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Standard adventure submission vs. Scenario Submission

Scenario Submission Talk

What are the major differences in a Scenario Submission and a standard adventure submission?


There are currently no avenues for submitting regular adventures for publication through Paizo, so there's that.

What I meant was what are the difference between a scenerio a unique submission vs. say an adventure submission to Dungeon Magazine, a pitch to Open Design, RPGA, or even a 3PP for Pathfinder.


The proposed adventure should include all the elements one would find in an existing PFS adventure. There are currently 56 examples of what that means, 28 of which use the current rulesset and format. So it should include approximately 5-6 encounters, each scaled for whatever subtiers the adventure covers, have direct ties to the Pathfinder Society in Golarion and express related motives and mission types, and include faction missions. Submitting a generic adventure (even the most awesome one ever penned) would not make the cut, unless it fit the specialized needs of the org play campaign.

"Submitting a generic adventure (even the most awesome one ever penned) would not make the cut, unless it fit the specialized needs of the org play campaign."

Yes that would be why I was asking.

Ala I am not a member of the Society, I don't play them, I plan to read at least three of them, but my time is limited and I wanted a summary of what issues were most important; I was looking for a quick summary and definition of the major differences;

Is there an Exemplar Scenario that I should be looking at?

And thank you for all the feedback.

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