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Craft Alchemy and the Alchemist

Advanced Player's Guide Playtest: Final Playtest

Hey all,

Probably a silly question, but when crafting alchemical items (such as sunrods, tanglefoot bags, etc) do alchemists use the standard rules for item creation until they get Swift Alchemy and Instant Alchemy? So any item would take a week to craft (assuming you didn't double or triple the gold piece value)?

Also, I'm a little unclear on crafting, does it require you to pay attention to the item the entire time, or are you working on it in your spare time for a week between adventuring and such?

Yes, the alchemist uses the standard rules for crafting alchemical items, but gets to add his class level to the check. That would make the multilpying for speed effect eaiser to do.

As for crafting, any crafting requires your character to spend 8 hours a day working on it. However the days need not be consecutive. if your crafting an item that will take 3 days work, you could work on it saturday and sunday at 8 hours each, then adventure for a week, and finish it next saturaday. However you can only be working on one such item at a time.

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