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Paizo Order #1292722, #1292716 Single Email, Multiple Shipment?

Customer Service

I received an email on November 19 with two order numbers (#1292722, #1292716) in the subject header. Looking at my accounts page, order #1292722 actually had seven items, and order #1292716 had four items. The email stated:

"A package containing 11 items from Paizo Order #1292722 is about to ship from the Paizo warehouse via UPS Ground, estimated 4 to 5 business days in transit." (along with my address, the list of products, etc.)

A single UPS tracking number was provided. This led me to believe that the two orders had been combined and were shipping together. Five days ago, I received a single package with the four items that were listed in order #1292716, and the tracking number provided in the email gives a "Delivered" status, so it does not appear that the two orders were combined or shipped together.

Is there a tracking number available for the package containing these seven items, or were the two packages actually supposed to be in the same shipment and I need to contact UPS?

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