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Any Suggestions for AoW old NPC's?

Age of Worms Adventure Path

Grand Lodge

Pathfinder Battles Case Subscriber; Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Okay, I am running Dungeon 134, Wormcrawl Fissure. I want to introduce some of the old bad guys(or good guys if needed) in this module fight with Dragotha and some in the last module fight with Kyuss. Here are a bunch that have survived...

Shag Solomon dungeon 131 p71
Vercinabex Tor Dungeon 133 p80
Necrozyte (fiendish ancient greem dragon) Dungeon 133 p61
Xyzanth (Fang dragon exiled to outer plains for a time by party) dungeon 133 p 65
Krekie (Kenku) dungeon 132 p69
Darl Quethos Dungeon (intrigue & party patron) 132 p81
Mahazar Eiled Flame "
Jalagar and Salabar Sinfire "
Nalhazzarath "
B'Kuruuss (flind captain fo the gaurd Alhaster) Dungeon 131 p58
Hemriss (Prince Xerxes daughter) Dungeon 131p68
Prince Xerxes
Kilraven (Captain of the West Alhaster; ally) Dungeon 131 p69
Professor Montague Marat Dungeon (ally)131 p70
Mizen Mitchwillow Dungeon (intrigue/lover) 131 p71
Mariss Quemp Dungeon (potenital ally)131 p71
Captan Vulras (Captain of Rangers of the North; ally) Dungeon 131 p71
Val Pur Izu (a.k.a. Manzurian) (patron)
Celeste Dungeon (ally) 130 p62
Eligos (ally) Dungeon 28/130 p62
Cymria (Manzorian confidantes; ally) Dungeon 130 p62
Edwin (Brynn's brother' associatte) (not in AoW adventure path)
Kelvos the Wormtouched (corrupted ghaele eladrin) Dungeon 130 p73
Sruggut (worm naga sorcerer SoLS) Dungeon 130 p78
Barhnos Kyuss Knight Dungeon 130 p84
Kahrdic Kyuss KNight Dungeon 130 p84
Markhath Kyuss Knight Dungeon 130 p84
Eviscerator Beetles Dungeon 130 p83
Wormcaller Dungeon 130 p87
Worm Naga Dungeon 130 p88
Flycatcher Dungeon (ally) 129 p48
Raknian Dungeon 128 p37
Ekaym (Sponsor of The Champions Belt; ally) Dungeon 128 p40
Pitch Blade members (2)
Arcane Auriga (Champions Belt team) Dungeon 128 p43-44
Badlands Revenge (Champions Belt team) Dungeon 128 p44
Sapphire Squad (Champions Belt team) Dungeon 128 p45
Hishka (lizardfolk druid from BWK; ally) Dungeon 126 p34

Anyone have any interesting thoughts on how to involve any of these folks in an ongoin story line? Perhaps ways of tyeing up lose ends?

Thanks ahead of time to any who answer!

Well Lashonna's story should be either resolved or very consciously saved for a later campaign. Having her just fade out is madness - though she is presumably addressed in the AP itself at some point after the Wormcrawl Fissure.

Celeste should always be around acting egnamic but I'd probably save her fighting for Savage Tide. She's really the kind of NPC who only becomes particularly interesting to ones players after the third campaign she shows up in.

I like Filge actually as an NPC to make a reappearance but how cool that would be depends on why he survived in your campaign.

Grand Lodge

Pathfinder Battles Case Subscriber; Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Thanks Jeremy! Yes, Filge survived. The list above is only the NPC's that have survived in my campaign.

Yes, Lashonna is a given. And I had completely forgotten that Celeste makes an appearance in STAP.


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