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Psychic's Handbook Update to Pathfinder?, by DM_aka_Dudemeister

How would you build a four person wizard party?, by andreww

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need help optimizing fighter, by Gauss

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인­터­넷­토­토≒≒∞Mmx79.Com까똑: XaZa∞≒≒ 와­이­즈­토­토 축­구­토­토­추­천, by kakaki

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Slashing Grace and "otherwise occupied", by Kalindlara

My new character sheets for Pathfinder, by Jeremias

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Old threads about Aztec weapons... help

Savage Tide Adventure Path

I'm looking for pictures posted here a few years ago, specifically the macaquitl or maquaquitl sword used by the Aztecs. There are other pictures online of course, but these were really wicked looking.

I'm playing an Atzlanti character in a Scion game, weilding one of these and I'd like the other players to see the visciousness of the weapon.


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