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Brutesquad07's Rise of the Runelords Campaign Journal

Campaign Journals

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Liberty's Edge

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So, this past Sunday we finished Curse of the Crimson Throne. We then jumped into Rise of the Runelords.

I am using the Fate Point system I used in Curse of the Crimson Throne. PC’s were made with either 15 or 20 build points (most with 20) depending on Fate Point usage.

We have in alphabetical order (fate point usage):

Asa Human Monk (20 point build and MW Quarterstaff)
Baedin Dwarven Fighter (MW Waraxe MW Earthbreaker and Extra Traits)
Gallond Dwarven Fighter (Planning on Paladin) (20 Point Build MW Waraxe)
Havelock Human Bard (I forget his FP expenditures)
Lazurin Elf Warlock (20 Point Build, 3 HP and extra Skill points)
Morgrum Halfling Rogue (extra Feat and 3 extra HP)

The party began their adventuring (unbeknownst to them) at the Swallowtail Festival in Sandpoint. We got to know the town a bit, a few games were played.

Gallond ran with a Gather Info clue that led him down an odd path. He accused the Jeweler of being a bad man and wanted to arrest him. The Gather info told him that the Jewelers wife thought he was a “Bad Merchant” sadly our Dwarven Paladin to be mistook Bad to mean as in a bad man not as in a poor merchant. That took a little working out.

Meanwhile Morgrum, our little rogue, was trying to ply his sleight of hands. He found himself about to possess a Silver MW Waraxe. Turns out it belonged to Baedin who spotted him and whacked him with the Waraxe for half his HP’s. Morgrum then spent the rest of the day trying to make a bit of Coin and avoiding the guards.

The rest of the party poked around the town getting to know it and enjoy the party a bit.

As evening approached the whole town gathered near the Cathedral, a brand new building that was to be dedicated that evening. As Father Zantus, the Desnan priest in charge of the Cathedral, used a thunderstone to get everyone’s attention, a scream rang out. Then another. And then more. Then a goblin raced across the PC’s view and killed a dog. From there Pandemonium broke out. I played them a small piece of sound of a chant that arose.

Goblins are Attacking!

The party killed 4 goblins over a couple of rounds. 1st level PC’s are a bit clumsy after you have been used to 13th level ones. The highlight of the fight was actually Morgrum running up to an Acolyte of the church and telling them that he was injured by one of the goblins (instead of the Dwarven Waraxe that actually did the damage) and getting healed.

We left off there and that is where we will pick up in 4 weeks (easter causes a bit of a break)

"He WAS a BAD Business Man and his wife OBVIOUSLY spread those rumors around town in hopes that someone would END his reign of TERROR! He even had HENCHEN who then tried to accost me when I confronted him in his LAIR... which was cleverly disguised as a common jewelry shop... it DID NOT FOOL me! Fortunately I held his MINIONS at bay long enough for the town guards to come along and put an END to his WRONG doings!"

Just like the little halfling rogue, he blamed me for his misfortune and is indicating that he plans on getting his revenge. Amazing how someone attempts to take your belongings, you give them the keen edge of your axe to show them the error of their ways and they blame you for receiving the wrong end of the axe when they should not have touched it in the first place. ;-)

Baedin Ironhand wrote:
Just like the little halfling rogue, he blamed me for his misfortune and is indicating that he plans on getting his revenge. Amazing how someone attempts to take your belongings, you give them the keen edge of your axe to show them the error of their ways and they blame you for receiving the wrong end of the axe when they should not have touched it in the first place. ;-)

. I assure you Master Dwarf, the little fellow thought it was unattended and only sought to return it to you.I am sure if given the opportunity he would be more than happy to explain this most unpleasant of misunderstandings! (Whispers). Go along with it will you or the crazed paladin might finish what you started!

Havelock de Plume, Human Bard. (Journalist) FPs on Stat bump & Skills.

Notes from the journal of Havelock de Plume

And a glorious fight it was! A fresh wave of goblins attacked! And worse! there were goblins up on the towers of the cathedral, including a caster who downed half our group with a Sleep spell!

Making short work of the ones in the square we ran into the cathedral and ascended the towers. The Asa, a monk, and I entered one while Baedin Ironhand and Gallond, "the Gallant," entered the other. Lazurin, the warlock ran up the side of the outside of the tower itself! The monk reached the top and dispatched the opponents she found there. Needless to say I was disappointed!

Spying an opportunity, I leapt gracefully to the cathedral's main roof and then to the other tower, allowing me to aid the two dwarfs and the elf in dispatching the goblins that were vexing them.

We were hailed as heroes! Defenders of the North End! (And incidentally informed that with such notoriety we would always be recognized wherever we went in Sandpoint.)

Once the excitement died down my friends and I sought the origin of the goblins, and upon circling the cathedral we found a violated grave (later discovered to belong to a man called Tobyn), goblin footprints leading to the wall, and the ladders which they had used to enter and escape unseen! A search of the far side of the wall discovered a trail, and the trail took us to wagon tracks, these to the road, and there our search ended in futility as the road was covered in identical marks made by the passing of other vehicles.

But even heroes must rest, and we retired to our rooms, eager to find what awaited us the next day.

And the next day dawned bright in Sandpoint! Those of us staying at The Rusty Dragon went forth and collected our friends staying at the White Doe. Upon gathering we began discussing the goblin attack of the previous night. How did the goblins enter the very cathedral with out anyone noticing?

I recalled a rumor I had heard about old, sealed off tunnels under the Glassworks. Amazed at my resourcefulness my friends took it upon themselves to go and investigate.

Having been given the brushoff by the owner's half-elven son, one Tsuto Kaijitsu, the halfling and the dwarfs decided to poke around a bit, to satisfy themselves that there was no easy way for the goblins to enter town through the abandoned tunnels. Our suspicions were raised as we looked through the grimy windows. Despite the furnaces being stoked there was no sign of any workers. Exhausting this line of inquiry we proceeded to the sheriff, to inquire after the two goblins that were captured the previous night.

And what wretched examples of vileness they were. After much sniveling they revealed little of consequence. They had been recruited by a tall "human" they called "Longshanks," being as he was so tall... in comparison to goblins. This Longshanks person made a deal with the goblin chieftain, for a number of goblins that he would use to attack Sandpoint. Presumably the entire attack was a diversion to allow Longshanks to make off with the body from the opened grave.

Mentioning the abandoned tunnels to the sheriff and he informed us that they had been sealed for over twenty years. Further prompting revealed that they ran from the Glassworks westward to the beach.

It looked like violence was in the offing and I decided that I would do well to wear something more substantial than a natty shirt. A trip to the north end of town saw me kitted out with a very nice set of leather armor.

Upon leaving the shop I was accosted by one of the locals. She claimed that there were rats infesting the cellar of her father's shop. I informed her that I was not a rat catcher and that she should consult the services of a professional. She demurred, saying that these were special rats and she required the services of a hero.

I thought to myself, "Rats you need a hero to handle? Perhaps Giant Rats. That might mean an underground passage of some sort."

I assured her that I and my friends would make short work of the beasts, but she was quite insistent that only I was needed.

My character was the only party member who had not heard rumors about her, and no one else actually said, "I'm going up to Havelock and tell him about her. So here I am, just been told that we can't go anywhere in Sandpoint without every local taking note of us because we're the Defenders of the North End, and I'm being led across town, the long way, by a woman known for spreading STDs and having a violently overprotective father.

My concerns were alleviated when friends began following us, though they were snickering for some reason. Presumably what the rest of the town was snickering, too.

Upon entering the cellar I realized there were no rats. And the young woman had removed her clothes. Two failed attempts to escape from grapple later seriously, die rolls and everything her father came home.

Now, I have read about situations where the father finds his daughter alone with a man, undressed, in a secluded place, and decided to remove myself from the premises, post haste. Only my gear had been removed from my body by some mysterious agency and scattered about the floor.

Recovering my wits quickly, and with a timely delay of the woman's father by the halfling, I managed to get out with most of my dignity intact.

After a bit of ribald cajolery, we set about finding the beach side entrance to the abandoned tunnels. Morgrum the Halfling spotted them, and we noticed there were goblin tracks passing through a small hole in the scree. After a bit of effort the hole was enlarge allowing my friends and I to enter.

Following a tunnel we came upon a revolting mess. Goblins are notoriously slovenly housekeepers. A door led us into a hallway, and a further door revealed... the very person who had denied us access to the Glassworks in the first place. Caught in his nefarious behavior he decided to make a fight of it.

He called out, "To me!" and we heard a familiar noise in response. Goblins. And quite a few of them at that. Fortunately the effect of their numbers was mitigated by the narrow halls from which they approached us. Asa and Gallond began proceeding down one corridor over a carpet of goblin corpses. Baedin and Morgrum dealt with the ones coming from the other direction as well as striking down their master. Lazurin and I were hemmed in by these two melees, but as we operate better at range it worked out for the best.

Asa and Gallond chased a pair of fleeing goblins up a set of stairs, out a door and into the streets of town.

A bit of first-aid on my part insured that our pointy-eared adversary will survive to answer for his deeds. I imagine that he will be disappointed to awaken in his new accommodations, in the town jail. The journal he was doodling in should prove interesting.

And I still haven't managed to pay my respects to Brodert Quink.

A sure you good reporter, I made every effort to tell out good Halfling friend to warn you. That he did not relay the message is something I lament. Though I do think you should be careful into which ink pot you dip your quill in the future.

Lazurin Arborlon wrote:
A sure you good reporter, I made every effort to tell out good Halfling friend to warn you. That he did not relay the message is something I lament. Though I do think you should be careful into which ink pot you dip your quill in the future.

Perhaps he felt uneasy discussing the trollop's lack of virtue in front of her. He was probably unaware that I suddenly learned the Halfling language.

The first thing in Tsuto Kaijitsu journal that caught my eye is that he's a doodler. I'll note images with a •.

Page one:

• Several lascivious pictures of an apparently blond woman. Often with heart bubbles.

• Sketches of proposed avenues of attack on Sandpoint. Several are crossed out. Seems our lad is up to his neck in this business.

Notes on a discussion Tsuto was involved in while planning this raid. He names some conspirators:

    Ripnuggut: (sounds like a goblin name)

    a quasit: not named directly

    Bruthazmus: a bugbear

    The mystery blond is not named directly, but seems stated to be in "the lower chambers"

    Malfeshnekor: The mystery blond is apparently trying to release this entity so that she can command it.

Page two:

• A full page map depicting the main raid

A note stating that there will be another

Page three:

• a funeral pyre

Notes about the mystery blond wanting to remove her "celestial taint" and replace it with her "mother's grace." After burning her father's remains her hand transformed, becoming knobby and spiky.

She is planning on offering Sandpoint to "Lamashtu's Fires"

• The mystery blond posing with demonic wings and a pointy tail.

The page of coded text continues to defy me. Time to get methodical on it.

Interesting note,rumors indicated the girl who was alledged to burn up in the fire with the priest, whose body was stolen, was in fact part celestial. They never did find a body. Seems perhaps she did not burn after all?

Liberty's Edge

I was about to write the game log for 10 days ago (I had a very busy stretch there) only to discover that Havelock did a better job reporting than I was going to do. Well done sir.

Liberty's Edge

We have come to terms with a new player to join the party. Due to the deal not being finalized we were unable to have him suit up for this past game but he is now signed and in camp so we expect him to participate starting this next Sunday. The Character has not been finalized but expectations are that he will be 100% healthy and ready to enter the starting line up on time.

I heard a rookie cap on Cheetos and Mountain Dew was the sticking point in the negotiation. Glad to see managment caved and got us the player we needed to go for the gold.

Liberty's Edge

Well, since this player has been a winner at every level he has played except for middle school, high school, juco, college and the pro's We feel that he will more than adequately fill the whole in the line up we currently have. Also his inability to play defense will not harm in anyway our current defensively deficient squad, as we don't have a defense to mess up in anyway at this time. The lack of Offensive capabilities that he brings to the table are in no way lacking and since this puts us over our salary cap as well as the room in the living room, we are sure that this is just the piece we needed to add to take us to the championship game, along with the necessary cash to purchase tickets for court side seats, which we did not have to give up in these negotiations.

Liberty's Edge

Here it is the much anticipated and hyped blockbuster of the almost summer. It is, in fact, the next installment of our game’s journal provided by me, the GM.

We have added a Cleric to our party. The player of this Cleric of Tug (sp?) has in fact been GMing this very AP for another group. He has agreed to sign on in a somewhat advisory roll and provide assistance to the party. He has also been provided the proper passwords and cues so he can betray the party at just the right time ;)

So, let’s run down our party shall we?
Asa Human Monk (20 point build and MW Quarterstaff) she seems to have an aversion to Missile weapons

Baedin Dwarven Fighter (MW Waraxe MW Earthbreaker and Extra Traits) He seems to have an aversion to rogues or Halflings or both.

Gallond Dwarven Fighter (Planning on Paladin) (20 Point Build MW Waraxe) Seems to have an aversion to reality but seems quite happy within the reality he perceives himself to be in.

Havelock Human Bard (20 pt build and extra skill points) has an aversion to the truth unless he has had a chance to write down the truth before hand.

Lazurin Elf Warlock (20 Point Build, 3 HP and extra Skill points) has an aversion to Melee, seems his blood is precious to him and should not be spilled lightly.

Morgrum Halfling Rogue (extra Feat and 3 extra HP) has an aversion to being poor.

Bolgar Dwarf Cleric (20 pt build and MW Warhammer) has an aversion to being left out of the excitement.

So, our party picked up the story having just defeated Tsuto and his goblins. 2 goblins survived the onslaught, as did Tsuto do to a large amount of work on the party’s part. Bolgar joined the party, having followed them into the tunnels. He almost went the wrong way, having been the only one to discover another passage before the tunnel led into the basement of the Glassworks. The party listened to what he had to say, especially after he provided some much needed healing, then decided they better explore that passage.

They deposited the unconscious Tsuto into a crate and nailed him in, for opening later. Then the group headed back into the tunnels. After taking the fork they had missed originally they found a cave with a pair of some sort of Aberration/Zombie like thing.

With the high AC dwarf brothers (we aren’t brothers, I mean I am a brother but he’s not him) held the front and were hardly scathed by the creatures. Just down the tunnels a bit they found a worked room. After the Rogue gave the all clear they past through a door and into a hallway. This led them to a room with a statue of a woman they can’t identify. She has a Ranseur, a rather nice master work ranseur with ivory inlaid in it. They relieved the statue of her weapon then proceeded to open a door. Inside was a jail, the door let them out on a platform over looking a large room of cells. On the platform were a couple of the Aberrations they ran into before. Below was another one.
Bolgar Charged one and bull rushed it off the edge. This was followed by cheering from the party. The other one then 5-ft stepped and knocked Bolgar unconscious to boos from his party. After that the fighter, paladin (who bull rushed another off the edge) and monk clogged up the front and the rest shot from behind to cover the poor cleric. A couple of rounds later and the room was theirs.

They then moved down a hall and found a room with a bunch of torture implements and a demolished room. In there they found a magic scroll in Thasilonian. Then they moved down the hall further and found a room with 12 trap doors and another aberration, this one looked to have once been a goblin, now he had extra arms and legs. He moved to engage the party. Baedin movd to block his way, Gallond got behind Baedin with the new Ranseur. The rest of the party lined up behind, waiting a chance to get in there and hurt someone.

The icky creature spit at them, a 20-foot line of caustic acid that took Baedin down and wrecked the next few in line a bit. Gallond was now holding the line. The rest of the party dropped damage in from behind, finally putting the creature down. The party retreated and rested at this point. The party then Achieved 2nd level.

The party returned to examine those trap doors to find zombies contained with in. They used missile weapons and polearms to put them down. They then examined another hall that led to a collapsed in staircase leading down and a spherical room with floating opbjects in it and writing that kept appearing and changing on the walls. Havelock used mage hand to pull the objects out of the room, they were to wigged out by the room to enter. They found a book of Lamashtu prayers, a magic scroll, a wand and a bottle of wine stamped with the Rusty Dragons mark.

They then turned and went back to examine some halls they had passed by. Down the first they found a pool with some blood on the edge being guarded by a pair of Vargouilles. These posed little problem. Before they could act the first one was down, Gallond and Asa demolished it, the other was injured and surrounded. It did manage to scream once, paralyzing Baedin, Asa and Morgrum. Then they just beat the bejesus out of it. Beyond that room they found another stairway, this one going up and letting them out in town. They went back down to explore the last room. They found a temple dedicated to Lamashtu. Beyond which were a pair of double doors. They headed inside the doors to find a cathedral like place. Someone shrieked at them, someone they couldn’t see.
She told them to leave and to stop defiling her mother’s house. Then Cast shield of faith. From there the party started looking. Havelock fired up detect magicand Gallond used his detect evil. A couple of rounds had to go by, in which she cast shieldand activated a pool that produced one of the aberrations. The aberration was not invisible so the party knocked it down in no time straight.

Then she attacked, losing her invisibility. It was a quasit. She threw her tiny dagger at Gallond and missed. She summoned a lemure which managed to nick the monk before being put down. She tried to summon another aberration, but Bolgar, who had enlarged himself by this point, placed his shield over the altar, preventing her from accessing it. She then used shatter on the clerics shield. Baedin then placed his tower shield over the altar before she could do anything. This caused a scream of frustration from her and she hit Baedin with inflict moderate wounds, nearly striking the dwarven fighter down. She then moved to the center of the room 20 or so feet up. The party was left with missile weapon options.

Eventually Lazurin and a few nat 20’s from the rest of the party were able to bring her down.

That was where we left off and will pick it up in 2 weeks.

The little wretch of an imp had quite the impressive defenses! Fortunately for us her offense was less than awe inspiring. The spherical room was quite interesting but with no clues as to its nature and our battle field reporter having a handy spell to retrieve the valuables it seemed prudent not to "poke the bear." Our new addition has been a delight and fits in with the group nicely.

ooc: Taking out that bloody imp 1d6 at a time was entirely to grueling. Not sure if this was a great encounter at our level it wasnt like it was tough due to lack of offense on the imps part, just insanely slow. If we had a real caster perhaps it would have been better, my damage output isnt very good at low levels.

"Imp?! I thought it was a LARGE talking BAT! For the life of me I could not figure out why a bat would want to be evil *snaps fingers and points at Lazurin* that explains it ALL TOO WELL, FRIEND! Praise be the goddess of butterflies, who saw fit to flutter... flitter..."

*thinks briefly*

"Those flying head thingies, how creepy WERE THOSE?! Gives me the willys! ...What IS a willy? AND why DO we get them?!"

*shivers, then contuinues his previous thought*

"THAT'S NOT IMPORTANT RIGHT NOW! ...such CAPABLE companions to my side in Sandpoint's time of GREAT NEED! Swift, yet extremely tiny wings will bring LOFTY JUSTICE!"

((OOC: P.S. He said it was a Quasit, LOL! Not sure if we actually deteremined that In-Character or not. The encounter is designed to be stupid, as in difficult to defeat, not difficult to survive.))

Gallond, the Gallant wrote:
((OOC: P.S. He said it was a Quasit, LOL! Not sure if we actually deteremined that In-Character or not...

I should think it would not be too hard to figure out. A simple process of elimination. If you look at one of my earlier posts you will see

Havelock wrote:

Ripnuggut: (sounds like a goblin name)

a quasit: not named directly

Bruthazmus: a bugbear

The mystery blond is not named directly, but seems stated to be in "the lower chambers"

Malfeshnekor: The mystery blond is apparently trying to release this entity so that she can command it.

Now I wonder if that acid spewing thing was the blond.

Remember the Second Rule of Mad Science: Never experiment on yourself!

I seriously doubt that we have spotted this mystery blonde as of yet. Though her hand has changed I dont think she has had time to become so corrupted, and for all her effort I do not think she could be so weak as these wretches we have witnessed thus far.

( enters, looks around)

"Hmmmm, sure is quiet in here"


Liberty's Edge

I will be gone for the weekend, I'll try (emphasis try) to get a post up early next week, if the reporter hasn't beaten me...err to it.

See ya

Emerging from the not-so-secret secret tunnels we set out to find the sheriff and alert him to the goblinish shenanigans going on under his town. As we passed through the main hall of the glassworks we found a body covered in glass. Hastening to the sheriff he accompanied me back to the glassworks where he identified the body as that of Lonjiku Kaijitsu, Tsuto’s father.

After a brief tour of the carnage in the tunnels I went to the Rusty Dragon to break the news to Ameiko... and to observe if she was party to Tsuto’s goblin problem. Much to my relief Ameiko’s grief for her father seemed genuine.

Later I was introduced to a ranger who had been hired by the town to keep an eye on the local humanoid population. On her information we concluded that Bruthazmus (presumed bugbear) was most likely in an area known as Thistletop. We proceeded to the heart of the matter.

And got our heads handed to us.

A druid (approx. 4th level) and his leopard companion tore up Baedin, Gallond & Morgrum, while eight or so goblin dogs kept Asa & Bolgar busy. I exhausted my spells using healing spells to keep the party fighting, then went down trying to give Morgrum a flank on the leopard.

We have just been revived by Bolgar’s healing burst, flat on our faces & threatened by the leopard...

We had just been revived by Bolgar’s healing burst, flat on our faces & threatened by the leopard... when help arrived in the form of Shaleylu, our ranger guide, who had been seeking Lazurin ever since he got lost in the woods on our way here.

Shaleylu charged the goblin druid, providing a handy distraction. I braced myself for the worst (total defense) and stood up, thereby providing my own distraction and allowing Baedin, Gallond and Asa to regain their feet. (AOO from both the drood & his furry friend.) Once surrounded by professional killers and blasted by eldrich energies the firepelt fell, and the goblin, sensing the changing winds, fled into the thicket. Not to be deterred the dwarves charged in after him and brought a quick end to him.

We needed a rest after that, but before we left we threw the bodies of the goblin, his firepelt companion and the goblin dogs into a nearby pit where... something... devoured them with great gusto. Imagine a carnivorous Cookie Monster.

As we rested we worked out several hand signals so that the more stealthy members of our party could communicate without revealing themselves.

Two days later we approached the main goblin encampment. Finding the gates barred Lazurin used his Spider Climb ability to enter through the roof, then moved to the gates to unbar them for us.

Listening for the sounds of goblin speech, Baedin led us down a corridor, opened the door at the end and proceeded to slaughter a room full of goblins. A side door in the corridor opened next to Gallond, who proceeded to cleanse them of evil in the standard dwarfish way.

Finding a set of stairs leading up we ascended to the roof. Hearing more goblinish we looked over the side and saw a group of the little wretches tormenting a seagull. We resolved to find a way down that didn’t involve jumping down.

While seeking a side door we stumbled upon the throne room. We were challenged by the king, who referred to himself, in third person, as Ripnugget. Devastation ensued. Using a one-two punch Asa shattered the throne itself, then killed the goblin warchanter that had been hiding behind it. Gallond chose to spare the lizard that had been serving as Ripnugget’s mount, subduing it and dragging it outside.

Searching through the rest of the keep we found no side door, and the gull baiters had fled the area. There was, however, a heavy warhorse we named Goblin Crusher for his tendency to do just that.

Resting again we began exploring the underlevels of the keep. Our explorations were cut short when we heard noises from above. Moving to the throne room we found a well armed man and a bugbear (Presumed to be Bruthazmus). With devastating hits from Gallond and Baedin at the beginning of the fight we had nearly finished them off when a female wizard opened a side door and began flinging spells at us. After watching her play “the door game” for a few rounds Shaleylu, Baedin moved I went to surround her, having learned the layout of the keep while we were clearing out the goblins. Try to imagine my surprise upon opening a door to find four mounted goblins. Try to imagine Brute’s surprise when only one hit me with their readied actions.

As Baedin stepped up to do what he does so well, the wizard ran into the room and began expressing her annoyance that her escape route had been blocked by casting spells at us. 5d6 Fireball turned into 10 points damage. Doh.

Since it had worked before I moved through the keep to flank her. It was a longer route and by the time I arrived the goblins were dead and the wizard was fleeing towards the front gate over the fallen bodies of Baedin and Shaleylu. Deep Slumber. And yes, I just realized Shaleylu is an Elf. She barely made it to the end of the corridor when Gallond charged after her, bringing an end to her wickedness.

Returning to the underlevels we encountered a squid like thing that tried to liquify Asa’s innards with a poison sting. Bolgar note: she needs some Restoration spells. Then there was a room with goblin babies in small, easily portable cages. Nearby was a room with female goblins who refused to surrender at Gallond’s command. Thereby providing him a distraction which allowed the cages holding the goblin babies to be tested for aerodynamics and buoyancy. Finally there was a small temple with two large yeth hounds. Despite my encouragement they frightened Baedin terribly with their yowling.

As we were doing a last patrol through the area to make sure we had gotten all the goblins and their ilk, Gallond spotted a secret door in a room filled with archeological relics. Opening the door we found stairs leading further down.

Noticing a section of floor was different from the rest Baedin prodded it with his glaive. The trap was quite impressive, with portcullis and ransure armed statues. It was Gallond who found a safe solution to this problem. One of the rooms on the previous level had a table which reached completely across the pressure plate.

Moving forward we found the mysterious blond with the misshapen arm. And her pet yeth hound. This time it was my turn to flee from the beast’s magical howls, but I was stopped by Shaleylu grappling me. The next few seconds passed in an unhappy blur, and by the end of it she had my whip and was preparing to use it on me.

Shaleylu and I arrived at the fight in time to see the blond and the yeth hound fall to well swung axes and furious pummeling.

Time for another rest.

Goblin's are such detestable wretches..but they do provide ample target practice. I feel am I am now much more adept at firing into melee due in no large part to the number of the little beasts.

*writes in Havelock's journal when he's not paying attention, in dwarven*

~ We burned down the fort at Thistletop and brought back a conspirator in a box to the sheriff of Sandpoint, he was so pleased he was speechless.

~ I continued work on our secret lair under Sandpoint, despite my groups best efforts to tell everyone in town it's whereabouts and I believe they have started running guided tours through it.

It wasn't a tour...I was simply showing the lass my...errr uuhhh

Yes it was a tour good sir! Sooo sorry for revealing your secret plan.

Hey Look some thing evil ( points out the door )

( Sneaks two maidens out the side door )

*sigh* Amateurs. Lucky for me this is a rough draft.

Slouching around the underlevels of Thistletop we encountered a stack of illusory gold which hid a trick door. A bit of thorough investigation by Morgrum found the trick to open it. Behind it we encountered (1) an ancient illusion. (2) a room full of masterwork "medical tools". (3) a Simple Advanced Greater Barghest which nearly ate the party. Bard heals for the Save, Bard noise for the Win.

2 days rest.

Later there was a room full of Shadows.

3 days rest.

Finally there was a waterlogged treasury containing a fair amount of gold, and a giant hermit crab in a 5 foot high bronze helmet.

Many days feasting.

Burning down the keep: Priceless. (But a surprising amount of work.)

Returning to Sandpoint with our booty we found the guard on high alert. It seems smoke rising on the horizon normally means the goblins are preparing to attack.

Reassuring the guard we made our way to the sheriff's office and turned in our prisoner. The gigantic helmet was left outside resting on the prisoner's crate. He proved cooperative under questioning, but unhelpful. Later the helmet was moved into a cell across from the prisoner, Everburning Candles being strategically placed to provide an impressive Jack-O-Lantern effect.

There being nowhere in town to exchange our loot for more useful equipment, and with several members going off on side quests (Asa went in search of a pharmacist. Gallond - see his entry above.) I chose to, finally, visit Brodert Quink.

Quink, being a sage well versed in Thassalonian history, knew much about the peculiar artifacts and writings we had encountered in our hasty assault against the goblins. He explained also about the eight Rune Lords, their inclinations and capital cities.

Taking Quink into the "sealed off" tunnels underneath the glassworks. There we encountered something making a curious "dragging, scraping" sound. Fearing that monsters had moved into the well known "sealed" tunnels, and discussing the relative merits of hight & speed vs. low cunning, we set out to gather the rest of our party.

Locating Baedin & Asa, but with Gallond nowhere to be found, we reentered the tunnels and found.... Gallond, who complained mightily about our revealing the "secret underground base," then proceeded to give Brodert Quink a tour.

Gallond took particular care to show off the "red, floaty" sphere room. He also described his favorite way to move about in the room. Fortunately the Paladin had run of "propellant" and would need some ale and some time to produce more.

Seems our reporter has missed his deadline...I am no wordsmith mind you but I shall do my best to review the events of the last few days...

My cohorts and I gathered in Sandpoint to do some follow up questioning of the locals on some of the revelations found in the Assimar's journal. There was not a great deal more to learn so we volunteered to take our prisoner to Magnimar for the Sherrif. We were headed that way after all, to sell some items we couldnt use and resupply.

The journey to Magnimar was fairly uneventful. Upon arriving I must say its a very austere place. The gaurds were blunt and the Magister a very severe man. He sentenced our prisioner to seemed a bit harsh, but it is not my place to speak on the laws of this foreign land. He did pay us for our time and we took a few days to sell and reequip. We found a wise old fellow who helped us sell some of the more rare and historical items for a better price and set out on our way back to Sandpoint.

On our return we found that several rather gruesome murders had taken place, and cryptic notes were left at the scene addressed to our Paladin friend. At the behest of the Sherrif we went out to investigate. Starting at the old mill, where we determined most notably that one of the Vinder girls and some fellow who was stealing from the mill were slaughtered by a nasty undead of some sort. Next we headed out to a farm where some con artists met a similar fate, I spoke to some of the barn animals, and their discription is reminicent of a Ghast. There was a witness who was sent to the local sanitarium. I hear that there are shady dealing going on there.

On arrival at the sanitarium I had to browbeat the "doctor" into allowing us to speak with the patient. He was jabbering and insane with some sort of fever, Gallond attempted to heal him, and he had a moment of clarity in which he seemed to recognize our Dwarven comrade and lunged at him. I paniced and unfortunately cut our only witness in twine with an arcane blast....I regret this a great deal.

We asked Gallond if he knew anything about this mess and he said he did not...I for one believe him.

On our way back from the Santiarium to town we encountered a paniced man screaming about Scarecrows....we are enroute to investigate as we speak.

Erm... Sorry about the delay. I'm working on a book. Gotta make 50 gp off it to get the Pathfinder Chronicler PrC.

And I'd forgotten about using my Profession (Bookkeeping) skill.

Umm... do you remember if I turned over the evidence to the constables? I do remember alerting them to the possibility of the corpses rising as undead.

We haven't yet....haven't been back to town.

Havelock wrote:
Then there was a room with goblin babies in small, easily portable cages. ... Thereby providing him a distraction which allowed the cages holding the goblin babies to be tested for aerodynamics and buoyancy.

I thought this applicable... even as a DWARVEN Paladin.

Set wrote:

I'd agree that attempting to train something with an [Evil] or [Chaotic] subtype to be good or lawful is pissing in the wind.

Goblins are nothing of the sort. They have no alignment subtype. They have free will. They may be prone to ADD or whatever, but that doesn't make them incapable of being raised to be five times more socially-well-adjusted and productive members of society than the average Kender.

People who aren't Paladins can take the quick and easy path of just ganking the little blighters, because taking them home and raising them to be better people than their parents were sounds like 'too much work.'

But deciding to kill a bunch of children because you're too morally lazy to take the hard road and live by your convictions is the sort of choice that turns Paladins into Fighters-with-no-bonus-Feats (and serve as prime indicators of who'se gonna make a fine Blackguard, some day).

But what is done, is done... just sayin'. Morally lazy Bard!!

Daniel Moyer wrote:
But what is done, is done... just sayin'. Morally lazy Bard!!

Hey! I'm True Neutral, I'm supposed to be morally lazy but not outright cruel or capricious.

And I'm an accountant; I have Profession (bookkeeper) +6.

Check my math: You bring back young goblins and teach them niceness. They nicely marry and nicely have their first brood of, oh lets say 6 whelps, with a gestation period of, oh lets say 4 months. Will the niceness training be passed on with a brood of 18 whelps to feed/ clothe/ house/ teach? Or the 18 next year? Five years later you have 90 whelps (barring deaths or mom's uterus falling out), with 6 of those about to form into 3 breeding pairs. Still teaching niceness?

No. The parent goblins just won't have time. They will be too busy foraging and keeping the whelps from eating each other. One day the parents forget to lock the cage, come home and the whelps swarm in and eat them.

And now you know where goblin hordes come from.

In conclusion, if you want to keep them as pets (I believe dogs have a similar lifespan) feel free. Just remember to spay and neuter.

And now, back to our show!

It seems the scarecrows were stuffed with straw, but some had a crunchy ghoul center. We passed the afternoon meandering around the fields while Gallond detected evil on every scarecrow we came upon. One proved to have a human infected with Ghoul Fever inside it. Gallond made friends with him and brought him along as a guide.

Following the tracks left by a large crowd (we forgot to ask what kind of footprints) we located a house and barn. Looking inside the house Morgrum detected a lone figure seated on a rocking chair. Gallond knocked on the door. The figure arose, approached the door and tried to take a bite out of Gallond. After a bit of scuffling between Gallond and the ghoul several more ghouls exited the barn. My comrades and I moved to a defensible position inside the house. Gallond's guide didn't make it. With only one window and the door to defend we made short work of the ghouls attacking the front of the house, and kicking aside the chair I used to jam the rear door Gallond bifurcated the final ghoul who tried to be clever.

Searching in the aftermath we discovered a chest containing several bags of silver coins and the corpse of a man with the cyhedron mark of the Runelords cut into his chest. With the corpse was a note addressed to Gallond and a key with a crest which I identified as belonging to the Foxgloves. Even though Asa had come down with Ghoul Fever herself we elected to proceed to Foxglove Manor with all due haste, leaving me somewhat disappointed that we didn't look around the fields for more ghouls. I expect trouble will come of this neglect.

Foxglove Manor is haunted. The moment I stepped through the door I was assaulted by the image of a young lady who swept me up into a dance... and drained my strength as I was forced to watch her being strangled, dancing all the while. It was only by sheer willpower that I was able to save myself from her deadly embrace. My companions, in the mean time, destroyed a piano.

Shaking with weakness I stumbled after my companions as they left the room. Crossing a hall we came upon a moth-eaten, taxidermied manticore when there was a terrible screech! A swift glance showed that Gallond was amusing himself by playing with an enchanted bellpull made out of a monkey's head.

Following an open corridor from the room we found a room with four stained glass windows, each depicting a mystical creature being conjured from a cyhedron rune.

The next room contained a multitude of books, and a scarf that tried to throttle me. This place is out to get me.

Morgrum went ahead into the next room, only to call out that a he saw a woman looking in a window at him. Gallond tried to confirm this, but after several minutes of sneaking up on the window in an attempt to "surprise" the woman he gave up and we moved on.

Entering another room I felt a presence try to inflict its will on me but I shook it off. The dwarf was not so lucky and spent the next minute trying to drag Asa out of the house.

The final room on this floor was revealed as the bath room. There was a particularly wretched rat scurrying around in the tub.

On the second floor we found a nursery, Gallond said he felt something around the fireplace. Next we entered a music room which contained several decayed instruments, and five stained glass windows, each of which depicted an item commonly used in Necromancy.

Another room had the Foxglove family portraits hung upon its walls. Once we entered the room a dramatic haunting took place. The people depicted in the paintings transformed in several grotesque ways. Some developed hideous growths and slumped as if dead. One grew pale, his throat cut and blood poured down his chest. Alderin Foxglove himself transformed into a ghoulish figure. Finally, one of the portraits sprouted mold which quickly filled the room, then vanished, taking all the transformations with it, leaving the room as it was when we entered.

In the room adjacent to this Morgrum saw a knife materialize, but fought off the impulse to pick it up.

Continuing our exploration of the second floor we came upon a room covered inches deep in greenish mold. Gallond was the only one of us brave enough to enter, he found nothing of interest except that the mold grew back almost as fast as it could be cleared. He did request that I cast Prestidigitation on him after he came out.

The final room in this floor contained a mass of wrecked furniture, and a portrait which had been turned to face the wall. Standing outside the room I used Mage Hand to turn it, revealing the face of the woman who danced with me on the first floor. Morgrum said it matched the appearance of the woman he had seen through the window. Once we had entered to search the room Lazurin turned and blasted Asa with an eldrich bolt. Gallond grappled him, likely believing him to be under the influence of the house, but the warlock claimed that Asa was possessed and needed to be destroyed. Once Asa recovered from her surprise she fled the room.

*Wanders over behind Havelock while he's writing and activates the monkey bellpull*
Monkey Bellpull

Havelock wrote:
On the second floor we found a nursery, Gallond said he felt something around the fireplace.

I was lookin' for a place to tinkle, but then realized I had an audience. An I don't put on a show fur just anyone!

Havelock wrote:
Continuing our exploration of the second floor we came upon a room covered inches deep in greenish mold. Gallond was the only one of us brave enough to enter ... He did request that I cast Prestidigitation on him after he came out.

No Dwarf is afraid of MERE mold!! *heroic pose* I had ya do your fancy cleaning spell for the your own safety and that of our companions, I tell ya and I know how much ya like casting it... *mocks casting fancily*

It'll take forever to get those layers of earth back in all the right places!

I am certain the wench should be destroyed, she will be our ruin!

Once Lazurin’s episode passed we reunited with Asa and sallied up to the attic. After looking over enough home repair supplies to denude a major deciduous forrest we came to a room that showed signs of habitation - only to hear an unearthly shriek from down the corridor!

Hurrying down to find the source of this spine chilling noise we came to a door behind which we found a Revenant! It was the very woman who’s haunt danced with me when first I entered this blighted house. I entered the room in an attempt to ease the cursed woman’s soul, but was ignored as she stared, transfixed by her image in a mirror. Gallon then attempted to gain her attention by the use of his Silver +1 Dwarvish Waraxe.

The ligature marks from the dead woman's fingers do not show through his beard. Gallond returned the favor by decapitating her after she was un-reanimated.

The only other place of interest on this floor was a room that looked like a necromancer’s bric-a-brac room, although it did contain a famous painting called “Smackdown in Swinetown.” This left only the cellars to be explored.

On the way down through the house I had the opportunity to reexamine the furnishings. Adequate for a country squire, I suppose. (I must remember to go over the books in the library; my comrades will insist upon acting the part of bibliophages.) The stuffed manticore looked salvageable, but was contaminated with yet another haunt.

In the cellar: Rats. Big ones. In quantity. I would not be surprised if I contracted a disease from the bites I received. The room contained more ruin, and most of the adjoining rooms contained more rats. There was a hall that led to another room with stained glass windows. These windows portrayed two people who turned themselves into Lichs. There was a haunt here as well, the Morgrum fell prey to its command to “protect the children” and ran for the nursery. Slippery little devil made it, too.

A hidden room came off this latest room, and it reeked of ghast stench. Gallond was afflicted with the vision of being surrounded by ghasts. We proceeded down a spiral staircase which Gallond realized was directly under an unusual fungus pattern he has spotted in the hall on the main floor. At the bottom of the stairs we found a sea cave, the walls floor and ceiling of which were coated with a particularly thick mat of the blue & green fungus spirals.

Morgrum pointed out that since the stench had grown stronger it might be wise to prepare ourselves a bit, and after the healings we followed our noses into what Gallond identified as recent digging. Upon seeing the denizen of this cave I quipped: “A giant vampire bat,” to which I received the reply, “A giant vampire bat ghast.” Gallond required a touch of healing, but otherwise we handled it fairly well.

This leaves us with the rest of the cave to explore, and the possibility of figuring out how to drag a stuffed manticore back to our “secret” lair.

We decided to rest. The filth fever we contracted from the rats above began to take it’s toll, and Asa looked a little grayer, not having shaken off the ghoul fever.

The remainder of the caves proved “interesting”. We were bushwhacked by two bands of ghouls. I did not see much of it as I was surrounded by three goblin ghouls, paralyzed and being devoured for most of it, but I am told that all of us except Morgrum and Lazurin were paralyzed at one point.

After gluing myself back together and putting patches on the others (Gallond took care of himself) we set off looking for more trouble when who should we find but the Skinsaw Man (a.k.a. Aldern Foxglove). He seemed pleased to see Gallond, and when Gallond questioned Aldern as to why this was Aldern began to manifest multiple personalities. Lazurin put the situation thus: “He’s the Skinsaw murderer and a nutbag who doesn’t know he’s undead.” Things looked grim when both I and Gallond became paralyzed again, but Gallond heroically pushed himself into action.

Once the action was over Asa shook off a compulsion to eat some particularly foul looking moss at the back of the cavern.

Searching the room, and Aldern’s rather nasty corpse, found a note telling of a ritual that needed the lives of many greedy men. It had something to do with carving the cyhedron rune into their chests. Aldern was supposed to meet with then in Magnimar; we made a plan to be there in his stead. One step of this plan was to impersonate Aldern, and to facilitate a better disguise we decided to retrieve his portrait from the gallery in the house above.

As we were leaving the caves Gallond saw several picks, one of which looked very nice. A quick glance showed it to be magical. Gallond went to pick it up and triggered a cloud of Yellow Mold spores. While the most of our band had remained at a safe distance Morgrum had ventured too close. I was about to suggest to Gallond that he pound him on the back a bit when Morgrum’s halfling resilience shook off the spores.

As we were exiting the house Morgrum made the comment that he forgot a candle near a curtain. It seems there will always a great plume of smoke whenever we go adventuring around here. Unfortunately this left us no where to retreat to when we were attacked by a murder of crows, or more accurately, a Carrion Storm of undead crows.

We finally made our way back to Sandpoint. Our exhausted and diseased state was commented on by everyone we met. After we informed the Sheriff of our latest escapades he insisted on escorting us to the cathedral where we had our various diseases removed. We arranged for the priests to mount an expedition to the caverns beneath the charred remains of Foxglove manor to deal with “the evil moss that want to be eaten.”

Next time: Confrontation in Magnimar.

In our misadventure at the missgivings I have learned a few things. One rat's, birds and anything else that comes in a swarm are vile and should be eradicated on sight. Two undeath does not preclude one from becomming a whole big bag of crazy. And three, never ever touch any form of mold, fungus or slime for any reason.

And there was budgeted shopping.

Eventually we remembered where we were headed and made our way to the Foxglove’s city manor. Amusing as the Morgrum’s attempts to disguise himself as a rather tall human were, I eventually stepped in and used my Hat of Disguise to assume the likeness of Aldern Foxglove.

Much to my surprise, and increasing dismay, I found myself confronted by... yes, her. Again. Not that I believed for a second that it was actually her, I was nevertheless taken aback. I was honestly relieved that it was only a shapeshifting monster.

Searching the house we eventually discovered a stash of coin, Deeds to the town house and the country manor, some financial records. My accounting experience came in handy once again (I can hear mom saying “I told you so.”) indicating that Aldern was making regular payments which his records claimed were covering his wife’s trip abroad. I didn’t believe that for a second, either. There was also mention of visiting b7 at the sawmill on Oathday.

After dividing the coin to finance a few more purchases we went out into the city looking for clues to who Aldern was planing to meet. Lazurin went to the library and discovered information about a group called “The Skinsaw Men.” Asa and I went to the Magistrate to turn in the bandit’s head, and discovered there had been a series of murders. I’m not sure what Gallond and Morgrum were up to, but I brought some jars and pickle brine for Morgrum’s increasingly gamey collection of heads.

The rest of the day was spent making the house livable. In preparing for bed I once again disguised myself as Aldern and took the master bed for myself, only to be brusquely awakened at midnight. For reasons unexplained Lazurin thought it was a good idea for the group’s only healer to take midnight watch.

After hours of not resting I finally returned to bed... only to be awoken by Lazurin himself. We were under attack. Lazurin then ran to the chimney and disappeared up it like the Jolly Elf himself.

Complaining and stumbling downstairs I watched as Gallond skewered some fool in a goofy mask who ran up the stairs at him. After clearing the stairs he ran down, turned left and trampled another of the intruders. Second funniest thing I've ever seen. After a few more wet smacks and a short chase for a runner the excitement was over.

Morgrum and Lazurin told us how they ran off three more goons who were out back, killing one. It turns out our runner was one of the two who escaped them. After I passed around a bit of healing we set out to track him. I was feeling more than a little eyestrain by the time the trail led to a sawmill. Johnson. Or Johansen. It started with a J, anyway. Rather than attack immediately it was decided that we should wait for Oathday, allowing time for Gallond's plate mail to be finished, and for me to get enough rest to regain spells. Never mind that the one that got away will be raising the alarm. Perhaps we can invite along some Hellknights.

Twas not I who altered the sleeping arangments intrepid reporter. But our master dwarf did accurately point out that those of us who can see in the dark should be on watch in the deepest of night, beyond that it was up to the rest of you how you arranged yourselves. This is not the first time you have misremembered something that makes me seem like a buffoon or convientely thought that something I did for the better was in fact the work of another....tis a consipiracy I do believe..or perhaps you are waging an anti- Elf propoganda campaign? hmmm...

OOC... Serously though dude, I asked everyone what they want to do and went with the majority opinion, if you dont like what the group is doing dont lay it on me. The only time I make a decision without consensus is when nobody is willing to speak up. Same with entering the Mill, the nays out weighed the yays so we didnt go. The only thing I did was veto going up on the porch to see what door our prey entered..I didnt feel that that information was worth letting them no we back tracked their henchman. If you want to call the shots please by all mean have at it. I only stepped up to the plate because we have had an issue with the party floundering if someone doesnt mediate the conversations.

Fire/Sleep Watch...

If Havelock prefers, in the future I will cover a 2nd shift and he can slack... err REST the ENTIRE evening. Fatigue is not an issue with dwarf-folk, perhaps you need to eat more vegetables? (BTW, you're not the ONLY person capable of healing, you are however better at it and it is appreciated. If you don't want to soak spells to heal, don't, that's what wands and potions are for... particularly since you're craftng again.)


I was not concerned either way, though waiting until Oathday (as in the ledger we found) seemed like a good idea to me. (The armor provides 2 more AC, it matters very little in the big scheme of things. Being prone to rolling crappy Fort saves against Paralysis with a +12... you'll have this, LOL.)

Havelock - I’m not sure what Gallond and Morgrum were up to...

We were patrolling THE CITY for E-VILLE. Besides, I don't think I'm allowed to have TWO sidekicks... or am I?! I will be sure and ask at the next meeting! *2 thumbs up and a wink* (I did at one point roll a 19 Gather Information, but it got blown out of the water by a 27 and a 35 or something like that, which is fine as Gallond is not the most perceptive/receptive individual.)

Lazurin Arborlon wrote:
OOC... Serously though dude...

No offense intended, I'm trying to do this "in character," that is to say, short on sleep at the moment. ;)

Gallond, the Gallant wrote:
I don't think I'm allowed to have TWO sidekicks... or am I?!

Depends on your Leadership score, although remembering Ace's first level briquettes...

Havelock - I’m not sure what Gallond and Morgrum were up to...
We were patrolling THE CITY for E-VILLE. Besides, I don't think I'm allowed to have TWO sidekicks... or am I?! I will be sure and ask at the next meeting! *2 thumbs up and a wink* (I did at one point roll a 19 Gather Information, but it got blown out of the water by a 27 and a 35 or something like that, which is fine as Gallond is not the most perceptive/receptive individual.)

Sorry about the rediculous diplomacy rolls...that and knowledge skills are what I do...Warlock has a couple of Invocations that give a rediculous +6 to those I am apparently wicked hot and wicked smart.... :)

Lazurin Arborlon wrote:

Havelock - I’m not sure what Gallond and Morgrum were up to...
(I did at one point roll a 19 Gather Information, but it got blown out of the water by a 27 and a 35 or something like that, which is fine as Gallond is not the most perceptive/receptive individual.)
Sorry about the rediculous diplomacy rolls...that and knowledge skills are what I do...Warlock has a couple of Invocations that give a rediculous +6 to those I am apparently wicked hot and wicked smart.... :)

Not a complaint, just an explanation.

Sleep schedule / Darkvision




Next level I'll be Bard 5, Shadowdancer 2.

A relatively simple day. Sacked the sawmill. Discovered Justice Ironbriar was the head of the Skinsaw men. Ran into some old acquaintances, Vancaskerkin (who we stuffed into a box and had delivered to Magnimar) and Longshanks (also boxed and shipped to Magnimar). Seems we helped Ironbriar form up a mercenary group. Vancaskerkin surrendered and made noises about wanting to stick around with us but got no takers, if he'd been a cleric...

In the top most floor we found a trio of ravens. The warlock pumped them for information and got info about a clock tower under a bridge, and the woman who lives there is sometimes a snake.

Liberty's Edge

Havelock wrote:
The warlock pumped them

Eeeeeeew ;) J/K

The session was short but wildy entertaining. Someone needs to mention to the rogue, however, that if he wishes to stay in the party and in one piece that he better keep the Paladin's Code in mind or 1 of 4 things are going to happen and none of them are good...just a thought from the DM...

I suspect our little halfling is under the influence of his mask of human flesh that he is toting soon as I prove it...that thing is getting sold.

OOC: I have no problems with Morgrum, but until the bad guys prove themselves to be "bad guys", such as donning masks and wielding war razors, they were still just "mill workers"... which is also why I did not use subdual after HINTING the rogue SHOULD do so, they had revealed themselves. Had he actually killed one and the other two played dumb/frightened as we walked in the door, that would've looked very, VERY bad... just sayin'.

I also had assumed we were there on covert-ops, "Bard disguised as Foxglove for the Oathday drop-off", despite the fact that everyone in Golarian apparently knows he's been dead. *shrug*

I'm also dubious about selling obviously evil items back into the marketplace, but the player in me thinks that would be unfair to the entire party due to their hefty value in what seems (for us) a low money campaign. Unless Brutesquad can come up with a way for us to "dispose" of them and still gain the cash value. For items like that I always think about the WoW Enchanter, disentegrating items for 'enchantment shards', but that's not really how D&D magic works.

Don't make the Dwarf Paladin turn this cart around, cause I WILL! :D

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