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Keys of Jzadirune (Possible Spoilers)

Shackled City Adventure Path


I'm running the Shackled City and my players have just descended into Jzadirune.

It's been a while sense we played, and they claim to have found the J and I keys. Now, I've been going over the adventure, and they certainly have found the J key, but I can't even find the I key, certainly not in the parts of the dungeon, they already visited.

So I read through the entire dungeon again, and can't find either the I or the D keys. On the other hand, there are two Z keys. This might not be a problem, just wanted to know, if someone else have the I and D keys and I'm just going blind.

Thanks in advance!

Here are the keys I found.

J22 - J key
J25 - N, E keys
J31 - U key
J34 - Z key
J41 - I key
J44 - A key
J46 - R key
J52 - Z key

I have looked and could not find the "D" key. Replacing one of the "Z" keys should be fine (no catch-22s on picking either one).

Link to an older discussion: Keys of Jzadirune

Location of D key:
Yauthyb, the leader of the dark ones, has the D key around his neck. It's only listed in his stat block, but not in the adventure text.

Thanks a lot guys (gals) ;)

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