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I need help with a AoW campaign

Age of Worms Adventure Path

Can somebody please tell me all the source books that were used in the campaign because thats all my DM is allowing us to pull from.
So basically if Libris Mortis is used by the designers then we as players can use it for ourselves as far as spells feats and so forth. The reason I'm asking is because I need to know if the races books and the complete series can be used. Thanks.

There are MANY books that have been used, but compiling a complete list is a tremendous task...

I distinctly remember MM2, BoVD, Libris Mortis, and CW, CD, CAr, CAd. Don't remember a reference to the Races series, but well, just ask you DM to look it up (those certainly won't break your game). I'm pretty sure that neither SC nor MIC were referenced. BUT there are extensive references to Dragon...

Dark Archive

Also ask him about the "Wormfood" articles in Dragon magazine, as those specifically mentions boons for PCs in the AoW campaign.

I know Dragon Compendium was used at one point.

Just from the printed statblocks (sometimes, references are deeply hidden in the text):

Heroes of Horror,
Epic Level Handbook,
Book of Vile Darkness,
Libris Mortis,
Fiend Folio,,
Dragon Compendium,
Complete Arcane,
Dragon 336, 289, 334,
Complete Warrior,
Arms and Equipment Guide,
Miniatures Handbook

Hope that helps!

Thank you all so very much. Big thanks to armnaxis that was exactly what I am looking for. Thank you all again. Good gameing.

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