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Druids and Rangers and Diamond Lake

Age of Worms Adventure Path

As a side adventure I'm going to develop an idea hinted at in the Diamond Lake overview regarding the Bronzewood Lodge and miners. The hint was that the elder Lodge leader has taken a neutral stance to the polution of Diamond Lake and the poisoning of the ground around the town with mine waste. The Lodge leaders right hand man is more aggressive in his stance so when the elder man dies...
Any thoughts please.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Depending on where the players are aligned, the lodge could become a powerful patron for them - especially if they've already PO'd the powers-that-be in DL. The new, aggressive lodge elder could reward them for sabotaging the DL business. I'm sure there are a few subtle ways they could hurt the industry.

Such actions would probably be contrary to lawfully-aligned PCs. Unless they're also taking down a criminal/evil lord like Smenk, hurting mining business in DL also hurts the law and order of DL.

My party has a druid AND a ranger, so this may come into play at some point. I'm running my campaign in Eberron.

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