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Would the Pathfinder community support a war game?

Pathfinder RPG General Discussion

I know RPGs and traditional wargames are very different animals, with different audiences.

But I for one would love to have a full-blown tactical-level set of rules for large-unit combat that integrates with Pathfinder.

The current Kingmaker adventure path hints at just how fun a game could be where players can enjoy a really wide ranging game.

To meet my needs, a game would have to contain most of the following:

-A streamlined way that PCs can affect large-scale tactical combat.
-A political component, so that Leadership, Diplomacy and other non-combat elements of Pathfinder can affect outcomes.
-Full integration with the Pathfinder game system, so that races and monsters in the RPG translate smoothly to the WG.
-Clear rules for how monsters and magic-wielders can function as artillery, air support, etc.
-A coherent vision for how war would function in a setting with magic and monsters.

To be clear, I'm not interested in skirmish rules.

I would argue that the standard unit size for the game would be 20 medium-sized creatures per counter or miniature.

Hex scale would be approximately 50'.

That strikes me as an approach that would allow for a wide range of scenarios -- from small border skirmishes (3-4 counters on each side) to fairly epic LOTR-scale battles (20-30 counters on each side).

--Captain Marsh

You mean something like this:

WARPATH—Rules for Mass Combat (PFRPG)

Yes, thanks for the link. I suppose it would be too much to ask that a product like this be created specifically for Golarion.

Meanwhile, anyone played this yet?



Captain Marsh wrote:

Yes, thanks for the link. I suppose it would be too much to ask that a product like this be created specifically for Golarion.

Meanwhile, anyone played this yet?


These two threads explain a lot of what is found in this supplement:

Thread 1

Thread 2

This could be really cool.

I primarily played RuneQuest between around 1982 and the time 3E D&D came out. I ran Glorantha and we played on the 'Dragon Pass' wargame map. It was beautiful and evocative and really, really added a lot to the game.

It would be great if something similar existed for Golarion.



Also, since you're into wargames, you can check out a simple game I created for my gaming group based on the Song of Ice and Fire series by George R. R. Martin, to be used with MapTools, here. The mass battles are meant to be used with Warpath.

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