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Plotus: a city by the Spire , (Monte Cook, Malhavoc Press)... gosh, i REALLY wish a PF edition of this wonderful setting.

An original world and cosmogony, the metropolis Plotus with eleven districts, factions, history and probably mythic dungeons (Goth Gulgamel and Jabel Shammar?)

... and The Amalgam Armor of the Iron Mage. That was an ugly artifact :S

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Arakhor wrote:
I own all 35 books of the Quintessential I & II series, as well as the couple of PDF additions they did. Ten years ago, in the early d20 era, they were really fantastic (even if some were of variable quality), so it's quite a shame that they're basically unused (and unobtainable) now.

I only have 3 of these. I picked them up used at a local store, but it would be very hard to collect them all at this point.

The Quintessentials have since been added to OBS as PDFs. There's also a big bundle of all the Quintessential I and IIs.
I don't have any of them. Which ones do y'all think are worth getting first?

I think that my favourites were Q Wizard, Q Rogue and Q Elf II, with Q Samurai, Q Paladin and Q Drow as honourable mentions.

How do you think about Book of the Righteous and The Book of Fiends (Green Ronin)?

Pathfinder Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Subscriber

Fifteenth'ing Traps and Treachery 1 & 2; they're seriously top notch stuff and I even read those books just for fun. Dungeon Craft, also by L&L, should get more love. Loads of great stuff in the Paths series, especially Path of Shadow.

Also throwing in a vote for the The Genius Guide to the Time Thief, someone should give that Owen KC Stephens guy a job.

S&S Book of Eldritch Might is also good and I have previously on these forums sung the praises of Wolfgang's Book of Roguish Luck

Also, Vallus games undeFEATable Arcane Trickster in particular, and some of the things from that line in general.

Sadly, Complete Scoundrel is specifically *not* OGL. /cry

Paizo Employee Developer

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djones wrote:
Also throwing in a vote for the The Genius Guide to the Time Thief, someone should give that Owen KC Stephens guy a job.


I did like S/RGG's temporal content, but then I'd read almost anything to do with chronomancy (probably). :)

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Hands down, Dreamscarred Press' "Ultimate Psionics". I never once thought that the 3.5 "Expanded Psionics Handbook" could be outdone. DSP did it, and with aplomb. It's a monster book (with a monster price tag, sadly; $80 brand new), but man, is it worth it...

I don't know if already mentioned here, but the "d20 SKILLS-N-FEATS MARTIAL ARTS SYSTEM" BY KENNETH S. HOOD was a nice material i used to give more flavor and power to combat and stealth classes. If i find a way to adapt it to PF i'd continue using it.

It suggests to ban some feats from the game; but in practice i found that you don't need to ban them from the game for it to work nicely.

A downside is it doesn't have rules for epic levels, so if you were playing 3.5 and wanted to continue beyond lvl 20 you're characters are going to exhaust the options in a few levels and you'll need to start homebrewing things.

Sword&sorcery "when the sky falls". We used the prestige classes Astroengineer and lord of silence, along with spells feats and magic items. Also used the affects of meteor impacts

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Another thumbs up for Ptolus, the Book of the Righteous and Genius Guide to the Time Thief. Each were absolute 10's.

Silentman73 wrote:
Hands down, Dreamscarred Press' "Ultimate Psionics". I never once thought that the 3.5 "Expanded Psionics Handbook" could be outdone. DSP did it, and with aplomb. It's a monster book (with a monster price tag, sadly; $80 brand new), but man, is it worth it...

Seconded. I love psionics. Got this book and never regretted it. Most DM's I've dealt with hate psionics and won't allow them, but I finally convinced my friend to let me play one. Running a soulknife, and they don't suck like in 3.5!

Liberty's Edge

I know it's off topic somewhat. Is there a way to mix and match 3.5. with Pathfinder using HeroLab? The Book of the Righteousness is getting a update to 5E. Not sure if they will do it for Pathfinder. I recommend it though as I find it better at least in terms of flavor than Inner Sea Gods. As well I also wished that the Holy Warrior Class would have been the replacement for the Paladin in Pathfinder.

Grand Lodge


(I think it's first party actually, but it still is my favorite supplement. Void Drakes! Dragon rider archetype! Example dragons! Aether dragons! SO. MUCH. DRAGON!)

I only ever bought one 3rd party product. That's the priest class PDF.

I needed it because I wanted to play a priest in Hell's Rebels. Paizo had no rules to help me put this together so I bought what was available.

I really like it!

Greetings one and all!

Excited to talk to everyone. You all seem so lovely and informative. So I just have an idea for a possible encounter for my group. My setting is based off of Studio Ghibli, British animation from the 80s-90s and I am trying to make it as light hearted as possible. Turns out my players surprised me by eating everything I threw at them and more. I was used to having my other group run in the opposite direction and going on to commit mass murder. Nope not this group. it was like they railroaded themselves except they were in character.(which was why I was confused at first.

Anyways since they have taken all my plot hooks, ideas and interacted with any npc within a 50ft radius it made me feel more encouraged to make a better game and keep letting them have fun.

So here is my idea.

I was thinking of having a circus troupe or some band of entertainers be encountered on the street, maybe among a highway or what ever and the main attraction is a skeletal dragon encounter(only the torso, limbs, and head). This dragon would be controlled by a group of goblins with a series of pulleys. The players would be in no real danger and would win loot for besting the infamous challenge. The secret to winning is something like cutting the wires so the dragon can't move/attack the party.

Critiques? Is my idea dumb? Can it be improved upon? What would you guys do differently.

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