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Foreshadowing NPCs

Council of Thieves

So, I thought having a thread were we can all share how we are foreshadowing future NPCs would be a useful resource. I'll start with what I have done so far.

Vanhwinhe: I had the monk NPC receive her when she disembarked, since she was an old associate of his Master. She disappeared days later, and hasn't reappaerd.

Aylwin Ghonstalvos: I had her be a pasenger in a carriage that was accosted by bandits (led by Stiglor). One of the PCs is a nobleborn bard returning from Egorian, and he helped save the carriage during a chase scene.

Stiglor: He has sworn a personal vendetta against the bard.

Shanwen: He defaced a shrine of Gozreh, which is cared for by one of the PCs. He'll aslo be about to brutalize Morosino for a perceived slight. I expect one of the players to intervene.

Amaya: I'll have Thesing accost her, trying to cop a feel. One of my players will smack him or scare him.

Janiveh: I'll have her be accosted by some thugs. One of the PCs will be around and likely come to her aid.

Arael: The bard will probably see Aylin meeting with Arael at some point.

This all happens before Janiveh calls them in.

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