Exchange

I'm not a penguin, I'm a Tirqy!

The next poster, on the other hand, is actually a penguin.


The next poster collects potato chips that remind him of Van Gogh paintings.

Oh yeah, I have the Chip that looks like Sunflowers and the one that looks like a Stary Night, but my favorite is the Potato Chip Eaters.

The next poster thinks Van Gogh is what happens when you put a Dodge Caravan in gear.

Of course a van goes when one puts it into gear, assuming that:
1) One is in possession of the van's keys, AND
2) One releases the parking break (assuming that it's set), AND
3) The van's fuel tank has petrol, AND
4) One presses on the van's accelerator.

The famous Dutch painter's name is pronounced "van-GOKH" in the Queen's English!

The next poster is an erudite chap who takes formal education seriously!

Well of course I do, 21 years and counting.

The next poster doesn't care.

Who cares.

The next poster has a deep dark secret.

The Exchange

I do comb my hair.

The next poster can't.

Scarab Sages

How, exactly, do you expect me to comb poisonous snakes?

The next poster is the 22%.

That's right, you know most people only use 10% of their brain, 22% is pretty exceptional. Thanks for noticing.

The next poster is maxing out at about 6%


The next poster goes it alone.

The Exchange

I've been going to the bathroom alone for a just around 12 years now.

The next poster has 10 different songs to sing.

All of them are about your mom.

The next poster thinks Tirq's mom is a very nice lady.

She is, just didn't excel at child rearing.

The Exchange

Thats insulting!

The next poster has a pet that sleeps on top of the keyboard.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Bad kitty! BAD kitty!

The next poster is allergic to cats.

Shadow Lodge

Haladir wrote:

Bad kitty! BAD kitty!

The next poster is allergic to cats.

I don't think its the cats I'm allergic to its the soy sauce.

The next poster found something interesting in the won ton soup

Not Now.

The next poster was last seen at the bar across the street.

Scarab Sages

The minister, the genie, and the octopus needed a designated driver.

The next poster had the weirdest dream the other night....

I sure did, there was this minister, a genie, and an octopus being driven around by a panther.

The next poster saw them too.

The Exchange

Technically, it was a Jaguar, a Squid, an Ifreet, and me in a suit.

The next poster needs to sleep and dream this dream.

The bags under my eyes are... well, too big. Maybe you suit will be... awesome... hope it has... parachute attachments...

The next poster has a creative way of waking me up in mind.

Scarab Sages

I'm totally gonna do this outside your house at 4:00 in the morning.

The next poster wants the letter "E" removed from the alphabet.

I'm working on it. I can do without.

Wanna go for tacos? You do.

Tacos!!!! NEED TACOS!

The next poster has horrible farts for 2 hours after eating tacos.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I really need to make a run for the border...

The next poster doesn't think fart jokes are funny.

The Exchange

They do not amuse me.

The next poster has something to eat that is absolutely strange.

Some people would consider BACON strange, BLT for lunch baby!

The next poster just had a Pavlov reaction.

Yeah, my doorbell rang so I immediately grabbed my katana to answer it.

The next poster isn't feeling well.

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