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FAWTL refugee thread

Off-Topic Discussions

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Liberty's Edge

Anyway, I'd better get back to studying. I've got a bus to catch in a little more than an hour.

Liberty's Edge

I almost forgot clothes.

Liberty's Edge

Test in an hour. (First college test.)

Liberty's Edge Contributor, RPG Superstar 2012

Gark the Goblin wrote:
Test in an hour. (First college test.)

Good luck!

Liberty's Edge


Please adjust to consider thyself runned.

Liberty's Edge

badgah: Thanks!

Wow, 11:51 already? I'm going to go to sleep.

Liberty's Edge

Dammit 11:52.

Liberty's Edge

SHHH. Only sleep now.

There is no sleep, only Zuul.

Grand Lodge

Pathfinder Battles Case Subscriber; Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Class Deck Subscriber

What's a zuul?

I was kinda going for a Ghostbusters reference there. I may have missed.

Liberty's Edge


Liberty's Edge

In other news, I have a little more than thirteen days to finish my re-re-reading of MSPA. (3940 comics.) I've done it before (5 days!), and I can do it again. If I stop posting here. Soooooooo . . . . . . . . I guess I'll do that. I will finish reading tabs, post here once more, and be gone until I finish.

Liberty's Edge

I think the internet conspired to make me take forever to load this post.

Closing OTD . . .
. .
. . .

See you all later.

Liberty's Edge

Five more acts to grind now.

The Exchange

Gark the Goblin wrote:
Five more acts to grind now.

Acts? Not Ax? what do you want to grind them into?

2 people marked this as a favorite.

On the Arts of DMing and Stewardship

So, management summoned all of the stewards into the office for a "let's sit down and talk about how things are going" meeting. We all behaved like professionals, but we didn't see everything eye to eye and there were some verbal skirmishes.

At one point, the manager at the top of the food chain had wrested control of the conversation and was droning on about matters that had nothing to do with anything when I thought to myself: what would I do if this was my game?

So, I wrote out a note on a little piece of paper and handed it to the guy sitting next to me. The manager's eyes tracked the note, darted about the room, and then locked on mine. I smiled. My player/fellow steward looked at the note which read "Make faces" and made faces, concerned, stern faces.

I'll give the manager credit, he kept his train of thought going, but he wound it down real quick--like 30 seconds--and then looked at my friend: "What's he doing, coaching you". I leaned forward, caught his eye and said "Don't worry, it's nothing for you to be concerned about."

Like a Dungeon Master.

Liberty's Edge

Wholly s+~~. AZ has gone crazy, by all appearances.

Holey s~%&: Just finished another act. Four more to go. (11 days left.) I'll probably have another one (or two! [nah who am I kidding]) done by Sunday night, so I'll check in then.

. . . It appears my efforts are fruitless. There's no keeping up with political threads. Even FaWTL, Esque. threads can hold no candle.

(Also I'm not caught up in any other threads, but politics threads are the worst offenders. Has OWS! descended into the fiery sun yet, or did it get locked?)

Anyway what's up with people spraypainting frog all over the roads?

Dangnabbit it's way past time to go to sleep. I have so much reading to do tomorrow morning. I have ALL of the reading.

Liberty's Edge

Crimson Jester wrote:
Gark the Goblin wrote:
Five more acts to grind now.
Acts? Not Ax? what do you want to grind them into?

When you grind a metal woodcutting instrument down you get smaller pieces of metal: scenes.

Liberty's Edge

. . . Yeah I don't know what I was trying to do with that. A pun, perhaps?

Liberty's Edge

And I'm off.

Liberty's Edge


(Onward! to the intermission. Speaking of which . . . I meant to watch JourneyQuest today, but I got sidetracked. By something I was actually supposed to be doing. Damn, but college is making me conformist. Anyway, I watched Razing Arisona Wednesday. Overall rating: C-. There was a bit of good humour in there, and it was certainly weird, but the ending was like a twist ending where the twist is towards something good instead of what you would expect from a twist ending, something bad. Also, NOWHERE NEAR enough explosions. Honestly.)

(So the intermission is pretty short. I'll likely be back tomorrow, but then gone for at least two days due to the exponential growth of act length.)

(School's going great. I pretty much aced my Biology and Chemistry midterms and did way less studying than I thought I would need to (bit of precognition was useful here). This morning I thought I would be reading up until and OH S%&@ I FORGOT THE MATH HOMEWORK DAMMIT> TOO LATE NOW THOUGH EXCEPT ITS NOT CAUSE THERES UH ONEDAY GRACE PERIOD SO I CAN DO IT TOMORROW AND I guess I'll stop typing like that. It's always satisfying to have those short freakouts where you think you forgot something but then you realise that you had it all along.)

Crap long post bUT IAM TOO RBAVE TO GRANT YOU MERSY! with spoilers.

In other news, these new forums I'm reading and posting on have a bunch of MLP avatars and they're kind of freaking me out.

Oh and the people who spraypaint "Rana" all over the place also don't know how to spell "lock."

And I've totally lost all attempts at a formal writing style, AND picked up new s&*! like misuse of words ("attempts?" srsl?) and typing in CAPS sometimes. Dammit.

So, my friend's fiancee dropped out of dog-whisperer college in MO, and he just got back from his half-cross-country trip to bring her back and now the compound's population is:

--5 chickens
--4 humans
--3 dogs
--2 cats

and 3 fish.

I am thinking of killing 2 of the fish so that the list will be more like "The 12 Days of Christmas." Either that, or get a goat.

Liberty's Edge

Gog f#+~ing dammit. I fell off the wagon. HASA DIGA< EBOWAI>

Anyway, don't hurt the fishes! Get 3 more and THEN get a goat.

Getting back on* . . . after one more watching.

*the wagon, that is

Liberty's Edge

Firstly: Slow day.

Secondly: Predictably, I only experience difficulties in grasping a concept right before a midterm. MADDOG TI>

Anyway, see ya. Gonna go play some awesome music to figure it out.

Edit: DAMMIT! Nothing like f$$*ing up a f+!!ing math problem to make me use f+*%ing curses and f~%&ing mean it. WHY THE FUCH DIDN"T THE TEACHER EXPLAIN THIS SHORT OF B+**@@$@?


Liberty's Edge

The worst part is that I have no idea what I'm doing wrong. I know I'm doing something wrong, and I've tried several ideas, but . . . if I f%&% up too many attempts, it'll make me lose points. AND I HAVE AN EXEMPLARLY RECORD FOR THE POINTS> I GET ALL OF THEM> ALL OF THEM

Liberty's Edge

YESSS I determined my error even though I didn't factor it properly so I didn't get the point.

What am I even doing posting here. I SWOR AN OATH>

Liberty's Edge

Okay well I just finished that intermission. So whatever.


Gonna be a while before I can ethically return. See you later.

Pfft, ethics are overrated.

Least they're more clearcut than all these "morals" I'm supposed to have.

Gark thinks he can use his fellow aliases to talk here Ethically. He is wrong.

Morals are easy. Just find the lesson hidden in the story and there you go.

Liberty's Edge

"What if? What would the human life cycle be like if we had alternation of generations? Assume the mlticellular diploid stage is similar in form to an adult human."


Okay this biology textbook just increased its awesomeness by a factor of 612%


<Mind is blown.>

Liberty's Edge

Starting to think the math homework is giving me snark, which means I should turn in.

Liberty's Edge

ITS LIKE< "Sorry, but that's the incorrect answer. How stupid do you have to be to not get this."

Liberty's Edge

Electrically conductive metal is helping, though.

Liberty's Edge

Which is to say:

Electrometal while doing chemistry homework.

Liberty's Edge

Guess I'm off, then. Got one more math problem, then gonna close a bunch of s$$@ and go to sleep.

Liberty's Edge

OF COURES THE LASt one is the one I don't understand (but still get right due to inherent awesomeness) and then I see that I accidentally skipped number six. Gonna worry about that tomorrow when I have five hours of sleep.

Liberty's Edge

why am i posting here

Got another test tomorrow, which means another pretty long day (0500-2230). I'm not sure where I'll be sleeping Tuesday or Wednesday night. (Oh, and I've got to carry ALL of my books on my bike.)

. . . I should really just move into town.

Not much else to say. WAIT>

Today it was like some weird video game as I was riding home. All these wooly bear caterpillars are going nuts trying to cross the road or just walk along it. My guiltometer was maxing out for not stopping, picking them up, and throwing them to the side.

Also: FINALLY I saw one of my spiders eating a fly. I love my spiders, but they're kind of useless. (Although they were recently assaulted and decimated by one of them giant house spiders, so I feel kind of bad criticising them.)

Detect the double standard and you win two hundred Basic Sentience points!

Hi klie psiders two!

The Exchange

Gark the Goblin wrote:

why am i posting here

Why not?

The Exchange

Good luck with the test.

3 people marked this as a favorite.

Running over wooly bears is a crime.

Treppa wrote:
Running over wooly bears is a crime.

<Arrests people who refuse to Stop For Wooly Bears.>

Liberty's Edge

In other news, done with Act 4!

. . . :
Halfway done!

Test in two hours!

. . . . . . . . :


^ That means you can legally post now, f&!*er.

Liberty's Edge

Seriously, though, like 61.2% of all wooly bears I see on the road are mysteriously dead. Another 31.4%: not so mysteriously.

The Exchange

^^Thank you.

Liberty's Edge

Q: Are you going to blitz now with two hours to go for a test you have not studied for?


Wait. When you put it that way . . .

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