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"Ooh, Those Wascawwy Fey!" - Prank Suggestions


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My players were convinced that the fae were the ones responcible for the unmarked traps, and that there was actually just 1 trap that they kept moving arround to be in front of them. They marked it just to be sure.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Magical_Beast wrote:

In my groups, we usually gloss over many of the camping details. They set a guard rotation and I let them know if any of the shifts have to make perception checks. In re-reading some of these prank ideas, I think its going to make sense to establish some more making/breaking camp details right from the beginning (who gets firewood, who does the cooking, where does the cleric pray for spells, etc) to make for more seamless integration. How do you integrate these details into the standard operating procedures for your games?

You don't really have to. If they don't tell you otherwise, there's no reason why not to assume a relatively equal distribution of campsite duties and normal sorts of camping activities.

In short, figure who's the funniest to do what to, then do it then.

Dark Archive

An idea from this post, I was thinking that they steal your Potion of Bull's Strength and replace it with...a Potion of Ray of Enfeeblement. :P

Another possibility is using Prestigitation or berry juice to write "Smelly Biggens", "Clumsy Biggens", etc. (whatever cruel nicknames the fey have given each PC) on the horses they are using.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Use silent image to make a small rock look like a valuable gem. As long as the fey concentrates, it will stay that way (drop the spell either as soon as a character puts it in their bag or if they call the others over to look at it). Especially effective against a greedy, selfish character with a low Will save.

Find a small dead animal. Put said carcass into the quiver of a melee character or into some other seldom-used location. Wait for smell.

Coat the character's hair in honey as they sleep. Sticky and annoying to remove, and especially hilarious if they're a late sleeper and the ants set to work in the morning before they rise.

Silent image a rotting piece of fruit as a delicious apple and place it where either the players will find it or replace some food the player is carrying.

Coal dust in a light-haired character's brush.

A berry in someone's boot as they sleep. If they fail to check them, a squishing berry feels much like a big spider.

After saddling their mounts for the day but before they leave, unbuckle the saddle so it falls when they try to mount.

Coat their hands in pepper juice as they sleep. When they wake up, they'll rub their eyes and mace themselves.

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Tangent: what's the joke with the R/W transposition? It it a reference I'm not getting as a non-American?

Zaister wrote:
Tangent: what's the joke with the R/W transposition? It it a reference I'm not getting as a non-American?

Elmer Fudd from the old Bugs Bunny cartoons.

Oh that wascawwy wabbit.

Paizo Charter Superscriber; Pathfinder Deluxe Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Legends Subscriber; Pathfinder Tales Subscriber

Ah, ok, I never watched that (and especially not in English), as I don't like cartoons at all.

The Exchange RPG Superstar 2011 Top 32

Unfortunately, I was only able to pull off two pranks before my party wised up.

* Perlivash spooked the horse of one of the characters as they were riding through the forest, making it panic for a while.

* Tyg used pyrotechnics to make a campfire spark in another character's face just as he was lighting it.

However, it just occured to me that, while the party befriended the two after they caught Tyg, only one of them bribed them to specifically not prank him in the future... mwahaha...

After all, what's a prank or two between friends?

Great thread :) - loads of inspiration heheheh...

Building on some of the ideas above I'm planning to use Ghost Sound and Grease combo... Ghost Sound to make cries of help in the distance and Grease on the saddle of one unfortunate party member as our heroes hustle to get to the poor victims ;)

Silver Crusade

Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Adventure Path, Tales Subscriber

It really didn't take long for my party too co-opt the faeries into pranking bandits.

They're fast using the Stag Lord's liquor supply to pay the fairies for services rendered.

Tyg and Prevlesh are both fairly rich in my game. A couple hundred gold, some booze, a music box. People who succeeded kept placing more an more bribes, even after everyone succeeded.

I had Prevlesh wake them up just before an Owlbear attack just so the players wouldn't hunt all the fae down and slaughter them as soon as they were met. Mostly because I wanted to have more fun with the fae. This resulted in an even larger reward for them. Its a pretty good thing, since my PCs are a little overpowered and it has kept their wealth a little low.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I finally found this thread again! :) should be sticky'ed, as there are so many great ideas for the fey here!

Playing our first session tonight, and I'm really looking forward to annoy the hell out of the player with these two little buggers!

Sovereign Court

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Derwalt wrote:

I finally found this thread again! :) should be sticky'ed, as there are so many great ideas for the fey here!

Playing our first session tonight, and I'm really looking forward to annoy the hell out of the player with these two little buggers!

I've had one players make his character respond very badly to pranks, threatening out loud to the forest to kill whoever is involved, panicking over strange sights, etc. After one especially humorous incident the party bard began the composition of a satiric song...and the music appreciating Tyg, began to drop a soft fragrant shower of flower petals over the offending character's head while invisible.

He has begun, at the amused advice of his fellow party members, to attempt to gain the good graces of these fey - they have awoken the party to prevent them from being ambushed twice now - in amusing ways! The fey responded to his first offering of heavy gold coins by hanging the coins from the top branches of a nearby tree. A few more bribes will probably be in order before their determination to teach this character to be a good sport for their pranks is satisfied.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

(Spoilers below!) players met the fey at our first session.

The fey started by stealing their saddles when they first camped. The next day they scared the conjurer's horse with Ghost Sound (no points in riding and riding without a saddle is a bad idea), so he falls of and grabs his crossbow while the others come back to get him. He then hears the sound of a massive bear just next to him in the (not very dense or big) bushes and see something moving. So he fires his crossbow. This is maybe the 4th or 5th time this session he fires the thing and all of the other times his missed in a big way. This time he rolls extremely well, and I roll bad for miss chance, so I rule that he hits poor Perlivash - and even rolls 10 on his damage. The sound turns out to be Ghost Sound issuing from a small racoon (the fey had charmed it somehow, I ruled they had that ability) which hit the conjurer with a small stick it was carrying. The conjurer was severely spooked and quite perplexed, but tried to stab the racoon, missing badly.

They then spent the next couple of minutes trying to track down the bleeding fairy dragon while calling out and telling them that they were not all in all mean people and that they apologizsed (they almost immedeately guessed that they were being harrassed by fey). The fey were simply trying to get away from these mean people and retreat to their nests to heal Perlivash's wounds. Sadly for the fey the druids bear cub companion rolls a natural 20 on its scent/track check, so they couldn't get away from the players. In the end the players succeeded on their diplomacy check (and the fey couldn't loose them), so the fey returned and they made peace.

I was sad that I didn't get to do more annyoing pranks on the players, but it was a good and fun encounter none the less :)

I so love these suggestions!

One somewhat involved idea I have would be: the PCs see a ghostly image hurrying away from them, accompanied by moans. They follow and find a human skull on a stump -- which rises into the air and direly intones:

"Pause, o mortal passing by!
As you are now, so once was I.
And as I am now, so shall you be!
So prepare for DOOM and follow me!"

And then it goes flying at the PCs, who (probably) cut loose with everything they have while the fey and faerie dragon laugh themselves sick.

Might be even better if done at night with full penalties on everyone's Perception checks and the PCs half out of their armor before everything goes nuts.

Of course, it could be fatal later if a will-o-wisp shows up and the PCs think, "Oh, it's just those fey again."

Another good one for at night:

Use Mage Hand and/or Prestidigitation along with Ventriloquism to make a PC think that something utterly horrible has crept under his covers and is crawling up his or her leg to bite them right on the you-know-what.

Grand Lodge

N'wah wrote:

Let the Prank-Off BEGIN!

A lot of great ideas here. Still chuckling while I write this. Will definitely post how my players react when they encounter these fey!

Our GM turned Jhode's horse into a cow, and the grimdark "too serious and reflected for this party" wizard woke up with a bright new hair color and 'do each morning. So he put out a spellbook we'd found to get left alone, but the party rogue stole it and put it up as his offering, and the wizard was messed with again, harder. Can't quite recall that though.

Pixie dust does some magical things, too. Minor enchantments/compulsions.

Keep it up :D

Definitely stealing these ideas.

Here are a few I had concocted for my players to run into.

This one is gonna be a long term prank of sorts, depending on how the players react. They will be wondering through the woods and come across a long log wall blocking their path that comes up to about chest height. Now there will be rocks in the front to act as step stones to give them a better height to lift up and over. The wall itself is actually a Silent Image, the rocks are real.
The players can choose to go around the log or go over. If they try to go over, their hands will go through the image as they attempt to put their weight on it, causing they to get unbalanced and fall off the rocks. But the prank doesn't end there. The fey will continue to place the EXACT same wall and rocks throughout the day in front of the players. If the players start to realize it's an illusion either from perception checks that they are all identical or from attempting to climb one, then chances are the PCs are going to get use to walking through these walls. That's when they run into a very solid replica of the illusion.

Another one would be replacing the contents of the bottle of the party's heaviest drinker with prune juice. Prestidigitation on the juice when he goes to drink to make it look and taste like booze. This will work best if he already had a bottle or two of actual booze. I plan on having the party being awoken now and then during his guard duty shift by extremely loud noises and moans of frustration at having to go so often.

And yet another I was thinking is 'liberally' granting one of the two fey use of the spell Magic Aura. Cast it on a ring or something similar that get placed somewhere for the party to find and watch the hilarity of them beleiving it to be a powerful magic item that is beyond their skills to identify.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Here are a half-dozen pranks I've worked out. For ease of use, I've included relevant details such as ranges, skill check bonuses and save DCs:

• As a character is attempting to light a fire of some sort Pervilash, hiding invisibility 30 ft. away (stealth +17) uses a flare cantrip to coincide with a spark being struck spark to turn it into a dazzling burst of light to try and startle that character (Fort DC 13).

• Following up on her friend's prank, Tyg-Titter-Tut uses her pyrotechnics ability (up to 760 ft. distant) to cause the party's campfire to billow out a great cloud of choking and blinding smoke that spreads 20 feet in all directions and lasts for 9 rounds. All within the cloud take –4 penalties to Strength and Dexterity (Fort DC 14 negates). These effects last for 1d4+1 rounds after the cloud dissipates or after the creature leaves the area of the cloud.

• Perlivash, hiding invisibly 30 ft. away (stealth +17), repeatedly casts open (Will DC 13 negates) to unbuckle as many of the PCs' mounts' saddle belts as possible before scurrying away. Any character with an unsecured saddle will automatically fall prone the next time she dismounts or attempts a Ride check (whether it succeeds or fails).

• Tyg-Titter-Tut invisibly approaches and takes ahold of a PC's cherished item (such as a weapon, spellbook or holy symbol) that has been left unattended once the party is encamped and uses her invisibility ability once more so as to make the item disappear before scurrying away with it. She'll then leave the item in an amusing place where the party is certain to find it after a frantic search. If the PC in question has been reacting poorly to the pranking she may hold on to the object for a while or make its return particularly traumatic; such as decorating a towering oak tree's branches with the torn out pages of a wizard's spellbook. The spellbook can be repaired with mending cantrips once its pages have been reassembled.

• Perlivash attempts to thwart the PCs' attempts to keep watch at night by casting a sleep spell on the persons (up to 4 HD of creatures in a 10-ft. radius up to 130 ft away) left awake (Will save DC 14).

• In an effort to better his friend's prank, Tyg-Titter-Tut uses her entangle ability (up to 760 ft. distant) to cause vines, grasses and weeds (in a 40-ft. spread) to softly entwine the slumbering party members. When they finally awaken naturally in the morning, the PCs will find themselves eerily though harmlessly enshrouded by the surrounding vegetation.

Pitch is a wonderful source of pranks; it's sticky, takes forever to get out of cloths etc. Put it on saddles, handles of weapons, pull a cruel variant of the shaving cream on the sleeping person's hand prank.

So far my players have experienced a couple of the above as well as a boot full of slugs, tinder that kept getting wet in a rain storm and a number of other annoyances.

Right now the fey are gradually upping their game trying to outdo each other. Should be quite fun!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Ambrus, I hadn't thought of that! Using mending spells to shred something vital to an especially disgruntled player and then return the item unharmed. Darn...too late to go back now.:(

fallenvash, prune juice? The horror, the horror...

Had some fun with these two, although I also concluded that they were not going to be actively malicious.

The party quickly noticed the pranks but noticed nearly as rapidly that loud noises had gone off twice when they would otherwise have been ambushed and once someone not in the party cast a pair of spells which prevented nearly certain fatalities. This certainly kept the party mood more civilized in their approach.

The crowning joke came when the party had finished with the Stag Lord and moved into the second volume of the series. By now the party had become good humored, some more so than others, about the whole affair but had strangely not embarked on any massive effort to find/trap the fey once they concluded that no harm would be done by them and perhaps some good.

Tyg-Titter-Tut decided some face painting was in order but one of the sleeping party members woke up and managed to catch her. Before she could take action and before he could do anything Perlivash decided on the best joke of all to finish the competition. A sleep spell!

The rest of the party woke up, three out of four with some rather elaborate face masks painted on, and found the fifth member sound asleep with a cat-sized creature, half-woman/half-cricket, sleeping peacefully in his arms.

Liberty's Edge

Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I am not nearly funny enough for these two, so I am desperately happy I found this thread again. The only problem now is deciding which pranks to use... there are so many good ones!

Scarab Sages

I had Tyg titter tut and Perlivash play fairly innocuous jokes on the party, like putting a skunk in one players backpack while they slept, etc.

I made up some "pranks" for the mites (also fey) as well, but far more malicious, since they strike me as the kind of creatures that would enjoy pulling the legs off little animals.

After several days of the party seeing mysterious child like foot prints, I had the mites play a prank on the party. The mites snuck into camp and stuffed handfuls of poison ivy down the pants of sleeping characters near the edge of camp. They woke up itching hours later, and I gave them the penalty of being shaken until the itching stopped or was cured with a heal check.

This particular prank upset my players more than any of the other things in game so far, even more than thefts of horses, etc. When I ran an encounter later on where they ran across a skirmish between kobolds and mites, the poor mites didnt stand a chance, as the party was out for blood.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I know this thread is a bit old and many people have already played this AP but it never hurts to have more fey pranks!
Some of these are twists on already suggested pranks

Silent image a golden weapon clearly identical to one of the PCs. The image is placed on a small rock in the river and all of the rocks leading to it are greased.
(Pranks are great but self inflicted embarrassment is golden)

Instead of "kick me" written on the back of someones armor write either
"Stab here" with an arrow pointing to the characters butt
"Weak spot" with an arrow pointing to the characters head

Placing slugs in boots is great but slipping them in waterskins is awesome!

Tie the laces of a players boots together and silent image a crazed naked kobolds running at the PCs. When the characters attack and fall flat on their face either have the image start to dance wildly in front of them or urinate on them.

Have the PCs follow a trail of coins to a pit trap that is filled with skunks

Replace a belt pouch with a tanglefoot bag.

Remove a characters weapon from its scabbard while the character is sleeping. Position the character so he is in the fetal position cradling the weapon while sucking his/ her thumb. On top of that don't forget to drop a thunderstone into the scabbard.

Replace the druids supply of goodberries with deer or rabbit poops.

Silent image the spells OUT of the wizards spell book.
Replace with funny drawings of recently successful pranks.

Liberty's Edge

I definitely plan on importing those two little rascals into my RotRL campaign.

I like the idea of an ultimate prank, and I wanna steal an idea I saw on here somewhere of it being actually helpful. I like the facepaint on the sleeping pcs, and I have a copy of Dragon 337, so I am going with the magic face paint that kinda works like a delayed potion.

Might give the players a whole new style, lol.

Dark Archive

Using ventriloquism to let the animal companion 'talk'.

3 people marked this as a favorite.

I've had fun with a bunch of the pranks in this thread, but one that I found worked especially well involved actually being helpful:

The party was sleeping. Two PCs were keeping watch, but neither rolled great on their perception checks. Suddenly, the low fire flares up into a giant bonfire, and a trumpet fanfare plays. The startled PCs spot the bandits who were sneaking up on them, and proceed to slaughter them.

A month or so later, the same thing happens... except instead of the bandits, there's just an arrow made of stones on the ground. The party immediately abandons the camp and charges off in the direction it points in. Half an hour later, half of them get frustrated at finding nothing and turn around to go back, and the other half continue on. A few minutes later, one of the three who went on decides to turn back as well, while the two who happened to be the only two to make their diplomacy checks to befriend the fey continue on (this was in no way intentional). So the end result: The party is moving around in four separate groups. One person in camp with the soaking-wet gear and sleeping bags (half an hour is a lot of time for create water...), two people on horses going out to catch up to the rest of the party, the barbarian going back towards camp on his own, and the oracle and the bard talking to a grig (the first time any of them saw the fey).

The upshot of all this was that they were told to keep travelling in the direction of the arrow, which led them to the dead unicorn (which otherwise would have been outside their designated area). But by repeating the same prank, the characters had a whole night of stumbling around the woods in the dark.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Well personally the fey ecounters didn't work out so well. The group had come across grigs and such as random encounters, and were mostly put to sleep and/or hit with the breath weapon. So when they actrually hit the set encounter area, I started off with that. But when the creatures kept playing pranks on them, they got the idea it was not a normal random encounter.

Anyways, they decided to explore the hex and the areas around it without trying to bribe the fey, and had no way to catch them. Literally the entire session was me doing my best to think up new pranks to play on the players. Eventually some players were able to bribe them enough, but at least one character absolutely refused to even try, so he kept getting hit while on watch. It dragged on...and on...and on...

There was some roleplaying going on, especially by one player who was trying to convince/trick the others into setting out bribes, and I really did want them to make contact with the lil creatures due to how they can help in the future, but overall it was a blown night. When they finally left the creature's roaming grounds, they were left alone of course.

I should have just given up on the prank war at some point, but like I said, there was good and funny roleplaying going on from at least one player, and circumstances were such I could not say the creatures would have given up their contest.

It became tedious, and at least one of the players stopped playing attention and just started saying 'yes, yes, I got pranked, okay.' Sigh. I wonder if I misjudged the roaming area for the fey though, maybe it should not have gone on for so long as the people explored.

Some of my pranks were mentioned in this thread...creatures with ghost sound, closing spell books with mage hand, tightening the straps on the armor, etc. A few I came up with are : patch of poison ivy imaged to look like strawberries, horde of fieldmice trappling the camp (figured the fey could work the animals and such pretty well), a large snake levitated down from a tree and around the person on watch'es shoulders, skunk in the backpack, many animals letting their eyes reflect the campfire and then all disappearing (again, assuming the fey can command animals pretty easily). I wanted to have the sound of heavy breathing coming from the latrine trench, but thought that would sound more perverted than disturbing.

Grand Lodge


1 person marked this as a favorite.

I turned my party's horses into My Little Ponies.

They loved it. Of course, they didn't look butch or manly leading the colorful little fellows to the Thorn River Camp, but the party wizard forgot to mention that perhaps they might want to leave little gifts for the creatures while moving through their hexes. The first night they were going to turn the party Rogue's hair blue or something, but the half elf sentry foiled em, and since they never remember about their horses until it's the last moment - ponies.

I am loking at starting this AP soon and when I read about the pranks I was hoping that some of the PC'S didnt get on and was going to bullrush one into the other as and when I can.

Have the fey make a silent image of a beautiful nymph or such and use ventriloquism to "seduce" one of the characters. Convince him to strip and when he or she tries to go and get their love, have them fall into a pit trap set up beneath the image. Make it deep so that they have to get help from the others to escape from most likely.. Or Could also fill the pit with a sticky substance and have em climb out and get feathers dropped on them!

Another one would be to have two of the party members wake up next to each other with an empty wine or rum bottle nearby and each smelling like alcohol!

Also if you have a cleric or religious party member a fake visitation from their deity is always fun. Send them on a fool's errand! Could also use this as a creative way to send the party to a location the fey know about, or have them walk into another prank.

OR Replace a random waterskin with a potion of reduce or enlarge person.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Honey and bees......

Just throwing some chum in the water.

Temporary gender change? Either with Silent Image as an illusion or a potion or something that they are tricked into drinking? Could have it last until they make a successful diplomacy/gift check too, by having an antidote of sorts be the only means of reversal! Of course I wouldn't lead off with this prank.


Dot. You guys are great.

Pezmerga wrote:
Temporary gender change? Either with Silent Image as an illusion or a potion or something that they are tricked into drinking? Could have it last until they make a successful diplomacy/gift check too, by having an antidote of sorts be the only means of reversal! Of course I wouldn't lead off with this prank.

Instead of replaceing the waterskin with reduce/enlarge potion instead replace it with a potion of opposite gender.

Darksmokepuncher wrote:
Dot. You guys are great.

predictor of things to come.


TGC, you can't be stalkin' me 'round the boards man. I gots to have my tricks right?

No, but I am running a live Kingmaker on Saturday nights, and I'll need these soon.

Great pranks. Better than I could come up with :)

I'm starting to run Kingmaker and I really like the ideas here. I also thought about using Perlivash's telepathy to let one of the characters (or maybe two simultaneously) hear a voice in his head. It could be used to lead them to some arbitrary direction: "Come here, come here, now turn left... no, the other left..." and so on.

5 people marked this as a favorite.

Okay guys, this one shall be the most epic prank on the discussion so far...

When the PCs go to sleep, immediately ask the players to read aloud all the items in their backpacks for your personal reference. If they ask why, just smile and refuse to answer.

When the players awake, they see their bags, UPSIDE DOWN!!!

As the players go through their bag to see which possessions have been stolen, read aloud the following text, making sure to prolong the pauses:

"Much to your shock and horror... you discover... that ALL of the items you have placed in your bag... are now... ... ... STORED NEATLY!!!"

If you can create as much horror as possible in the way you say "stored neatly", you may get a player yelling "WHAT THE F##@!!!"

See, thieves, players can handle. But beings that pack their possessions neatly, that's just creepy! It will mess with them, trying to work out who would pack their possessions neatly and then leave their bags upside down.

You could also have them wake up to find they are surrounded by a gang of spear wielding potatoes. Have the players roll initiative. Once each has had their combat round, explain that the potatoes are just normal potatoes with small spears attached.

This thread is a brilliant resource for less than imaginative Kingmaker GMs like me. I have plenty of inspiration now!

Here are a few more, some of which I hope to try:

If the party has an archer, swap some of their arrows/bolts with sticks of the same length. When a fight happens and they try to draw an arrow, there's a 50% chance they drew a stick instead of an arrow, wasting a move action.

After the PCs get Old Sharptooth from the mites, put it in front of a PC's eyes so the demon statue is the first thing they see when they wake up. For extra points, actually wake the PC up with a ghost sound of a roaring demon.

Hang up a bucket full of muddy water and rotten leaves in the canopy and rig it so that it tips out its contents when Perlivash pulls a string. He then gives a pious PC telepathic directions to the place where the bucket is rigged, convincing the PC that he's getting messages from their god. When they get under the bucket, tell them "Look up" - and pull the string.

RPG Superstar Season 9 Top 32

N'wah wrote:
[b]Let the Prank-Off BEGIN!

There's a pervy Magus in the group and several tough women, mage hand ass grabs whenever he was near them, led to allot of slaps.

Pyrotechnics middle of the night smoking out the camp which was liberally surrounded by Grease spells.

Extra fun mushrooms added to camp stew (invisibility + slight of hand check) got 2 PCs tripping balls on a failed DC 15 fort check.

Saddle bags emptied of rations and refilled with horse poop.

Ghost sound + Illusion of Tigg Tannerson running away leading the barbarian right into a pit trap, which had an angry skunk.

Prestigigitstion to give the PCs robes and armor a new heraldry: re d shirts with white bulls eyes on the chests and maybe forehead.

"A chemists rouge, three concentrentic circles argent." See how long the players take to get it. ;)

Liberty's Edge

One night, I had the fairy dragon tie the ranger's bell to the dwarf warrior's codpiece. The dwarf found this amusing and to this day refuses to remove it preferring to antagonize foes with a pelvic thrust, much to the other pc's disgust.

When our bard figured out that the tricks were played by the fey, he dug a hole and lined it with powdered cold iron. Seeing as how the fairy dragon isn't exactly of the fey subtype, he was able to move right past this and pull the old "dip the fingers in cold water as the haughty biggins sleep."
Unfortuanately, our bard happened to be a cold blooded Vishkanya. This accidentally put the snake man into a hibernation due to hypothermia. Perlivash was so upset about his miscalculation. When he appears, he will come with a bottle of fey wine. (this will cause non fey to hallucinate and warp into strange forms such as growing extra arms, leaves, or butterfly wings.)

Tig left a similar item, called scrug, in the ranger's inventory. Scrug is a homebrewed drug that I have in my campaigns to mess with the party. It is a faintly glowing twig. If one stares at it for too long, it has roughly the same effects I listed for fey wine. But if you guys want, I can make a write up for the mystical scrug for other game masters looking to give their players a bewildering and fun session.

I'm not even involved in a Kingmaker campaign, and now I really want to do these as a PC. Time to start sliding index cards.

Jon Chambers wrote:

When the players awake, they see their bags, UPSIDE DOWN!!!

As the players go through their bag to see which possessions have been stolen, read aloud the following text, making sure to prolong the pauses:

"Much to your shock and horror... you discover... that ALL of the items you have placed in your bag... are now... ... ... STORED NEATLY!!!"

My players loved this one. As an added bonus, the gnome's samples (gardening-related obsession, collects plant samples wherever she goes) had all been relabelled with the proper Draconic names. The gnome can't read Draconic, of course.

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