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Six Out of Restov - A Kingmaker Journal [SPOILERS]

Campaign Journals

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Silver Crusade

Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Adventure Path, Tales Subscriber

The return of my favourite campaign journal HUZZAH!

Question for the players (Spoilered}:

Did you guys actually role-play out the argument about the journal, or did you just throw it in later?

Silver Crusade

It was all played out. That night was pretty much a perfect storm of party friction. Hence the FFFFFFFFFF- tone of that night's entry. :D

Got a character sketch done by Lorraine Schleter at GenCon. I need to correct the contrast on the scan, but I'll a-post it up as soon as possible.

Again, sorry for the hiatus.

Day 37 - Morning

These thawns are unsettling to look upon, even, or perhaps especially, in this light.

Before night we found the highest hill we could manage, adorned with a lone dead tree that stuck out like a pale bony hand against the darkening sky. It rose higher than most of the rolling hills surrounding it, offering us the best view possible for miles around, but still Theo saw avenues of approach that our stalkers could use.

We made camp near the tree, preparing our fire as Theodore subtly set what traps he could. We couldn't see them at that point, but we could not take it for granted that they could not see us.

None of us intended to sleep that night. We planned to keep watch as usual, but all who lay down kept their armor on and their weapons at hand, resting as much as we could as we listened for the thawns.

The air had grown more chilly throughout the day. The stars were nowhere to be seen; the overcast skies had yet to loose rain upon us. There was no light in all the world it seemed, save for our campfire.

It was likely midnight when they finally came. Marek and Jarvik were on watch, and it was the elf who saw one of them venturing out of the black. He called out for us, with very little alarm in his voice I thought, in the same moment that he loosed an arrow into the giant's chest. We could hear the deep bellow of pain as we rose, and the rest of us only caught a glimpse of the creature as it pulled back out of the dim edge of light.

We took our positions around the camp, each facing outward into the darkness, absolutely certain that they would attack us from two sides, save for Jarvik who ambled towards Marek, and Anza and Jacobi who took refuge near the fire. Marek in turn, and this alarmed me when I glanced over my shoulder, was calmly walking out of the light as he readied another arrow, took aim into the darkness, and shot again. Once more we heard a grunt of pain, a wordless curse. And still Marek kept his pace as he strode into the black. Jarvik summoned some ghostly form of light and sent it floating alongside our elven friend.

I cursed the man for wandering off into what I was sure to be certain death, and was tempted to rush to him if not for the fact that it would invite the other thawn to attack our exposed backs. Especially with Jacobi and Anza present.

As it turned out, I needn't have worried. I heard one more arrow tear through the air and hit flesh, followed by the fall of something heavy and soft upon the earth. Leopold called out to Marek, and he shouted back that he had put it down. We couldn't see him or Jarvik at that point, only the ghostly white light at the foot of the hill, but we could hear one final arrow hit flesh followed by some complaint from the old man. Marek called out to the other thawn, announcing that he had killed his comrade and that the other should reevaluate its chances.

After that, all was silence. We kept our guard up through the night until the coming of day. The skies were still gray, only darker now. The air had grown colder, to the point that I think we'll be lucky if it is rain that falls upon us soon.

The dim morning light showed us the beast that had stalked us. Goddess' mercy, it was a pitiful, grotesque sight. The man, I believe it was a man, was huge, standing twice as tall as us and easily five times as wide. His skin and flesh seemed to hang and flow like melted wax. And the claws...foot long spikes of crimson they seemed. It was unsettling to look upon. And the hole that had been carved into its chest certainly did not help.

I looked upon Jarvik with suspicion for the last, but for his part he seemed to have fallen into a sullen silence. He seemed particularly embittered against Marek for some reason, but at this moment I have difficulty caring why.

We also found rough, rudimentary traps surrounding our hill. The thawns had been very busy before daring to approach. No doubt the one that lay dead intended to lead Marek right into them, only to fall before the ruse was complete.

For a moment I considered attempting to bury the beast. Reality sank in quickly as I took in the full measure of its girth. It would take all of us at least two days work even if we had the appropriate tools. Even burning it was no option because of its size. Instead I offered what prayers I could as the others broke camp. It may have stalked us with full intent on murder, but it was impossible to look upon it and not wonder at what a lonely, miserable life it must have led. It was impossible to look upon it and not feel pity.

Living with what most would call deformity lends one a measure of somber perspective, I suppose.

Marek made some final preparations as we left the camp, and caught up with us before we were too far ahead. We are riding north now. We're going to explore the surrounding area as much as possible, but we need to break for Oleg's trading post if the weather turns for the worst. Theo expects sleet at the very least any moment now.

We've seen no sign of the other thawn. We can only hope that it took Marek's warning to heart, and prepare in case it has not.

Day 38 - Noon

There has been little trouble save for the weather and hard travels. It seems the thawn has indeed given up the hunt.

Theo has been training my horse for the past few days whenever he has the time to spare. I'm grateful for it, as he seems to be a bit more responsive. Theo has warned me that he won't be a true warhorse by any means, but he will be far less skittish if the training takes.

We'll be moving back into woodland soon enough. Hopefully the canopy of trees will shield us from the worst of the elements. I've certainly found myself pulling my cap further down these past few hours, for what little warmth it holds.

Sleet is beginning to fall. Leo is beginning to bemoan the loss of our tents once more. Jacobi, for the first time in a while, seems to be less than enthusiastic. The prospect of camping in wet slosh tends to do dampen one's spirits.

Day 39 - Morning

We are pushing north as quickly as we can. The sleet became snow last night and has been falling at an alarming rate. Theo is fairly certain it's the last cold snap of the year, but it seems more like a blizzard to my untrained eye. Perhaps it's the underlying strangeness of the land affecting the weather. Miki said that the First World was close to this land. Who can say for certain what strangeness might come of that?

The snow is a foot deep now. Theo and Anza have slowed our pace so that they can safely pick our path. They've been doing more than their part these past few days. It was a wonder that they actually found a dry cave for us to take shelter within that didn't have something hungry or angry lurking within.

We've reached woodland now, which has helped shield us somewhat, though we're growing ever mindful of the cracking and popping of wood high above our heads.

Despite the obvious hazards, it is beautiful. I was always entranced by the sight of falling snow back at the monastery and its forest. I have precious little memory of snow before we arrived there.

As my sister and I stepped out onto the monastery grounds, hearing the snow crunching beneath our hooves, looking upon the evergreens crowned in white, I oftened wondered if that was what the heavens looked like.

I imagined that was the sight our mother saw everyday now.

Silver Crusade

Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Adventure Path, Tales Subscriber

Very cool.

Liberty's Edge

Welcome back xD and AWESOME ENTRIES! =D

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Just found this journal through my travails through 600 threads in the Kingmaker forum. Great writing, as always expected from you, Mikaze. :)

I hope you continue this journal ( if the campaign is still going on ).

Silver Crusade

Heh, thanks! The game's still going, though the holidays, weather, and plague has put it on temporary hiatus. Hopefully we can break it this week, but it's also supposed to snow the day before... Here's hoping.

I'm sorry for the delays on the journal. As soon as I get this bloody fan project out of the way I promise to play catch-up. Thank goodness for thorough notes.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Mikaze wrote:

Heh, thanks! The game's still going, though the holidays, weather, and plague has put it on temporary hiatus. Hopefully we can break it this week, but it's also supposed to snow the day before... Here's hoping.

I'm sorry for the delays on the journal. As soon as I get this bloody fan project out of the way I promise to play catch-up. Thank goodness for thorough notes.

I'll be looking forward to it. :)

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