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FAWTL refugee thread

Off-Topic Discussions

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Now THAT'S a lich.

[Shoots laptop]

Liberty's Edge

I always saw references in Dragon. It had !Mature Content!

. . . man it really sucks that I was a kid when Dragon ended

1st edition-era Dragon. Hate to pull the Grognard card, but there it is.

What was your first issue Doodle? Mine was #73.

I'm old :(

Liberty's Edge

We have #35 or something I think, but we got it at a yard sale in Boise we happened to walk past while visiting my mom's friend for two weeks with her then-fiance and now-ex-something. The guy who was selling them wanted a pretty fair price because he could just sell them on the internet for more, but: a) his wife just wanted to get rid of them, b) my mom haggled, or c) he saw that it was two young'uns and thought it'd be nice to pass it on. We ended up with two or three boxes of Dragons and Polyhedrons. Now and then I browse them, but I don't think I'll ever have the drive to do a full read-through.

(Also I have to admit that for a while we didn't take care of them very well but that's stopped now and they're pretty secure.)

Can't remember. The local library had subscriptions to both, along with a full line of 1st-edition modules.

I actually didn't care much for 3rd edition Dragon. It was all right, but I liked it better when it was more of a summation of the gaming world rather than a house-organ for 3rd edition.

Well, having a monthly list of options for your 3e game was alright, but what can I tell you, I let my subscription lapse back when Moore took over from Mohan. Edition wars? Editor in Chief wars!

Liberty's Edge

wheeeeeeee three hours of sleep last night
five hours night before
five hours night before that


(not really feeling that weird, maybe because I didn't stay up all night because I started coughing and feeling sick) (still feeling sick right now though) (but yeah this is all affectation for your benefit) (you being you of course)

the fawtl substitute is better than fawtl by a long shot
1. young people
2. transsexuals
3. way more activity
4. avatars
5. links
6. way better humour

and yeah

kind of f+~@ing awesome
/cannot get over how awesome

Liberty's Edge

/me has no idea who Mohan is.
he didn't read the editor's notes or anything

Linketh me to the substitute.

Liberty's Edge

it's kind of . . . not sure what the word is, but it's hilarious (also it's kind of ostensibly about Homestuck but that's like 10% of the actual discussion)

Liberty's Edge


Liberty's Edge

Gark the Goblin wrote:
it's kind of . . . not sure what the word is, but it's hilarious (also it's kind of ostensibly about Homestuck but that's like 10% of the actual discussion)
Gark the Goblin wrote:
that's like 10% of the actual discussion
Gark the Goblin wrote:

ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah ahahahah

yeah not when there're updates of course

just cracking up at myself here
because I am elgitly weird of mind rightnow

not sleep-lack (i Got like 6 1/2 hours last night)
but sickness I think


No regular D&D for the next two weekends. :(

Although I am going to a con next weekend; hopefully I'll get to finally play the Call of Cthulu game!

Otherwise, my life is going well. Yay!

Doodlebug Anklebiter wrote:
No regular D&D for the next two weekends. :(

Which means that I have some breathing room to look at more recent Paizo publications. Did you know they have something called a Magus?!?

Also, has given me time to finish watching the first season of Rome.

Liberty's Edge

haha magi are so old
haha I haven't even look,ed at any new paizo products
ahaha I am such a scabhangeronthief
haha if you can't tell I am still under the sick weathers

Anyway, anyone remember that Dragon issue where the Nodwick had a sword-chucker? (Does anyone remember which issue that was?)

Keep calm


carry on.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Kelsey MacAilbert wrote:

Keep calm


carry on.


Wassup, Fawtl Refugee Peeps?

Wassup, Goblin Chops?


1 person marked this as a favorite.

Yo, yo, yo!

Just bought a new tire. The guy said I needed two. I pointed out that only one had caused me to fail inspection. He grumbled. "I'm broke, XXXXX!" I yelled, in my best Dave Chapelle impersonation. No. I didn't.

Anyway, funny story from the union meeting. I can't attest to the veracity of the story, but story goes...

Guy working at one of New England's biggest grocery warehouses gets fired for saying disparaging things about his employer on his private Facebook page. Specifically, he linked images of Nazi prison guards and compared them to one of his supervisors. (Hee hee!) The guy goes into work and the Nazi supe meets him with security and walks him out. Guy calls Business Agent. Business Agent storms down to the site and causes a ruckus about flagrant violation of the disciplinary procedures as agreed upon in the contract until they put the guy back to work. (Hee hee!)

A couple of days later, at the contractually obligated local-level hearing, the Business Agent familiarizes management with the NLRA-mandated rules about "free speech". (Hee hee!) Business Agent, further, is friendly enough to point out to management 40 documented hours where the Nazi supe was logged onto Facebook when he was supposed to be working. (Hee hee!)

End result: No insubordination charges on worker's record; Nazi supervisor fired. Hee hee!


Liberty's Edge

man I'm so glad I decided to hate Facebook

I don't have a Facefook account.

I've been using these forums since... uh, I dunno. A while. It's about time I popped in here.


What's all this FAWTL about?

Hee hee!

Well, the real FAWTL thread is over there (points) and it's basically about people hanging out and being social.

This, however, is the FAWTL Refugee thread. It's pretty much the same thing, but, with the exception of Bitter Thorn, it's all people who were chased out of FAWTL for being trolls. EDIT: Woops! Lord Dice was never chased out of FAWTL, either, and he isn't a troll. Yet.

So, uh, you a player or a DM or what?

Wait, so we're exiles rather than refugees? Man, when I regain my estate, I'm totally going to demand truth in advertising from my subjects.

(Plenty of room in the goblin kennel, Doodle.)

Good morning, Lord Dice.

Actually, I'm not sure why the thread is called what is. Gark necroed it and took it over. Also, I've never been chased out of anywhere, because I go where I please.

And I may or may not be pleased to go into this warm, dry kennel...

Warm and dry? don't get greedy, it's a sin...

The thread exists because under previous incarnations of the system software that Paizo is built upon couldn't effectively handle the thread maximum capacity during the time frame where the OP originally created the thread. So, this thread used as a temporary alternative while PMG updated the code to fix the messageboard counters and/or when the decision was made to give last rites to the other thread and launch the next iteration. Gark's necromancy of this thread is purely ironic.

I don't think chased out is exactly the correct nomenclature. There are those in that thread community that do have divergent belief systems, but it's all about leaving those out and finding a middle ground to participate in a general light-hearted community atmosphere. The problem lies when some people tend to take an antagonistic or narcissistic bent without fully comprehending the capacity that they're doing it.

One thing that is very frowned upon is sock-puppetry. Mostly everyone can appreciate the humor or irony of an alternate alias / avatar persona, but when you go out of your way to construct a completely different / separate account to interact as if you're a completely different individual under false pretenses -- and get caught, there are those that may not be so forgiving for (re-)acceptance. There's a pair of individuals from years past that made it a bit toxic once their deception was revealed.

Everyone's learning curves vary.

Urizen wrote:
I don't think chased out is exactly the correct nomenclature.

Nor do I, really. But I prefer the touch of self-aggrandizement to the truth, which is, that we're a bunch of jerks.

Anyway, yeah, the real Fawtl threads are over there (points), but you are more than welcome, Ms. Reaver (or anyone else) to drop on by and chat a bit. Or just troll us. We like that.

Doodlebug Anklebiter wrote:
So, uh, you a player or a DM or what?

I am everything.

Me, too. I both play and GM.

I am the alpha and the omega!

You know who we need to get to post in here? Yeah, that's right: Leafar.

Calling Leafar the Loved! Calling Leafar the Loved! Please consider the Fawtl Refugee Thread your home away from home!

You're a better man than I, Gunga Din!

Liberty's Edge

Doodlebug Anklebiter wrote:
Actually, I'm not sure why the thread is called what is. Gark necroed it and took it over.

It was such exquisite irony. I actually necroed it before I got kicked, and made an oath to necro it again later. Some time after I left in an explosion of offense, I plucked the shining weave of this thread from the bowels of the archives once more and spun it into the glorious form of a horrorterror. With honeyed lips I recruited, slowly, until my apprentice was ready to take the throne. Now I am his rich uncle.

Anyway, I continue to bumble through college, stubbing my metaphorical toe intermittently. My great-grandmother continues to be quite ill. I continue to unhealthily involve myself in the MSPA fora. I continue to learn stuff, as well.


What are the haps?

There are many haps. Many.

No haps here.

Liberty's Edge

Perhaps more humorously, I should ask . . . what are the Habs?

Good morning/evening, Gark.

No Habs either, but that reminds me, I've got to score for TotalCon tomorrow!

Mama Kelsey, how many PbPs do you run?

Liberty's Edge

TotalCon? Score? Huh?


I need to procure decriminalized drugs (no flagging please!) before I meet fellow Paizonians at New England's preeminent RPG convention tomorrow.

I took Haps to mean Happenings and Habs to mean Habits.

And now, off to my daily dose of wage slavery!

Liberty's Edge

Have a good morning/afternoon! I meant Habs as in the hockey team. It's like the only hockey team whose name I know.

Today I watched an awesome livestream, my cousin came down from Portland and gave me some music ("?Ratatat?"), and I continued to be totally f#$$ing awesome.

Hey Kelsey, I didn't really look much at your thread because I was too busy with my own awesomeness, but here's my take on s#!%, and also rules I live by.

1. Do not give a s+@#. Seriously, f#$+ 'em.
2. Find humour in everything. Even a guy getting shot over and over for stealing a s+~%ty car.
3. Do what you like to do. Maybe you'll make some enemies, but if they aren't open-minded enough to see a bit of good in everyone, f~#~ 'em.
4. Hate yourself with such a holocaust of fiery passion that it wraps around and becomes self-aggrandisement while simultaneously paling everyone else's umbrage in comparison.
5. Ironies.

Gark the Goblin wrote:

4. Hate yourself with such a holocaust of fiery passion that it wraps around and becomes self-aggrandisement while simultaneously paling everyone else's umbrage in comparison.

But only do it when listening to music can say that you're just being cool.

FAWTL Refugees 1000th post!


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