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Want to make a broken character

D&D 3.5/d20/OGL

I'm looking to make a uber powerful character of 5 or 6 lvl and I'm not really sure where to start. I would prefer a melee class but magic is not out the the question. I do have a few restrictions

All Player’s Handbook
max LA of +1 *

Classes/Prestige Classes
All other core books
All complete
Expanded Psionics Handbook

Can you define "uber powerful". What are the particular circumstances under which you plan to use the character.

Based solely on what you've provided, you want to play a psion with the ability to overchannel.

I am speaking strictly 3.5 here not pathfinder.
The best uber melle class to have at 5 or 6th would be a druid with the extra wildshape feat. You dont get the multiple attacks a fighter or true melle gets but you can change into some nasty stuff and the animal companion is a nice bonus for flanking and such. Just remember to cast the vigor spell on yourself so you get HP back as you fight.

Personally speaking I go for the wizard as the best damage dealer at 6th just because of the fly spell and death from above after that. Then again I am overly partial to spellcasters.

Sovereign Court

I want to make random suggestions, so I will. You didn't give us stats or tell us what your stats were going to be based on (rolling/point buy/etc) so we can't go into that. I don't have my 3.5 books either. Drat.

Human Fighter 4/Barbarian 1/(Diviner 1?)

EWP Fullblade
Monkey Grip (So you can wield a large fullblade, which is like huge greatsword if I remember right)
WF: Fullblade
Power Attack
Weapon Specialization Fullblade
Shocktrooper (don't remember the requirements, probably can't get it yet.)
Leap Attack (ranks in jump, not sure how many.)

Turn 1, cast true strike probably
Turn 2, charge and murder something (charge, rage, power attack for full, jump, smash)

You could be a Goliath and save a feat or two if I remember, or a half-ogre.

The Exchange

The only true measure of power is of your character verses whatever the DM throws at you. Generally speaking, making an uber powerful character only forces the DM to throw harder stuff at you, and quite possibly kill anyone that isn't munchkined to hell and back.

But that's beside the point. If you can use the PHB2 I might suggest playing a Duskblade. Grab a two-handed weapon, The Somatic Weaponry feat from Complete Mage, the Knowledge Devotion feat from Complete Champion, you'll probably want Power Attack... Basically, use Knowledge Devotion to give yourself an insight bonus to attack and damage based off of your knowledge check, then channel Shocking Grasp through your two-hander of choice (+3 to attack if target is wearing Metal or is holding metal, which directly translates into more power-attack) while power-attacking for as much as you think you can get away with. The Duskblade also gets the ability to cast a certain number of spells per day as swift actions (at your level it would be 1), and they do get spells such as bull's strength, but they also get a spell that is my personal favorite, Animalistic Power. +2 str, dex, and con. It might not look like much, but it's +1 to AC, Initiative, Attack, Damage, Reflex Saves, Fortitude Saves, HP per level, and a handful of skills. With the ability to cast that as a swift action as you run in to murder something, I'd say it's pretty good.

Anyways, I think you'll find it much more satisfying to build something yourself than to copy-paste something from the internet. Although, posting all of that above did give me a great idea for a bard in my friend's upcoming campaign... So, thanks, I guess.

While not as broken as some things that can be done, I remember making a character around that level that could do about 130 damage average twice a day in a single attack. The sad thing is I can't remember how...

thanks for the input guys. You have given me some great ideas what to do.

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