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A Madman's CoT (and beyond) Campaign Journal

Campaign Journals

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Ooof, Lord Starmight's player is in a bit of a tizzy as it seems that he failed to set up a proper cache of back-up gear with his phylactery-workshop.

In essence, he lost a mountain of gear 'cause his allies were a mite busy killing bad guys to shield his swag against collateral damage from numerous area effect spells, including some of their own.

Mind that the villains did NOT center things to blast a bunch of stuff lying atop a steaming mechanical corpse, they went for blasting those invading their palace (PCs) attempting to catch as many as possible with a given combination of spells. Mostly Cassy's part, as she found that she could not easily hit Zin Serina's AC and that General Armag-Varn was going to carve her into giblets one way or the other. This left the best option being to inflict as much damage upon the supporting cast of the enemy after tossing da Monkette into a maze that this time around did not last long enough for Cassy's tastes.

This is the first four stanzas of Irovetti's deadly performance, with apologies to Don McLean:

“Adventurer Die”

Die, die you adventurer die!
Drove my minions to the limit but the limit’s too high
Them dumb old trolls are drinking paint in lye
Singin’ this’ll be the day that you die
This’ll be the day that you die!

Did you write the book of schlub?
Do you have faith in the Gawds above
If the schlub tells you no?
Now are you ready to rock 'n' roll?
Can the bard save your worthless soul?
Can you learn how to dance real slow?

Well I know that you’re in love with the King
‘though I put his ass in a sling
You’ll both kick off your shoes
Man I dig dungeoneers’ blues!
You are ornery, ruling drama queens
With pink scars and ruptured spleens!
But I knew I was outta luck
The day my army died
I started singin’ …


As usual, I'm copy-pasting raw stat blocks here. This stat block does reflect the benefits of an unwilling shield that he had cast upon King Max.

King Castruccio Irovetti – King of Pitax CR 23
Male Exemplar Quickened Human Bard (Arcane Duelist) 20th Aura: 10’ repel vermin
CE Medium Monstrous Humanoid (augmented human) Initiative +16 (12 Dex +4 improved initiative)
Senses: darkvision, see invisibility [permanent CL 20th]; Perception +27, Sense Motive +22, Spellcraft +24, Use Magic Device +41, Appraise +24, Diplomacy +29, Intimidate +45, Kn – arcana, local, nobility +24, Linguistics +24, Perform – dance, oratory, sing +30; glibness = +32 Bluff to convince others of his truthfulness
Speed: 60 feet; fly 60’ @ +26; Acrobatics +35 (+47 jumping), Ride +30 | can take 5-foot steps & ignores the effects of difficult terrain
AC: 35, 26 ff (touch +2 natural armor +11 armor)
• Quickening +6 dodge = AC 41
• “Buffed” AC 36 = quickening AC 42 +1 luck = 43
Touch AC: 22, 13 ff (10 +3 deflection +8 Dex +1 dodge)
• Quickening +6 dodge = Touch AC 28
• “Buffed” Touch AC 23 = quickening Touch AC 29 +1 luck = 30
CMD 49, 36 ff (10 +15 base attack +8 Str +12 Dex +3 deflection +1 dodge); freedom of movement
• Quickening +6 dodge = CMD 55; “Buffed” CMD 50 = 56 w/ quickening +1 luck = CMD 57
Fort +20 (base 6 +10 Con +4 resistance), Reflex +28 (base 12 +12 Dex +4 resistance), Will +22, reroll 1/day [_] (base 12 +4 Wis +2 Iron Will +4 resistance); extended delay poison, immune to fear (greater heroism)
• “Buffed”: boots of speed [+1 attack, 1 add’l attack, +1 dodge AC & Reflex], extended greater heroism [+4 attack, damage, saves], arcane strike [+5 damage], inspire courage [+6 attack, +6 damage – add +2 vs. charm and fear], +1 luck = Fort +25, Reflex +34, Will +27, +29 vs. charms and fear; reroll Will save 1/day
Hit Points: 360, unconscious at -20 hp, slain at -50 hp (120 [20d6] +200 Con [10x20 hd] +20 favored class +20 toughness)
 +25 temporary hp = 385 hp: _______________________________________________
 Max (242 -12 = 230 +33 death threshold = 263, takes the rounded up half of Irovetti’s damage as an unwilling shield):_____________
26 Str (+8), 34 Dex (+12), 30 Con (+10), 22 Int (+6), 18 Wis (+4), 34 Cha (+12)
Languages: Common, Draconic, Elven, Giant, Hallit, Skald, Sylvan; Abyssal, Aquan, Auran, Daemonic, Ignan, Infernal, Terrestrial, 8 other languages (15 ranks Linguistics); tongues [permanent CL 20th]
Feats: Arcane Strike (B 1st) [+5 damage for 1 round with all weapons as a swift action], Combat Reflexes (B), Eschew Materials (1st), Combat Casting (2nd B), Extend Spell (+1SL) (3rd), Extra Performance (+6rds) (5th), Disruptive (6th B), Improved Initiative (B), Iron Will/Improved Iron Will (7th, 9th), Spellbreaker (10th B), Medium Armor Proficiency (B – no ASF 10th), Spell Focus (enchantment) (11th), Toughness (13th), Weapon Finesse (B), Greater Penetrating Strike (14th +18th), Weapon Focus (rod of razors) (15th), Heavy Armor Proficiency (B – no ASF 16th), Persuasive (17th), Skill Focus - Intimidate (19th), Skill Focus – UMD (human); Light Armor Proficiency (no ASF), Shields Proficiency exchanged for Dodge (Bard); Simple Weapons Proficiency (Bard); Martial Weapons Proficiency (longsword, halberd, short sword, sap, longbow) (Bard)
Base Attack +15/+10/+5
• Finesse/Ranged AB +27/+22/+17
o Finesse Melee +3 adamantine rod of razors +31/+26/+21 (1d10+15 P [brace] or S [trip], 19-20/x3 = 3d10+45, reach 5 feet + 10 feet)
o Ranged 5/day [__] [__] [__] [__] [X], FRA +3 adamantine fletchettes +31/+26/+21 (100’ range increment; 1d8+3 P, 19-20/x3 = 3d8+9 P)
o “Buffed”: boots of speed [+1 attack, 1 add’l attack, +1 dodge AC & Reflex], extended greater heroism [+4 attack, damage, saves], arcane strike [+5 damage], inspire courage [+6 attack, +6 damage – add +2 vs. charm and fear] = +42/+37/+32/+42 full-attack sequence
 Melee (reach 5’+5’): +42/+37/+32/+42; brace, trip; 1d10+30 P or S, 19-20/x3 = 3d10+90
 Fletchettes (100’ incr.): +42/+37/+32/+42; 1d8+18 P, 19-20/x3 = 3d8+54 P
• CMB +23
• Quickening (ex, 4 -2 = 2/day, 30 rounds/use): take an extra standard action on its turn (either before or after its standard and move action for that turn); +6 dodge bonus to AC – after use, he is fatigued for 10 minutes – but then, that’s why he has 4 potions of lesser restoration.
• Bardic Performance (swift action to initiate/ free action to maintain) 60 rounds/day [4+38+12 Cha +6]
o Bladethirst (su): used to improve his rod of razors to +5 and add the speed quality (although this is normally only occurring if his boots have been dispelled)
o Inspire Courage +6 competence attack, weapon damage; +6 morale bonus against charm and fear effects [mind-affecting; uses audible or visual components – typically this is oratory or song]
o Distraction [dance, oratory] – himself plus any creatures within 45’ that are affected by a [figment] or [pattern] illusion may use his dance or oratory check in place of their saving throw.
o Fascinate 135’ range, up to 7 targets, worthless in a fight.
o Rallying Cry (su): Intimidate check used for himself and any allies in place of that creature’s own saving throw against despair and fear effects – this performance also permits new saving throws on subsequent rounds using that round’s Intimidate check.
o Inspire Competence +6
o Dirge of Doom: 45’ – audible and visual – DC 32 Will to not become shaken; affects all foes.
o Inspire Greatness: 4 allied creatures within 45’ – gain 2d10 bonus hit dice, +2 competence bonus on attack rolls, +1 competence bonus on Fortitude saves while the performance is maintained.
o Soothing Performance: CL 25th mass cure serious wounds [3d8+25]
o Frightening Tune: [oratory, sing] 45’ range – all enemies within this range must succeed on a DC 32 Will saving throw to negate becoming frightened and fleeing for as long as that creature can hear the performance.
o Inspire Heroics: personal and/or a single ally within 45’ - +6 dodge bonus to AC & +6 morale bonus on all saving throws.
o Deadly Performance: 1/day/individually targeted creature – a targeted creature must be able to see and hear him & be within 45’ – DC 32 Will saving throw to negate death – success results in the target being staggered for (1d4+2) rounds. [audible, visual, mind-affecting death effect] 1 full round to perform
Spontaneous Arcane Spell Casting: CL 25th, concentration +39 (+43 defensively) [25+2+12], DC 22+SL
• 6th Level (DC 28, 29* | 7/day -1 = 5 [__] [__] [__] [__] [__]): find the path [3 rds], getaway [swift to trigger – all affected creatures must be within 30’ of him to benefit], greater scrying, greater shout [V], irresistible dance* [V] | extended greater heroism [50 min.]
• 5th Level (DC 27, 28* | 7/day -4 = 3 [__] [__] [__]): frozen note, greater heroism [+4 morale attack, saves, skill checks; immune to fear; 25 temporary hp for 25 minutes], mass cacophonous call* [up to 25 targeted creatures all within 30’ of each other: Will negates nauseated for 25 rounds], seeming, shadow walk | extended freedom of movement [500 min.], extended repel vermin [500 min.]
• 4th Level (DC 26, 27* | 8/day -8): 6 known = dimension door, dominate person*, freedom of movement, greater invisibility, repel vermin, secure shelter | extended glibness [500 min – DC 40 for truth magic to penetrate; +20 bonus on Bluff checks to convince others of the truthfulness of his words]
• 3rd Level (DC 25, 26* | 8/day -8): 6 known = charm monster*, displacement, dispel magic, glibness, phantom steed, remove curse | extended delay poison [50 hours]
• 2nd Level (DC 24, 25* | 8/day -8): blood biography, cure moderate wounds (2d8+25), delay poison, glitterdust, suggestion*, whispering wind | extended feather step [500 min.], extended unseen servant [50 hours]
• 1st Level (DC 23, 24* | 8/day -8): alarm, charm person*, cure light wounds (1d8+25), feather step, undetectable alignment, unseen servant
• Cantrips (DC 22, 23*): 6 known = dancing lights, detect magic, light, mage hand, message, prestidigitation
+5 daemonic breastplate [(10% ASF), 15 lbs, hardness 25, 80 hp, +11 armor, +8 max Dex, 0 check penalty]; fly on command 1/day [x] (CL 5th)
+2 amulet of natural armor +4 cloak of resistance
+3 ring of protection ring of counterspells – dimensional anchor [__]
1 pair of boots of speed 10-4 1 metamagic rod of reach 3/day [_] [_] [_]  irresistible dance ^_^
1 mindrender baton [no aura, functions in anti-magic fields; DC 40 Spellcraft to identify – does not require detect magic to make the attempt | 60 minutes’ remaining use as a rod of rulership (CRB p 488)]; an 8 lb short, green metal baton.
1 rod of razors [no aura, functions in anti-magic fields; DC 35+ Spellcraft to identify | +3 keen adamantine halberd with reach that also threatens adjacent spaces; 5/day FRA to fire +3 keen adamantine fletchettes that use any feats possessed by the user that function with longbows – 100’ range increment – 19-20/x3 critical both as a halberd and when firing fletchettes] a 10 lb ornate adamantine cross between a halberd and a strange scepter of alien design. Arcane Bond item – 1/day [__] cast any one spell w/o metamagic that he is capable of casting – he may use the hand holding the “rod of razors” to perform Somatic spell components without loss of “armed” status. This weapon can be used with Weapon Finesse.
1 master key 1 wand of hold monster [CL 10th, DC 20, 13 charges]
2 potions of lesser restoration; 1 scroll of heal; 1 scroll of restoration; 1 scroll of teleport in handy haversack [oversized belt pouch variant]

Toofer and Toofums, Irovetti's "house cats":

2 Mighty Advanced Dire Tigers – Smilodons, CR 14 each

Neutral Large Animal

Init +13
Senses: low-light vision, scent; Perception +19; Feint DC: 20

AC: 26, flat-footed 17 (touch +8 natural)
Touch AC: 18, flat-footed touch 9 (10 -1 size +5 dodge +4 Dex)
CMD: 40 = 44 vs. trip, flat-footed 31 = 35 vs. trip (10 +10 Str +4 Dex +1 size +15 mighty)

Hit Points: 273 each, DR 4/-- (63 [14d8] +70 Con +140 mighty)
 Damage Taken #1 (273): __
 Damage Taken #2 (273): __

Fort +22, Reflex +21, Will +15 – reroll 1/day; Immune to mind-affecting, paralysis and sleep

Speed 70 feet

Melee 2 claws +30 (2d4+15 plus grab  CMB +35 (rake 2 claws +30, 2d4+15)), bite +30 (2d6+15, 19-20 plus grab)

SA: pounce (full attack at the end of a charge – up to 140’ & AC 24 / Touch AC 16)

FEATS: Improved Critical (bite), Improved Initiative, Iron Will / Improved Iron Will, Run, Skill Focus (Perception & Stealth), Weapon Focus (claws, bite)

SKILLS: Acrobatics +13, Perception +19, Stealth +15 (+19 in tall grass)

BAB +10

31 Str (+10 = +15 checks, +17 to break/burst), 19 Dex (+4 = +9 checks), 21 Con (+5 = +10 checks), 2 Int, 16 Wis (+3 = +8 checks), 14 Cha (+2 = +7 checks)

Rezatha aka "Remi"

Mighty Advanced Remorhaz = CR 17

Initiative +8
Senses: darkvision 60 feet, low-light vision, tremorsense 60 feet; Perception +31

AC: 29, flat-footed 21 (touch +13 natural)
 creates heat so intense that anything touching its body takes 8d6 fire damage; natural weapons & unarmed strikes automatically result in this damage being taken with each hit; wielded weapons must succeed on a DC 33 Fortitude saving throw with each hit to avoid taking damage [10+9+7+7]; AC 27 when using Cleave or Great Cleave

Space/Reach: 15 feet

Touch AC: 16, 8 flat-footed (10 -2 size +5 dodge +3 Dex); touch AC 14 when using Cleave or Great Cleave

CMD: 42, 34 flat-footed  cannot be tripped (10 +19 base attack +2 size +13 Str +3 Dex +5 dodge); CMD 44 vs. bull rush

Hit Points: 447, DR 6/-- (105 [19d10] +133 Con +19 +190 mighty)

Speed: 60 feet, burrow 40 feet

Fort +28 (11+7+8+2), Reflex +24 (11+3+8+2), Will +17 (6+3+8) – Immune to cold, fire, mind-affecting, paralysis and sleep; +18 on Strength checks (+26 on checks to break/burst)

Melee bite +30 (3d6+24 plus grab @ CMB +38 grab a smaller foe  swallow whole if it begins its turn with a foe grappled in its mouth, +38 CMB check to swallow as a free action at that point [2d6+24 plus 8d6 fire, AC 16, 23 hp – once a creature cuts its way out, it cannot swallow another creature until the damage is healed]); swallowed creatures keep the grappled condition while it does not once a foe has been swallowed.
• Power Attack Bite +25 (3d6+34 plus grab @ CMB +33)
• Awesome Blow +34 CMB to knock a smaller foe 10 feet in a straight line and prone
• Bull Rush – Greater +38
• Cleave +30 or +25  -2 AC penalty; std action attack – success = attack a foe adjacent to the first one
o Great Cleave +30 or +25  standard action attack against a foe within reach – success means hits and deals damage normally, then can attack against another foe adjacent to the first one struck – it can continue making attacks against foes adjacent to each previous foe so long as they are within reach; he cannot attack the same foe more than once; -2 penalty to AC

FEATS (10): Awesome Blow, Power Attack, Cleave/Great Cleave, Great Fortitude, Improved/Greater Bull Rush, Lightning Reflexes, Skill Focus (Perception), Toughness

Next up is the infamous troll antipaladin:

Mirthilda Blaggard, CR 17 (76,800 xp)

Advanced Dreadnaught Immortal Trolloppelganger Antipaladin 14 CR 10 +7; 4 more antipaladin levels would = CR 19 - note that I did not change her stat block between the first time and this last, fateful time.

CE Large Outsider (augmented monstrous humanoid [giant], evil, native, shapechanger)

Senses: darkvision 60’, low-light vision, scent; Perception +37 SR 25
Speed: 30’; fly (5 minutes, 1/day – via celestial armor)

Initiative: +7 (Dex +5, trait +2)

HP: 488 (20 total hit dice <228> +260 Con <20 x13>); fast healing 3, regeneration 5 / acid or fire, DR 20/magic, resist acid 30, cold 20, electricity 20, fire 10, sonic 10; Immunities: ability damage/drain, aging, disease, exhaustion/fatigue, energy drain, mind-affecting, paralysis, poison, sleep, starvation, stunning & thirst
• Nonlethal damage (regeneration 5/acid or fire): ________________________________________________________
• Lethal damage (488, fast healing 3): __________________________________________________________________

• Fortitude +34, immunities (base 13 +13 Con +8 Cha)
• Reflex +19 (base 6 +5 Dex +8 Cha)
• Will +25, immunities (base 13 +4 Wis +8 Cha)

AC: 37 (touch +11 natural +8 enhanced armor); flat-footed AC: 32
• Smite +8 deflection = AC: 41; flat-footed AC: 36
Touch AC: 18 (10 -1 size +4 deflection +5 Dex); flat-footed touch AC: 13
• Smite +8 deflection = Touch AC: 22 – flat-footed AC: 17

BAB +20/+15/+10/+5
• Melee AB +34/+29/+24/+19 = +35/+30/+25/+20/+35 w/ rapid strike (base 20 -1 size +15 Str)
o Natural Weapons: bite (1d8+15), 2 claws (1d6+15)  both claws = rend (1d6+22)
 Power Attack + rapid strike w/ natural weapons = bite +29 (1d8+27), 2 claws +29 (1d6+15)  rend (1d6+34), bite +29 (1d8+27) plus diseases
o +1 conductive nine lives stealer bastard sword (two-handed) & rapid strike: sword +36/+31/+26/+21/+36 (2d8+23, 17-20 = 4d8+46 and Fort DC 20 vs. death), bite +30 (1d8+15 plus diseases)
 Power Attack w/ above sword: +30/+25/+20/+15/+30 (2d8+41, 17-20 = 4d8+82 and Fort DC 20 vs. death), bite +24 (1d8+27 plus diseases)
• Punishing Smite (+8 attack, +20 damage): +38/+33/+28/+23/+38 (2d8+61, 17-20 = 4d8+122 and Fort DC 20 vs. death), bite +32 (1d8+47 plus diseases)
• Smite Good + Law (+8 attack, +14 damage [+28 damage against clerics, paladins, aligned outsiders & aligned dragons]) +38/+33/+28/+23/+38 (2d8+55, 17-20 = 4d8+110 and Fort DC 20 vs. death), bite +32 (1d8+41 plus diseases) | good/law “specials” = sword (2d8+69, 17-20 = 4d8+138 and Fort DC 20 vs. death), bite (1d8+55 plus diseases)
• Punishing Smite & Smite Good + Law = +46/+41/+36/+31/+46 (2d8+75, 17-20 = 4d8+150 and Fort DC 20 vs. death), bite +40 (1d8+61 plus diseases) | good/law “specials” = sword (2d8+75, 17-20 = 4d8+150 and Fort DC 20 vs. death), bite (1d8+75 plus diseases)
• CMB +36 = +37 w/ rapid strike (base 20 +1 size +15 Str); does not provoke with bull rush & grapple
• Ranged AB +24/+19/+14/+9 (base 20 -1 size +5 Dex)
o +25/+20/+15/+10/+25 w/ rapid strike
o +26/+21/+16/+11/+26 w/ +1 distance composite longbow & +1 seeking arrows (ignores miss chances, 220’ range increment; 2d6+16 P /x3 = 6d6+48)
• CMD 55, freedom of movement = 56 w/ rapid strike (10 +20 base attack +1 size +4 deflection +15 Str +5 Dex)
o CMD w/ smite = 59 = 60 w/ rapid strike (+8 deflection)
Ability Scores: 36 Str (+13) = 40 Str (+15), 20 Dex (+5), 36 Con (+13), 14 Int (+2), 18 Wis (+4), 26 Cha (+8)
Languages: Abyssal, Aklo, Giant

FEATS: Intimidating Prowess, Skill Focus (Perception), Iron Will, Endurance (B), Power Attack (-6 = +12 or +18), Cleave/Great Cleave, Extra Lay on Hands, Quick Draw, EWP – bastard sword, Improved Critical – bastard sword; Simple Weapons Proficiency, Martial Weapons Proficiency (all), Light/Medium/Heavy Armor Proficiencies, Shields Proficiency

SKILLS: Intimidate +47 <20r +3t +8 Cha +13 Str +3 circlet>, Perception +37 <20r +3t +4 Wis +6 skill focus +4 alertness>, Profession (soldier) +27 <20 bonus ranks +3 trained +4 Wis>

• Timeless Body
• Detect Good & Law (Sp, at will, move action – 60’ to single creature)
• Rapid Strike (Sp, swift, personal haste, CL 20th)
• Overwhelming Aura of Chaos and Evil, 10’
o Cowardice: foes lose any immunity to fear & suffer a -4 morale penalty against fear
o Despair: foes suffer -2 penalties on all saving throws (does not stack w/ cowardice)
o Vengeance: 2 uses of smite to grant all allies w/in aura a smite good (lasts 1 minute)
o Sin: weapons = evil; attacks against foes in her aura are considered evil-aligned
• Unholy Resilience: CHA bonus on all saving throws
• Plague Bearer: can still contract & spread diseases w/o suffering any damage & penalties
o Shakes (contact | onset: 1 day – frequency: daily | Fort DC 33 | effect: 1d8 Dex damage | Cure: 2 consecutive saves)
o Slimy Doom (contact | onset: 1 day – frequency: daily | Fort DC 33 | effect: 1d4 Con damage & requires a second saving throw or 1 point of the damage is drain instead | Cure: 2 consecutive saves)
• Felling Strike 3/day [__] [__] [__] (2nd critical confirmation = +100% damage)
• Punishing Smite 3/day [X] [__] [__]: +8 attack, +20 damage (swift action, declarable once per 4 rounds)  General Armag-Varn; _____________________________; _____________________________
• Smite Good & Law 5/day (swift) [__] [__] [__] [__] [__]: +8 attack, +14 damage, +8 deflection bonus to armor class - +28 damage to good and/or lawful clerics, to paladins, good- and/or lawful-aligned dragons and good and/or lawful subtyped outsiders  anarchic & unholy add 4d6 bonus damage against Lawful Good characters / 2d6 bonus damage against Lawful or Good characters |
• Touch of Corruption 18/day (7 +8 Cha +3 extra), 7d6 negative energy (no save) plus diseases plus:
o Cruelty – staggered for 7 rounds (Fortitude DC 25 negates)
o Cruelty – nauseated for 4 rounds (Fortitude DC 25 negates)
o Cruelty – stunned for 3 rounds (Fortitude DC 25 negates)
• Channel Negative Energy [two uses of touch of corruption], 30’ radius, 7d6, Will DC 25 half
• Fiendish Boon 3/day [X] [__] [__] (standard action = +4): anarchic (+2), flaming (+1) [ ], flaming burst (+2), keen (+1), speed (+3), unholy (+2), vicious (+1) [ ], vorpal (+5), wounding (+2) [ ]
• Cleave
• Great Cleave
• Intimidate +47

Spells Casting (prepared) CL 13th (11 +2 trait), concentration +21, +13 vs. SR
• 1st Level (DC 19, 5/day): death knell x4, protection from good (13 minutes (D)
• 2nd Level (DC 20, 4/day): corruption resistance x2, invisibility, undetectable alignment [x - precast daily]
• 3rd Level (DC 21, 3/day): dispel magic x2, nondetection (DC 28 vs. divinations for 13 hours) [x – precast]
• 4th Level (DC 22, 3/day): fear, greater invisibility (13 rounds (D)), resounding blow

1 spyglass
1 circlet of persuasion
1 suit of Large celestial armor
1 ring of freedom of movement
1 ring of sustenance
1 grappler’s mask
1 set of muleback cords
+4 belt of giant strength
1 quiver of 20 +1 Large seeking arrows
1 glove of storing
+1 conductive nine lives stealer Large bastard sword
+1 distance Large composite longbow (+15 Strength bonus)

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The Black Sisters as Dread Mummies CR 20 for the pair (23 if they were rested and fully spelled up)
NE Exemplar Dread Mummy Cleric 15th (Zyphus - domains: Earth (Caves, Metal), Repose (Ancestors))
NE Female Medium Undead (augmented native outsider)
Aura: overwhelming evil 20th, despair 150’ – Will DC 31 negates fear-based paralysis for (1d6) rounds
Feint DC: 44 <42> Perception +33, Sense Motive +34
Speed: 40 feet; spider climb = climb 30’ @ Climb +32 <+24>; Stealth +25 = +47 underground
Senses: darkvision 90’ = 180’ underground; true seeing Initiative: +10 = +34 underground <+10 = +31 underground>
Hit Points: 345 each +20 temporary divine power (120 [15d8 maximized cleric HD] +210 Cha [14x15 hit dice] +15 Toughness) <315 hp [120+180+15], KO @ -13 hp, slain @ -38 hp; resist acid 10, cold 15, electricity 10>; Immune freedom of movement, GSI [blade barrier, holy word, searing light, sunbeam, sunburst], undead traits; Protection 120 each cold [#1 ___ / #2 ___], electricity [#1 ___ / #2 ___] & fire [#1 120 -77 ___ / #2 120 -95 ___]; Resist acid 10, cold 30, electricity 30, fire 30; SR 32; +100% damage from fire (before saving throws, protection from fire and resist fire – in that order – are applied).
 Sister 1 damage taken (345 hp): ______________________________________________________
 Sister 2 damage taken (345 hp): ______________________________________________________
AC: 43, flat-footed 34 (touch +11 armor +8 natural armor) <37, flat-footed 28 (touch +9 armor +8 natural armor)>
Touch AC: 24, flat-footed 15 (10 +9 Dex +5 deflection) <19, flat-footed 10 (10+9 Dex)>
Fort +17 (base 9 +8 Con), Reflex +14 (base 5 +9 Dex), Will +25, +34 channel resistance (base 9 +16 Wis) <Fort +21 [9+12 Cha], Reflex +15 [5+10 Dex], Will +23 = +25 vs. charms and compulsions [9+14 Wis (+9 channel resistance)]>
Ability Scores: 46 Str (+18), 30 Dex (+10), -- Con, 30 Int (+10), 42 Wis (+16), 38 Cha (+14) <42 Str (+16), 30 Dex (+10), -- Con, 30 Int (+10), 38 Wis (+14), 34 Cha (+12)> +25 Strength checks
Spell-like Abilities (CL 20th, +36 concentration, Wisdom-based) <+34 concentration [20+14]>
• 1/day wrathful mantle (20 minutes’ +5 resistance bonus on all saving throws or until discharged as a swift action to deal 2d8 force damage to all creatures within a 5’ radius burst; emit light as a torch) [pre-cast]
• 3/day swift gentle rest (melee touch to stagger a living creature for 1 round; a living creature that is already staggered falls asleep for 1 round instead | undead creatures touched are staggered for 16 rounds <14 Wis>)  the Sisters know better than to use this against elves, half-elves and other creatures immune to sleep effects – in this group’s case, the dolls, Thomas, Keith and Hilda (leaving Julie, Tom and Ian plus Thomas’ cohorts to take a dirt nap by this method). #1: [X] [__] [__] / #2: [X] [__] [__]
• 16/day gentle rest – as above except as a standard action (-3 uses/day via Quicken SLA <14/day>)
• At Will – animal messenger, calm animals, chill metal (DC 28 <26>), summon swarm (1 rd CT) [druid]
• 2/day – commune with nature, control winds, dominate animal, insect plague (1 round CT) [druid]
• 1/day – control weather, creeping doom [#1:__] [#2:__] (DC 33 distraction & poison – CRB p 262, Bestiary p 43), finger of death [#1:__] [#2:__] (DC 34 Fort: successful save = 3d6+20 [death] damage; failed save = 200 [death] damage – close range ray: 75’), true seeing [druid] [#1:__] [#2:__]
Feats (6): Proficient with Light and Medium Armor, Proficient with Shields, Proficient with all simple weapons, Martial Weapon Proficiency – Heavy Pick (cleric 1st); Toughness (1st), Extend Spell (3rd), Eschew Materials (5th), Skill Focus (Use Magic Device) (7th), Magical Aptitude (9th), Quicken Spell-like Ability (gentle rest, 3/day) (11th), Silent Spell (13th), Still Spell (15th)
Traits (2): birthmark (divine focus/unholy symbol on face; +2 trait bonus vs. charms and compulsions), dangerously curious (use magic device as a class skill; +1 trait bonus to use magic device)
Skills (12x15 ranks each): Diplomacy +29 <+27 [15rk+3tr+2+10 Cha]>, Intimidate +27 <+25 [15rk+10 Cha]>, Knowledge (arcana, history, planes, religion) +27 <+27 [15rk+3tr+9 Int]>, Linguistics +18 <+18 [6rk+3tr+9 Int]>, Perception +31 <+29 [15rk+2+12 Wis]>, Sense Motive +32 <+30 [15rk+3tr+12 Wis]>, Spellcraft +31 <+31 [15rk+3tr+4 magical aptitude +9 Int]>, Stealth +24 <+24; underground +46 [15rk+9 Dex; underground +22 insight]>, Use Magic Device +41 <+39 [15rk+3tr+1trait+4 magical aptitude +6 skill focus +10 Cha]; natural 1 = check of 40 = CL 20th, save DC 17+SL>  their skills have NOT been adjusted in accordance with their increased ability scores.
Languages: Celestial, Common (native); Abyssal, Daemonic, Draconic, Dwarven, Elven, Gnome, Hobbit, Infernal, Sylvan (INT bonus); Aquan, Auran, Hallit, Ignan, Skald, Terran (6 ranks Linguistics); telepathic bond w/ Sister

Supernatural Abilities:
• Channel Negative Energy (std, req. DF, 17/day): 45’ radius burst, 14d6 negative energy damage, Will DC 31 halves <6d6x2 negative energy, Will DC 29 half [10+7+12 Cha], 15/day>
• Metal Fist (swift, 19/day for 1 round/use): her fists become metal, slam damage = 3d6+18 bludgeoning & ignores hardness 15 or less. <3d6+16, 17/day (3+14 Wis)>
• Speak With Dead: 22/day a Black Sister can ask one question of a dead creature as if using speak with dead – these creatures gain no saving throw for having an alignment different from hers. (15+50%)
• Tunnel Runner (std, 22 -1 minutes/day in 1-minute increments): moves across any stone surface as if by spider climb{climb 30 feet, +8 racial Climb = +25 Climb <+17 [9 Str +8 racial]>}; darkvision increases by 90’ to 180’; while underground a Black Sister gains a +22 insight bonus on Stealth checks & a +24 insight bonus on Initiative checks (+16 Wis +50%). <+21 [+14 Wis+50%]>
• Breath of Death (Su): Once every 1d3 rounds, a dread mummy can breathe a 45-foot cone of tomb gas, sand, and dust. Each living creature in the area must succeed on a DC 31 <29> Fortitude save or gain (1d4+2) permanent negative levels. A creature killed by a dread mummy’s breath of death ability arises as a dread zombie in 1d3 rounds. A dread zombie created in this manner is under the command of its creator and remains so until either it or the creator is destroyed.
• Command Undead (Su): As a free action, a dread mummy can automatically command all normal undead within 45 feet, except those with more character levels or higher Charisma scores than the dread mummy. Undead that fit these parameters never attack a dread mummy unless compelled.
• Create Spawn (Su): Any creature killed by a dread mummy’s mummy rot ability turns to dust and blows away on the wind after 6 rounds, which is all the time that the curse permits for the curse to have been broken and the disease removed. If the dread mummy that infected the creature with the disease is not destroyed within 1 week, the dust reforms next to it as a new dread mummy. A dread mummy created in this manner is under the command of its creator and remains so until either it or the creator is destroyed.
• Gaze of Despair (Su): Any creature within 150 feet of a dread mummy that meets its gaze must succeed on a DC 31 <29> Will save or be paralyzed for (1d4+2) rounds. Gaze of despair is a fear, mind-affecting and paralysis effect.
• Mummy Rot (Su): A creature hit by a mummy’s natural attack must succeed on a DC 31 <29> Fortitude save or contract mummy rot. This disease has an incubation period of 1 minute, and it deals (1d6+3) points of Constitution damage and (1d6+3) points of Charisma damage with each failed save, including the initial one that permitted the onset time to begin. The DC of the caster level check necessary to remove the curse is 25.

Prepared Cleric Spells CL 20th, +36 concentration <concentration +34> Close 75 ft, Medium 300 ft.
• 8th Level (DC 34, 3/day) <DC 32, 3/day>: their spells/day do not reflect their increased Wisdom scores.
o greater spell immunity x2 – 1 pre-cast +1 to re-cast S1[x] S2 [x] if dispelled [blade barrier, destruction, dictum, holy word, waves of exhaustion] (200 minutes) {IF Mumm-Ra’d and a second one of these is still available, the immunities are changed to blade barrier, holy word, searing light, sunbeam, sunburst. Doing so can only happen if they have not already cast stormbolts.
o stormbolts S1 [_] S2 [_] (30’ radius spread from herself – excludes creatures she does not wish to harm – deals 20d8 points electricity damage + stuns for 1 round: Fort negates stun & halves damage)
o domain: waves of exhaustion S1 [x] S2 [x] (60’ cone – no save – all living creatures are exhausted [CRB p567], SR - yes)
• 7th Level (DC 33, 4/day) <DC 31, 4/day>:
o destruction x4 S1 [x] [x] [_] [_] S2 [x] [x] [_] [_] ([death effect] , close range to targeted creature – 200 damage, Fort reduces to 10d6 damage)  they know not to use this against constructs and other undead creatures – among the PCs, they won’t target Starmight or any of the dolls.
o domain: destruction S1 [x] S2 [x]
• 6th Level (DC 32, 5/day) <DC 30, 5/day>:
o blade barrier S1 [x] S2 [x] (medium range – 20 minutes (D) – wall up to 400’ long or a radius of up to 50’ – SR – yes | 120 points force damage, Reflex half (60 points) when passing through; if created to appear where creatures are, each is permitted Reflex to avoid the wall ending up on a side of their choice and take no damage)
o extended spell resistance – pre-cast (SR 32 for 40 minutes)
o extended true seeing – pre-cast (120’, 40 minutes)
o greater dispel magic S1 [x] S2 [x]
o heroes’ feast – pre-cast [the Sisters eat two feasts a day, benefiting constantly] (12 hours, neutralize poison check 40, remove disease check 40, +1 morale attack, +1 morale Will, +4 morale vs. fear and poisons, 18 temporary hp)
o domain: wall of iron S1 [x] S2 [x] (medium range – instantaneous – area up to 20 5’ squares @ 5 inches thick {hardness 10, 150 hp per 5’ square, Break DC 35} or up to 40 5’ squares at 2 ½ inches thick {Break DC 30, hardness 10, 75 hp per 5’ square} – it can squash up to Large creatures – they are permitted a Reflex save to flee the wall if they have somewhere to flee to – 10d6 bludgeoning if fails; Huge or larger creatures cannot be so squished)
• 5th Level (DC 31, 6/day) <DC 29, 6/day>:
o greater command – “halt” S1 [x] S2 [x] (V [language-dependant compulsion] – up to 20 living creatures, no two more than 30’ apart – Will negates “halt” for 20 rounds {stand in place and take no actions for the duration; new save/round})
o flame strike S1 [_] S2 [_] (10d6 points profane +10d6 points fire, Reflex half; 40’ tall cylinder x10’ radius)
o wall of stone S1 [x] S2 [x] (medium range – instantaneous – shapeable area up to 20 5’ squares – Reflex to negate entrapment if so created – 5 inches thick = Break DC 30, hardness 8, 75 hp per 5’ square | up to 40 5’ squares reduces thickness to 2 ½ inches: hardness 8, 37 hp per 5’ square, Break DC 25)
o extended divine power x2 – 1 pre-cast & S1 [x] S2 [x] (4 minutes: +6 luck attack, weapon damage, Str checks & Str-based skill checks +20 temporary hp +extra attack on a full-attack)
o silent still dispel magic S1[x] S2 [x]
o domain: hungry pit S1 [_] S2 [_] (medium range – no SR, Reflex negates – 10’x10’x100’ = 10d6 falling damage; anyone within the pit are nommed on by the pit, Reflex halving 4d6 bludgeoning damage each round; creatures that end their turn in squares adjacent to the pit Reflex DC 27 to avoid falling in; Climb DC 35)
• 4th Level (DC 30, 7/day) <DC 28, 7/day>:
o silent still remove paralysis S1 [x] S2 [x] (generally used to release herself from temporary paralysis including effects that stagger her; depending upon the DC, she can use this upon herself and her Sister, granting them another saving throw against the effect)
o freedom of movement – pre-cast (200 minutes)
o greater magic weapon (+5) – pre-cast on heavy pick (20 hours)
o extended protection from energy – cold, electricity & fire – pre-cast (400 minutes)
o silent dispel magic S1 [x] S2 [x]
o domain: rest eternal S1 [x] S2 [x] (DC 31 curse – checked against for attempts to communicate with, return to life or turn the slain into an undead creature; cannot be dispelled – break enchantment or remove curse is required before any of these acts can be performed)
• 3rd Level (DC 29, 7/day) <DC 27, 7/day>
o extended bear’s endurance – pre-cast (40 minutes)
o extended bull’s strength – pre-cast (40 minutes)
o extended eagle’s splendor – pre-cast (40 minutes)
o extended owl’s wisdom – pre-cast (40 minutes)
o extended weapon of awe – pre-cast on heavy pick (40 minutes - +2 profane bonus on damage rolls; confirmed critical hits makes the foe struck shaken for 1 round w/o saving throw)
o magic vestment (+5) – pre-cast on armor (20 hours)
o remove blindness/deafness S1[x] S2 [x] (touch)
o domain: spiked pit S1[x] S2 [x] (medium range – no SR, Reflex negates – 10’x10’x100’ = 10d6 falling damage plus 2d6 piercing; 1d6 piercing damage/round spent climbing out, although the DC to do so is 20 instead of 25; creatures that end their turn in an adjacent square must succeed on a DC 25 Reflex saving throw to avoid falling in – no save if pushed or moved in)
• 2nd Level (DC 28, 7/day) <DC 26, 7/day>
o extended shield of faith (+5) – pre-cast (40 minutes)
o resist energy 30 – cold, electricity, fire – pre-cast (200 minutes)
o spiritual weapon x3 – heavy pick (1d8+6/x4 @ +26/+21/+16; move action to redirect; 20 rounds (D)) S1 [x] [x] [_] S2 [x] [x] [_]
o domain: create pit S1 [x] S2 [x] (medium range – no SR, Reflex negates – 10’x10’x100’ = 10d6 falling damage – duration: 21 rounds – creatures ending their turn on a square adjacent to the pit must make a DC 24 Reflex save to avoid falling into the pit – creatures subjected to an effect pushing them into the pit receive no such saving throw; Climb DC 25)
• 1st Level (DC 27, 7 -3/day) <DC 25, 7 -3/day>: bane; domain: heat metal S1 [x] S2 [x] (x)
BASE ATTACK +12 +6 luck attack/weapon damage; pick +2 profane damage plus shaken on a confirmed critical hit; +5 enhancement on adamantine heavy pick; extra attack @ full BAB on full-attack
• Melee +30/+25/+20 <+28> +18 <+16> Strength bonus +6 luck
o 3 slams +30 (1d6+18 plus mummy rot) <2 slams +28 (1d6+16)>
o Metal Fist 3 slams +30 (3d6+18 bludgeoning plus mummy rot) <2 slams +28 (3d6+16)>
o +5 adamantine heavy pick +35/+30/+25 (1d6+25 piercing / x4 = 4d6+100 plus shaken for 1 round) <+3 adamantine heavy pick +31/+26/+21 (1d6+19 piercing/x4 = 4d6+76 – average = 90)>
• CMB +36 <+28>
• Ranged +28 <+22> +10 Dex bonus
• CMD 55 (10 +12 base attack +18 Str +10 Dex +5 deflection) <48 [10+12+16+10]>
GEAR 240,000 gp gear allowance
• +3 celestial breastplate [+9 armor bonus, (10% ASF), +9 maximum Dex bonus to AC, 0 check penalty], CL 5th fly 1/day by command word [ ] #1, [ ] #2
• +3 adamantine heavy pick [21k gp = 44k gp] – hardness 26, 56 hp each
• 1 permanent telepathic bond (with her Sister), CL 18th [6k = 50k]
• +5 inherent bonus to all ability scores except CON [56k]; incense of meditation; +85k gp
• 1 ring of invisibility [20k gp]
• 1 ring of x-ray vision [25k gp – used in one-minute increments – safely usable 10 minutes/day; useable continuously once they “Mumm-Ra”]
• 1 phylactery (headband) of negative channeling
• 1 necklace of adaptation
• 500 gpv unholy symbol of Zyphus
• Spell Component Pouch
o 2 vials of unholy water – consumed by rest eternal
o 3 250 gp doses of true seeing ointment
o 150 gp gold dust (50 gp used for each wall of iron)
o Unhallow D1 + dimensional anchor (2,500 gp)
o 11 HD Planar Ally crystal dragon (12,250 gp)
o 5,000 gp of diamond dust is sufficient to power one greater restoration for each of them.
o 1,600 gp worth of onyx. “Mumm-Ra-ification” consumes 750 gp of this, leaving 850 gp value.

NOTES: I had lined out a lot of stuff that did not format over with copy-paste. Anyone using them will need to correct them before use. They should otherwise be very capable against many groups. Adjust according to tastes! :)

And of course where would the sad, sordid saga of the Narlmarch Graul clan be without ol' Pappy Graul himself to hack down?

Pappy Graul
NE Male Large Outsider (giant, native, oni, shapechanger) CR 17
Advanced Dreadnaught [variant] Ogre Mage Oni ex-monk (empty hand, four winds, sacred mountain) 15th
Speed: 90 feet, fly 60’ (good); if he starts and ends his turn in the same space, (a) he cannot be forcibly moved nor knocked prone except by mind-affecting and teleportation effects, and (b) he gains a +2 shield bonus to AC & CMD; Acrobatics +33 (+53 jumps); Spring Attack (x)
Initiative +11 (7 Dex +4 improved initiative) Space/Reach: 10’ / 10’ SR 30 8 AoO/round
Senses: darkvision 60’, low-light vision; Perception +30, Sense Motive +7
HP: 537, regeneration 5 (acid or fire), DR 23/magic, DR 3/--, Immune disease, mind-affecting, paralysis, poison, stunning; Resist all energy 10; (200 (8d10 +15d8 hit dice) +276 Con +46 toughness +15 favored class) – 23 total HD; Ki pool 24 -3 _______________________ (7+7 Wis +8 Extra Ki +2 necklace) {22 ki without gear}
• Lethal Damage (537): ________________________________________________________
• Nonlethal Damage (regen 5/acid or fire):___________________________________________________
AC: 43, 31 flat-footed (touch +12 natural armor [11+1]) <21 without monk bonus>
Touch AC: 31, 19 flat-footed (10 -1 size +7 Wis +3 monk +7 Dex +5 dodge) <9 without monk bonus>
Fort +29 (base 17 +12 Con), Reflex +18 (base 11 +7 Dex), Will +26 (base 17 +7 Wis +2 iron will)
BASE ATTACK +19/+14/+9/+4 [8+11]; +7 Wis = +7 insight on attack rolls and CMB
• CMB +44 w/o gear (base attack 23 +1 size +13 Str +7 insight)
• Melee +38 w/o gear (base attack 19 -1 size +13 Str +7 insight); unarmed strike 3d6+13 B, 19-20 plus 4d6 elemental fist (acid, cold, electricity or fire –chosen when used – use declared before attack roll – 1/round – 18/day {17/day w/o gear}); +4 bonus to confirm threatened critical hits; greater vital unarmed strike 12d6+13 plus any bonus damage (confirmed critical unarmed strike hit deals 15d6+26 B)
o Flurry of Blows (FRA) +41/+41/+36/+36/+31/+31 w/o gear (base 21/21/16/16/11/11 +13 Str +7 insight) – damage is as above (or with/in combination with improvised weapons).
• Scorpion Style – standard action unarmed strike – if it hits, he deals damage and the target’s base land speed is reduced to 5 feet for 7 rounds unless it succeeds on a DC 28 Fortitude saving throw to negate the speed reduction.
• Gorgon’s Fist – standard action unarmed strike against a foe whose speed has been reduced – if the attack hits, he deals damage and the target is staggered until the end of his next turn unless it succeeds on a DC 28 Fortitude saving throw to negate becoming staggered.
• Medusa’s Wrath – whenever making a full-attack action incorporating at least one unarmed strike, he can make two additional unarmed strikes at his highest attack bonus against targets that are dazed, flat-footed, paralyzed, staggered, stunned or unconscious.
• Staggering Critical – when he confirms a critical hit his foe becomes staggered for (1d4+1) rounds – a DC 29 Fortitude saving throw reduces this to 1 round. Additional confirmed staggering critical hits extend the duration that the target is staggered.
• Blinding Critical – when he confirms a critical hit the foe is permanently blinded unless it succeeds on a DC 29 Fortitude saving throw to reduce this to being dazzled for (1d4) rounds. (Additional confirmed crits are best done as staggering critical hits interspersed with blinding critical in an attempt to permanently blind that foe)
• Ranged +32 w/o gear (base attack 19 -1 size +7 Dex +7 insight)
(Sp, CL 24th, concentration +33, +24 vs. SR when applicable):
• constant – fly [+16 bonus from CL (12) and maneuverability (4)]
• at will – darkness, invisibility
• 3/day: quickened haste (personal only, 24 rounds) [x] [__] [__]
• 1/day each: charm monster (DC 21 @ SL 4th) [ ], cone of cold [x] [6d6x4 cold damage to a 60’ cone – SR applies – Reflex DC 22 half @ SL 5th], gaseous form [ ], deeper slumber (DC 20 @ SL 3rd) [ ]
SQ: change shape – Bestiary pages 221 & 298; SA quivering palm 1/day
Ki Pool (magic, lawful) – necklace = (magic, lawful, adamantine) 24 ki:
• Swift actions:
o 1 ki - +4 dodge bonus to armor class
o 1 ki – gain 1 additional attack during a flurry of blows at his highest attack bonus
o 1 ki – gain an additional 20 feet of land speed
o 1 ki – heroic recovery (Sp, immediate, concentration DC 21 @ +24 to do so defensively) – attempt a new Fortitude saving throw against an affliction or harmful condition that is affecting him – if this save fails, there is no additional effect, but a successful save counts toward curing an affliction such as disease or poison.
o 3 ki – cold ice strike (Sp, swift, CL 15th, concentration DC 27 @ +24 to do so defensively) – 60’ cone – SR applies – DC 23 Reflex half – 5d6x3 cold damage
o 6 ki – slow time (swift action, see below)
FEATS (B +4 racial +8 level advancement +5 monk bonus): Endurance, Die Hard, Dodge/Agile Defense [total dodge bonus to armor class of +5], Toughness x2 (B), Combat Expertise, Combat Reflexes, Improved Initiative, Iron Will; EWP - shuriken (monk base), Elemental Fist (monk bonus 1st), Scorpion Style (monk bonus 2nd), Gorgon’s Fist (monk bonus 6th), Medusa’s Wrath (monk bonus 10th), Spring Attack (monk bonus 14th), Improved Critical (unarmed strike), Critical Focus, Staggering Critical, Blinding Critical, Extra Ki, Greater Vital Strike
SKILLS Acrobatics +33, Bluff +30, Disguise +39 (change shape, +19 otherwise), Fly +31, Intimidate +28, Knowledge (arcana, history, religion) +15, Perception +30, Profession (soldier) +33 [23 ranks] (occupational bonus), Spellcraft +15, Use Magic Device +34
LANGUAGES: Common, Giant (native), Draconic, Elven, Hallit (3 Int bonus); Trait: +2 concentration, UMD
Ability Scores: 36 Str (+13), 25 Dex (+7), 35 Con (+12), 16 Int (+3), 25 Wis (+7), 25 Cha (+7)
• Slow Time – APG p 112 – swift action +6 ki = gain 3 standard actions during his turn instead of one – he can do the following: (a) make a melee attack, (b) use a skill, (c) use an extraordinary ability, (d) take a move action [such move actions do not provoke AoO]
• Cold Ice Strike (Sp, SL 5 or 7) – UM p 211 – swift, 3 ki
• Quivering Palm 1/day [__], announced prior to the attack roll – target that takes damage is affected, has 15 days to trigger (free action to do so), Fort DC 24 [10+7+7 Wis] negates death

1 adaptation necklace of ki serenity – effective level 19th for ki pool and ki-based abilities (15th +4 from the necklace)

1 monk’s robe – treated as a 20th level monk for determining class-based AC bonus & unarmed strike damage; gains 1 use/day of Elemental Fist.

1 Large staff of fire – aura: moderate evocation; 18,950 gp; CL 8th [+6 item save bonus] – 10 lbs – hardness 5, 20 hp - +34 UMD on a natural 1 = check of 35 (CL 15th, DC 15+SL (ability score 20)) – 10 charges: ___ | 1 charge = burning hands; 2 charges = fireball; 3 charges = wall of fire. Check of natural 6 = 40 = CL 20th, ability score 25, setting the save DC at 17+SL. Check of natural 11 = 45 = ability score 30 = DC 20+SL. Check of 16 = 50 = ability score 35 = DC 22+SL / check 18 = DC 23+SL / natural 20 = DC 24+SL.

1 packet of dust of disappearance [2d6 rounds’ greater invisibility that is not bypassed by magical means] [__]

1 pair of boots of speed

The Bureaucrat CR 22
LN Exemplar Male Human Fighter 20th (brawler, cad, unarmed fighter, unbreakable)
Senses: Perception +29, Sense Motive +29 = Feint DC: 39
Speed: 40 ft Initiative +6
Ability Scores: 34 Str (+12), 23 Dex (+6), 28 Con (+9), 20 Int (+5), 22 Wis (+6), 18 Cha (+4)
Defenses: Menacing Stance = adjacent foes @ -7 on concentration checks; he gets +4 dodge bonus to AC
• Hit Points: 420, KO @ -19 hp [10+CON mod] (ignoring the staggered condition from Die Hard), slain @ -48 hp [20+CON] | (200 [20d10 HD] +180 CON +20 favored class +20 toughness); DR 15/-- against damage taken while grappled
o Damage Taken (420):__________________________________________
• Immune: mind-affecting, exhausted, fatigued, staggered, nonlethal damage
• Touch AC: 30 = 34 vs. critical hit confirmations (10 +6 Dex +7 dodge +2 shield = 25) +5 deflection
o Touch AC using Combat Expertise 36 = 40 vs. critical hit confirmation
o Touch AC vs. adjacent foes: 34 = 38 vs. critical hit confirmations (touch +4 dodge = 29)
 Adjacent foes’ Touch AC using Combat Expertise 40 = 44 vs. critical hit confirmation
• CMD: 62 or 68 CE (10 +20 base attack +12 Str +6 Dex +7 dodge +2 shield = 57) +5 deflection
o CMD vs. bull rush, disarm, drag, dirty trick, reposition, steal: 72 or 78 CE (+10 = 67)
 CMD vs. dirty trick: 74 or 80 CE (+2 = 69)
o CMD vs. adjacent foes: 66 or 72CE (+4 dodge = 61)
 CMD vs. adjacent foes that bull rush, disarm, drag, reposition or steal: 76 or 82 CE (+10 = 71)
• CMD vs. adjacent foes’ dirty tricks: 78 or 84 CE (+2 = 73)
• Fort: +26, Stalwart vs. spells & (Sp) (base 12 +9 Con = +21 +5 resistance) = +31 vs. effects that cause temporary ability score penalties (+5 = +26)
• Reflex: +17 (base 6 +6 Dex = +12 +5 resistance) = +22 vs. effects that cause temporary ability score penalties (+5)
• Will: +19, Stalwart vs. spells & (Sp) (base 6 +6 Wis +2 iron will = +14 +5 resistance) = +24 vs. effects that cause temporary ability score penalties (+5)
o SAVES vs. ongoing effects enjoy using the higher of 2d20 die rolls
• Base Attack +20
• Melee AB/CMB +32; 8 AoO/round
o CMB (bull rush, drag, disarm, reposition, steal, stand still checks to halt foes’ movement through threatened squares) +51 (+5 close combatant +4 weapon training +10)
o CMB with grapple: +53
o CMB with dirty tricks: +55 (+4) penalties: blinded*, dazzled, deafened, entangled, shaken or sickened* – lasts (1d4) rounds +1 round per 5 that his dirty trick exceeded the foe’s CMD – removing the penalty requires that foe expends a standard action to do so
o Improvised Weapons +41/+36/+31/+26 (1d8+23, 19-20 = 2d8+46 | 18-20 = 2d8+46 & changed damage types via Razor-Sharp Chair Leg as a swift action) [attack +9, weapon damage +11]
o Unarmed Strike +43/+38/+33/+28 (2d10+27 B; 19-20/x3 = 6d10+81 B &either a swift or immediate action to attempt a dirty trick maneuver as part of the attack) [attack +5 close combatant +4 weapon training +2 greater weapon focus / damage +7 close combatant +4 weapon training +4 greater weapon specialization +12 Str]; Quick Dirty Trick = 1st attack as a dirty trick as part of a FRA
o Unarmed Strike using Combat Expertise +37/+31/+26/+21; dirty trick CMB +49
 Payback (+4 attack & damage against all foes that have attacked him since the beginning of his last turn): +47/+42/+37/+43 (2d10+31; 19-20/x3 = 6d10+93); dirty trick CMB +59, grapple +57 [ ] applies this round
 Payback using Combat Expertise +41/+36/+31/+26; dirty trick CMB +53, grapple +51
• [___] applies this round
 Unarmed Strike AoO (8/rd): may attempt to halt the movement of foes through his adjacent spaces; may attempt provoked AoO even while grappled; 5-foot steps and withdraw actions from his adjacent spaces provoke [__] [__] [__] [__] [__] [__] [__] [__]
• Ranged AB +26
o Thrown Improvised Weapons +35/+30/+25/+20 (4 quills 1d3+23 P, 19-20 or 18-20 = 2d3+46 P plus dragon bile poison {Fort DC 26 vs. 1d3 Str damage; onset immediate; frequency 1/rd for 6 rds; cure --} [attack +9, weapon damage +11]  he will attempt to sink all 4 quills into the same foe – doing so adds +2 DC and +3 rounds to the frequency for each successful quill that he hits with after the first – given Da Cultist’s rudeness the last time around, he is the most probable suspect for these quills to perforate mightily
Feats: dodge, improved unarmed strike, snapping turtle style [all 3 style feats = +2 shield bonus to touch AC & CMD *and* an additional +4 bonus to AC against critical hit confirmation rolls], endurance, die hard (fighter); toughness (human), quick draw (1st), weapon focus – unarmed strike (Ftr 2nd), snapping turtle clutch (3rd), Catch Off-guard (3rd B), weapon specialization – unarmed strike (Ftr 4th), Martial Strike (5th), Heroic Recovery (5th B – APG p 162 | standard, 5/day), Improved Martial Strike [2d10 unarmed strike/grapple] (Ftr 6th), snapping turtle shell (7th), Improved Critical – unarmed strike (Ftr 8th), greater weapon focus – unarmed strike (9th), Heroic Defiance (9th B – APG p 162 | immediate, 4/day), Combat Reflexes (Ftr 10th), Throw Anything (11th), greater weapon specialization – unarmed strike (Ftr 12th), Stand Still (13th B), Improvised Weapon Mastery (13th), Combat Expertise [-6 attack = +6 dodge bonus to AC after declaring a standard melee or full-round melee attack; cannot be flanked when using combat expertise by less than a 24th level ninja or rogue] (Ftr 14th) Improved & Greater Dirty Trick (15th) & (Ftr 16th), Iron Will (17th), Quick Dirty Trick (Ftr 18th), Agile Defense (19th), Improved Grapple (Ftr 20th)
• Clever Wrestler (ex): takes no penalties to Dex & on attack rolls while grappled & retains his Dex bonus to AC while he has pinned a foe; he can take attacks of opportunity even when grappled and even against creatures attempting to grapple him with Improved Grapple or the grab ability.
• Close Combatant (ex): +5 bonus on attack rolls, +7 bonus on weapon damage rolls with close weapons
• Close Control (ex): +10 bonus to CMB & CMD for bull rush, drag and reposition
• Craven Combatant (ex): when fighting defensively, using Combat Expertise or when on total defense he cannot be flanked except by a ninja or rogue of 24th or higher level.
• Deadly Surprise (ex): when he hits a foe that is denied its Dex bonus to AC with an unarmed strike or weapon, he may attempt a Dirty Trick as an immediate action as part of the attack.
• Dirty Maneuvers (ex): +10 CMB & CMD for disarm, dirty trick and steal maneuvers.
• Eye Gouge (ex. swift): if he confirms a critical threat with an unarmed strike OR begins his turn grappled he can attempt a dirty trick maneuver to blind that foe unless that foe is Huge or larger
• Harsh Training (ex): +5 bonus on saving throws against effects that cause temporary ability score penalties
• Heroic Defiance (ex): see Feats
• Heroic Recovery (ex): see Feats
• Menacing Stance (ex): foes adjacent to him take a -7 penalty on concentration checks and grant him an additional +4 dodge bonus to AC (unless he is dazed, helpless, staggered, stunned or unconscious).
• Miraculous Recovery (ex): throws saving throws twice against ongoing effects, taking the better of the two die rolls.
• No Escape (ex): taking a 5-foot step out of his adjacent spaces or moving out of his adjacent spaces with a withdraw action provokes AoO.
• Payback (ex): +4 bonus on attack and damage rolls against foes that have attacked him since the beginning of his last turn.
• Quick Recovery (ex): x
• Razor-Sharp Chair Leg (ex, swift): alter the damage type dealt by improvised weapons; critical threat range of 18-20/x2 with improvised weapons
• Sheer Toughness (ex): immune to nonlethal damage & the exhausted, fatigued and staggered conditions
• Stalwart (ex): vs. spells and (Sp) that allow a Fort or Will save for partial effect
• Stand Still (ex): +10 bonus on CMB checks made as an AoO against foes moving through his adjacent squares – success on such a check halts that foe’s movement for the rest of the turn
• Sweeping Prank (ex, standard action OR full-round action): use a dirty trick maneuver against two adjacent foes that he can reach OR as a full-round action against as many as 8 foes that he can reach – the same dirty trick must be attempted against each foe with a separate CMB check for each foe.
• Sucker Punch (ex, swift): unarmed strikes against creatures denied their Dex bonus to AC OR that he has successfully pinned with a grapple check = can attempt a dirty trick or trip maneuver
• Takedown (ex, swift): if he succeeds on a drag maneuver OR after a successful grapple check = he can attempt a trip maneuver against the same target
• Treacherous Blow (ex, immediate): when he confirms a critical hit he can attempt a dirty trick maneuver as part of that attack
• Trick Throw (ex, immediate): when he successfully trips a foe with an unarmed strike he can attempt a dirty trick against that creature before it becomes prone
• Tough Guy (ex): DR 15/-- vs. nonlethal damage and damage taken while he is grappled
• Ultimate Payback (ex): any critical threats against foes that have attacked him since the beginning of his last turn are automatically confirmed
• Unbreakable Mind (ex): immune to mind-affecting effects
• Unlimited Endurance (ex): x
• Weapon Training – close combat (ex): +4 attack and weapon damage with unarmed strike/grapple and improvised weapons
• Weapon Mastery – unarmed strike/grapple (ex): automatically confirms critical threats, unarmed strike critical = 19-20/x3
GEAR: +5 silk outfit of protection and resistance

Irovetti's "troll" bodyguards were simply advanced degenerate serpentfolk reskinned as Medium trolls without regeneration and SR, then given a sufficient combination of martial class level plus sorcerer class levels to unlock Arcane Archer - with a variant cashiering the annoying stuff for being able to imbue melee touch spells. They were built around using quickened true strike and the Vital Strike feat chain to deal staggering amounts of single-shot damage using arrows of slaying.

Cassandra Slayn shall remain non-posted for now, although direct requests via e-mail are accepted. She did not have her full allotment of gear or the fight would have been even tougher. Good thing for Our Heroes! <evil grin>

This means I get to use her again at some point in the future should the need arise. I seriously doubt that will happen in Kingmaker, or any time in the next year or two of real time.

Since they never fought them, here are a couple of other revised baddies to "upgrade" the vanilla stat blocks should the need arise.

First up, Alasen, leader of the Catspaw Marauders:

“Alasen”, leader of the Catspaw mercenaries CR 21
NE Medium Humanoid (human, shapechanger); NE Large Humanoid (human, shapechanger) in hybrid form
Female Advanced Human afflicted Weretiger Rogue 20 [scout, sniper] Initiative +11
Ability Scores: 17 Str (+3), 24 Dex (+7), 18 Con (+4 = +9 to stabilize when dying), 14 Int (+2), 18 Wis (+4), 10 Cha
• Hybrid form: 29 Str (+9), 23 Con (+6 = +11 to stabilize when dying) = 33 Str (+11, +13 break/burst checks) w/ belt
Speed: 35 feet (either human or hybrid forms; 45 feet in tiger animal form)
Senses: low-light vision, scent in hybrid form; Perception +27, Feint DC = 37, Intimidate DC = 36; while in animal or hybrid form she automatically pinpoints the location of creatures within 30 feet and knows a creature’s general location when within 60 feet – she can scent out twice these distances creatures under fear effects – she cannot be surprised by such creatures
AC: 25, 18 flat-footed (touch +2 natural armor) = Hybrid form = 26 AC, 19 ff (-1 size, +7 natural armor = net +4 increase)
Incorporeal Touch AC: 23, 16 flat-footed (touch +3 bracers of armor) = Hybrid form = 22, 15 ff (-1 size)
Touch AC: 20, 13 flat-footed (10 +7 Dex +3 deflection +1 dodge) = Hybrid form = 19 touch AC, 12 ff (-1 size)
CMD 39, 31 flat-footed (10 +3 Str +7 Dex +15 base attack +3 deflection +1 dodge) [no gear CMD 36]
• CMD in hybrid form = 46, 38 ff (additional +1 size, +6 Str = total increase of +7) [no gear CMD 43]
Fort +15 (base 6 +4 Con +2 great fortitude +3 resistance), Reflex +24, improved evasion (base 12 +7 Dex +2 lightning reflexes +3 resistance), Will +15, slippery mind (base 6 +4 Wis +2 iron will +3 resistance) [+2 bonus on Will saving throws so long as she can scent a creature that is under a fear effect] – no gear Fort +12, Reflex +21 & Will +12, +14 when she can “smell those that stink of fear”
Hit Points: 210, slain at -28 hp; wound closure (90 [20d8] +80 Con [4 x20 hit dice] +20 toughness +20 favored class)
• 1/day when she would be reduced to 0 or fewer hp by a melee attack she may take a 5-foot step as an immediate action – if this step would remove her from her foe’s reach, then she takes no damage from that attack (she is staggered on her next turn for that round, however).
• 1/day immediate action to gain 40 temporary hp for 1 minute when she is brought to 0 or negative hit points – this can be used to keep her alive when she would otherwise be slain. (40 hp instead of 20 due to her vest)
Hybrid form = 250 hit points, DR 5/silver (+40 hp from increased Constitution score; slain at -33 hp)
• Damage Taken (flees after a total of 187+ damage taken): _________________ [flees at about 157 hp taken]
Base Attack +15/+10/+5 +2 morale bonus on attack rolls against creatures under fear effects
• SA – hybrid form: pounce (full attack with natural weapons after a charge), rake (after grab = 2 claws +26, 1d8+14) [2 claws +23 (1d8+9) = +25 vs. those that stink of fear]
• Sneak Attack +10d6 plus 10 point bleed or 2 Strength damage
o during a surprise round her foes are always considered flat-footed to her, even if they have already acted
o 1/day she can designate a single foe that she is adjacent to as her prey – she can add her sneak attack damage to all attacks made against her prey until the end of her next turn even if she is not flanking or that foe is not flat-footed
• Master Strike 1x/foe per 24 hour period that takes sneak attack damage = DC 22 Fort save to negate (a) paralyzed (2d6) rounds, (b) asleep for (1d4) hours, or (c) slain/destroyed.
• Melee +18 (15 +3 Str)
o Melee in Hybrid Form 2 claws +26 (1d8+14 plus grab), bite +26 (1d8+14 plus grab) (-1 size +6 Str +3 enhancement) [+23: 2 claws (1d8+9 plus grab), bite (1d8+9 plus grab) = +25 attack bonus against those that stink of fear]
• Ranged +22 (15 +7 Dex) = +21 in hybrid form – halves all range increment penalties when making ranged attacks with a bow or crossbow – she can apply sneak attack damage from as far away as 90 feet [+22 = +21 hybrid form]
o +1/+4 comp shortbow w/ cold iron arrows: +23/+18/+13 (1d6+4 piercing/x3) – 70’ increment) – she usually lurks about via Stealth until she can sneak attack with arrows from ambush
• CMB +25 (15 +3 Str +7 Dex); CMB +34 in hybrid form = +38 grab [+43 to improve/maintain] (+6 Str +1 size) <CMB +25, +32 hybrid form = +36 grab [+41 improve/maintain]>
FEATS (11): Toughness, Dodge, Mobility, Combat Reflexes (8 AoO/rd), Improved Initiative, Great Fortitude, Iron Will, Lightning Reflexes, Fleet, Scent of Fear, Shadow Strike
SKILLS (10): Acrobatics +35, Climb +26 = +32 hybrid form, Disguise +23 = +33 w/ ring of chameleon power, Escape Artist +31, Perception +27, Profession (soldier) +27 [20 ranks] (occupational bonus), Sense Motive +27, Sleight of Hand +30, Stealth +30 (+34 in tall grass) = +40 (+44 in tall grass) w/ ring of chameleon power [in humanoid form her Stealth bonus is +30 = +40], Survival +37, Use Magic Device +23
TALENTS (10): bleeding sneak attack, crippling strike, fast stealth, hunter’s surprise, improved evasion, slippery mind, surprise attack, resiliency, another day, redirect attack
• +3 ring of protection and resistance [31,500] (ring #1)
• ring of chameleon power (ring #2)
• +3 amulet of mighty fists (neck)
• +4 belt of giant strength (waist)
• +3 bracers of armor (wrists)
• 1 vest of the cockroach (chest)
• 1 phylactery of wound closure (headband) – doubles normal healing rate or allows normal healing when this would otherwise not be possible – automatically stabilizes below 0 hp – bleed effects that cause hp loss are negated.
• 2x dust of appearance (10’ radius burst – negates blur, displacement and invisibility (of various forms) – reveals figments, mirror images and projected images for what they are – creatures coated with the dust remain visible and suffer a -30 on Stealth checks for 5 minutes) [3,600] [_] [_]
• 2x dust of disappearance (2d6 rounds’ greater invisibility that does not care about see invisibility, invisibility purge and true seeing)[7,000] [_] [_]
• 1 “slot-less” hand of the mage [1,800] – mage hand at will (mummified elf hand) <30’ to object, up to 15’ per round, by concentration>
• 2 wands of cure light wounds (fully charged)
• +3 Str masterwork composite shortbow & 20 whetstone-sharpened cold iron arrows [603 gp]
• 1 masterwork cold iron short sword, whetstone-sharpened
• 1,000 gp in petty cash

And where would we be without "T", Pitax's Royal Torturer and one-crit wonder:

Gedovius, CR 20

+1 ring of protection, +1 amulet of natural armor, +4 studded leather armor

NE Medium Monstrous Humanoid (earth): Exemplar Gargoyle Rogue (thug) 15th

30 Str (+10), 28 Dex (+9), 30 Con (+10), 18 Int (+4), 22 Wis (+6), 15 Cha (+2)
Initiative +13
Senses: darkvision 90’; Perception +29, Sense Motive +29 = Feint DC 39, Intimidate DC 36

Speed: 50 ft, fly 70 ft (average)
• Fly +32, Acrobatics +32 (+40 jumping), Escape Artist +32, Intimidate +41, Stealth +40 [stony environs] = check of 60 using “freeze” (taking 20 to hide in plain sight as a statue)  able to use Stealth at full speed without penalty

AC: 28, 22 flat-footed* (touch +4 natural armor +7 armor) * uncanny dodge/improved uncanny dodge
Touch AC: 17, 11 flat-footed* (10 +1 deflection +1 dodge +5 Dex [armor max Dex +5])
CMD: 47, 37 flat-footed* (10 +16 base attack +1 deflection +1 dodge +10 Str +9 Dex)

Hit Points: 405, KO @ -20 hp, slain @ -50 hp; DR 15/magic (50 [5d10] +120 [15d8] +200 Con [10 x20 total hd] +20 toughness +15 favored class)
Fort +16 (base 6 [1+5] +10 Con), Reflex +22, improved evasion (base 13 [4+9] +9 Dex), Will +17, slippery mind (base 9 [4+5] +6 Wis +2 Iron Will)

Base Attack +16/+11/+6/+1 [5+11]; sneak attack +8d6 plus 8 pt. bleed [one such bleed per foe]
• Melee AB +26
o 2 claws +27 (1d6+10, 19-20 = 2d6+20 plus relentless butcher), bite +26 (1d4+10 = 2d4+20 plus relentless butcher), gore +26 (1d4+10 = 2d4+20 plus relentless butcher)
• Ranged AB +25
• CMB +26

Feats (10): Flyby Attack, Dodge, Mobility, Improved Initiative, Weapon Focus (t)/Improved Critical (claws) (t), Toughness, Dazzling Display, Shatter Defenses, Iron Will, Intimidating Prowess, Skill Focus (Intimidate), Relentless Butcher (B – Achievement feat); proficient with light armor, simple weapons, natural weapons (claw, bite, gore), proficiency with rapier, sap, short bow, short sword and repeating crossbow (rogue)

Talents (7): combat trick, weapon training, bleeding sneak attack, fast stealth, surprise attack, improved evasion, slippery mind Languages: Terran (native), Common, Hallit, Infernal, Skald (Int)

Special Attacks:
• Dazzling Display + Frightening: full-round action Intimidate check to demoralize all foes within 30 feet – success means that foe / those foes are shaken for 2 rounds; foes that are shaken for 4 or more rounds – meaning that he succeeded by 15+ over the base DC – he can instead decide to frighten that foe for 1 rd. To be affected, a ‘target’ must be able to hear and see him.
• Shatter Defenses: any shaken, frightened or panicked foe he hits in a given round remain flat-footed to his attacks until the end of his next turn. This includes any additional attacks that he makes in the turn that “unlocks” this ability. Example – he hits an afraid opponent with his first claw, dealing normal claw damage – all subsequent attacks that he makes consider that foe flat-footed to him, lowering AC due to loss of Dexterity bonus as well as becoming susceptible to sneak attacks.
• Brutal Beating: whenever he deals sneak attack damage, he can elect to reduce the sneak attack damage by one die (to 7d6 with a 7 point bleed) to make the target sickened for 7 rounds. Multiple such blow in successive rounds merely extend the duration of this effect.
• Relentless Butcher: confirmed critical hits require affected foe to succeed on a DC 20 Fortitude saving throw to not be stunned for 1 round. Multiple confirmed critical hits in the same round increase the DC by +2 for each additional confirmed critical hit after the first.

Since I haven't figured out a use for this fella in this campaign - or anytime soon for that matter - here's a pre-arcane trickster circa December 2009 for my fellows to maul the snot out of their PCs with.


CE Male Medium Outsider (Chaotic, Evil, Extraplanar)

Strong Aura of Chaos, Evil and Magic

Arcane Servitor Spelltouched Denizen of Leng Shadowdancer 10 CR 16

Speed: 30 feet; shadow jump 320 feet/day
Initiative +6

Senses: Darkvision 90 feet, true seeing (Sp); Perception +28

Reach 20 feet w/ melee touch attacks

Hit Points: 270 +20 temporary from greater heroism (10d10 racial [65] + 10d8 class [45] +160 Con) {20 total HD} maximized = 340 hp; resiliency 1/day +20 temporary hp when reduced to 0 or fewer hp

• AC: 37/ 41 mobility (touch AC +6 natural armor +7 armor); uncanny dodge/improved uncanny dodge; 41 / 45 mobility with a shield spell
• Incorporeal Touch AC: 28 / 32 mobility (touch AC +4 mage armor +4 shield); uncanny dodge/improved uncanny dodge
• Touch AC: 20 / 24 mobility (10 +6 Dex +1 dodge +3 deflection); uncanny dodge/improved uncanny dodge
• SR 30 (10 +20 total HD)
• DR 5/-- = 10/-- in areas of dim light; greater heroism = 20 temporary hit points
• Immune to arcane cantrips & 1st – 5th level arcane spells, bleed/wounding effects, cold, critical hits, electricity, poisons and sneak attacks (ex); greater heroism = immune to fear effects; ring of freedom of movement; resist energy spells = resist 30 vs. acid, fire & sonic; mind blank
• Internal Derangement, Shadow-infused: Immune to critical hits and sneak attacks
• No Breath: A denizen of Leng does not breathe
• Planar Fast Healing: fast healing 10 on the Material Plane [5 on any plane other than Leng or the Material Plane, 0 on Leng]
• Saving Throws:
o Fortitude +19 (base 7 +3 class +8 Con +1 trait); +21 in dim light
o Reflex +18, improved evasion (base 7 +5 class +6 Dex); +20 in dim light
o Will +15/ +16 vs. divination effects; slippery mind; +17/+18 in dim light; mind blank +23 vs. mind-affecting abilities (base 7 +3 class +5 Wis +1/+2 trait) = +25 dim light
o greater heroism = Fortitude +23, Reflex +22, Will +19/+20 (+27 vs. mind-affecting);
 dim light Fort +25, Refl +24, Will +21 (+29 vs. mind-affecting)
• Feint DC 32; greater heroism 36 [10 +17 base attack +5 Wis]
• Intimidate DC 36 (10 +20 total HD +5 Wis +1 trait); greater heroism = immune

Ability Scores: 19 Str (+4), 23 Dex (+6), 27 Con (+8), 29 Int (+9), 21 Wis (+5), 31 Cha (+10)

SA: sneak attack +5d6, disrupt flesh (Su) [bite deals 1d6 Dex drain, no saving throw], Shadow Child trait [does not suffer the 20% miss chance on attack rolls for being in areas of dim light]; Summon Shadow (Su) [CE shadow companion with ½ of his own hp total <135 or 170>/ cannot be commanded or turned / added +4 Will bonus vs. damage from positive channeled energy / bab 17 / base saves 10 / 12 / 10 – cannot be replaced if destroyed for 30 days]; spells

Base Attack +17/+12/+7/+2 (base 10 +7 class)
• Melee AB +21 (base 17 +4 Str); greater heroism = +25
• CMB +23 (base 17 +6 Dex); greater heroism = +27
• Finesse/Ranged AB +23 (base 17 +6 Dex); greater heroism = +27
o 2 claws +23 (+27) melee (1d4+4 plus 5d6 sneak attack) and bite +23 (+27) melee (1d6+2 plus 1d6 Dex drain plus 5d6 sneak attack) or
 Arcane strike = claws (1d4+9), bite (1d6+7)
o +5 dragon bile dagger +29/+24/+19/+14 (+33/+28/+23/+18) melee (1d4+9/17-20 plus poison [dragon bile <DC 26; 1d3 Str damage/round for 6 rounds; no cure>] plus 5d6 sneak attack) and claw +23 (+27) melee (1d4+4 plus 5d6 sneak attack) and bite +23 (+27) melee (1d6+2 plus 1d6 Dex drain plus 5d6 sneak attack) or
 Arcane strike = dagger (1d4+14/17-20), claw (1d4+9), bite (1d6+7)
o Bite vital strike +23 +27 melee (5d6+4 plus 1d6 Dex drain plus 5d6 sneak attack) or
 Bite arcane vital strike (5d6+9 plus Dex drain plus sneak attack)
o +5 dragon bile dagger vital strike (5d4+9/17-20 = 6d4+18 plus poison plus sneak attack)
 dagger arcane vital strike (5d4+14/17-20 = 6d4+28 / +poison +sneak attack)
• CMD 44 / 48 mobility (10 +20 total HD +4 Str +6 Dex +1/+5 dodge +3 deflection)

SQ: Gift of Tongues; Extra Spell-like Ability Uses +3/day; Extra Supernatural Ability Uses +3/day; casts spells as an aberrant bloodline sorcerer of 20th level; Combat trait: Resilient [+1 trait bonus on Fortitude saving throws]; Trait: Carefully Hidden [+1 trait bonus to Will saving throws; +2 trait bonus to saving throws vs. divination effects]; Hide in Shadow (Su) [can use the Stealth skill even while being observed as long as he is within 10 feet of some sort of shadow <dim light level>]; natural and wielded weapons are chaotic- and evil-aligned & magical for purposes of bypassing DR & regeneration; Rogue Talents x3 [Weapon Focus - dagger], [Resiliency <1/day gain 20 temporary hp as an immediate action when he is brought below 0 hp – these last for 1 minute>] and [Fast Stealth <able to move at full speed using Stealth without penalty>]; Slippery Mind [if affected by an enchantment he can attempt a second saving throw one round after against the same DC]; Defensive Roll 1/day [Reflex saving throw at a DC = damage dealt vs. a blow that would reduce him to 0 or fewer hp: success halves damage]; Shadow Power (Su) [when in areas of dim light he gains DR 10/--, a +2 luck bonus on all saving throws; whenever he successfully confirms a critical hit against foes in areas of dim light, that foe is blinded for (1d6) rounds]; [Darkness] and [Shadow] spells have durations increased by 50%; Permanent Arcane Sight (CL 20th), Permanent See Invisibility (CL 20th)

(Sp, CL 20th, DC 10 +SL +10 Cha = DC 20 +SL)
• At Will – detect thoughts (SL 2 = DC 22), hypnotic pattern (SL 2 = DC 22: 2d4 HD, two steps friendlier, PRPG page 298), levitate, minor image (SL 2 = DC 22), detect magic, mage armor [+4 force effect armor bonus for 20 hours (D)], read magic
• 4/day – instant summons, locate object, plane shift (SL 7 = DC 27), teleport (SL 5 = DC 25), greater heroism [personal or by touch for 20 minutes = +4 morale bonus on attack rolls, saving throws and skill checks; grants immunity to fear and 20 temporary hp], true seeing [20 minutes] and telekinesis (SL 5 = DC 25; long range; +30 CMB 1/rd w/ concentration; violent thrust attack bonus +27 with up to 15 objects)
• 3/day – quickened telekinesis, quickened teleport, quickened true seeing
• 8/day – shadow illusion (= major image; SL 3 = DC 23)
• 7/day – shadow call (= shades <conjurations up to 8th level @ 80% real - see below>; SL 9 = DC 29)
• 5/day – shadow power (= greater shadow evocation <evocations up to 8th level @ 80% real - see below>;SL 9 = DC 29)
• 16/day – shadowy ray of corrosion (ray: 30’ range; 1d6+10 acid damage)

Languages: All

Feats (10): Improved Critical (dagger), Combat Reflexes, Quick Draw, Weapon Finesse, Dodge, Mobility, Multiattack/Improved Multiattack, Arcane Strike [swift or move his weapons deal +5 damage and are treated as magic for bypassing damage reduction & regeneration], Arcane Armor Training [swift or move to reduce ASF by 10%] and Quicken SLA: Telekinesis; bonus quicken SLA x2 (teleport and true seeing); proficiency with natural, all simple and all martial weapons (outsider); hand crossbow proficiency (class); light armor proficiency (outsider/class); Agile Maneuvers (B), Defensive Combat Training (B), Greater Vital Strike (Bx3) [one attack dealing four sets of damage dice; extra sets are bonus damage], Eschew Materials (B)

Skills (17): Acrobatics +29 +33 (20r +3t +6 Dex), Appraise +29 +33 (20r +9 Int), Bluff +33 +37 (20r +3t +10 Cha), Craft [alchemy] +32 +36 (20r +3t +9 Int), Diplomacy +33 +37 (20r +3t +10 Cha), Disable Device +29 +33 (20r +3t +6 Dex), Disguise +33; +37 as human +37; +41 (20r +3t +10 Cha; +4 racial bonus when disguising himself as human), Escape Artist +29 +33 (20r +3t +6 Dex), Intimidate +33 +37 (20r +3t +10 Cha), Linguistics +30 +34 (18r +3t +9 Int), Knowledge [planes] +32 +36 (20r +3t +9 Int), Perception +28 (20r +3t +5 Wis), Perform [dance] +11 +15 (2 ranks +3 trained +6 Dex), Profession [sailor] +28 +32 (20r +3t +5 Wis), Sleight of Hand +29 +33 (20r +3t +6 Dex), Spellcraft +32 +36 (20r +3t +9 Int), Stealth +29 +33 = +39 +43 with improved shadow (20r +3t +6 Dex) and Use Magic Device +33 +37 (20r +3t +10 Cha)

Aberrant Bloodline Sorcerer Spell Casting (DC 20 +SL) (darkness & shadow spell duration +50%)

Close range: 75 ft.
Medium range: 300 ft.
Long range: 1,200 ft.

Cantrips (DC 20, at will): acid splash [close range, ranged touch, 1d3 acid damage for 1 round], arcane mark [touch, permanent, no more than six characters], daze [close range, one humanoid of 4 HD or less, SR applicable, Will negates being dazed for 1 round – then useless against that target for 1 minute], mage hand [close range, duration: concentration, move action = 15 feet], mending [10’ range; one object up to 20 lbs], message [medium range, 20 creatures, 200 minutes, whispered conversations: DC 25 Perception check to eavesdrop – modified by range], open/close [close range to a portal that can be opened or closed of not more than 30 lbs.], prestidigitation [10’ range; duration: 1 hour], and ray of frost [close range ray; 1d3 cold damage; SR applicable; no saving throw]

1st Level (DC 21, 9/day): alarm [close range, 40 hours (D)], chill touch [up to 20 melee touch attacks; SR applicable; living creatures take 1d6 negative energy & Fort to negate 1 pt Strength damage / undead creatures take no damage but must succeed on a Will saving throw or flee as if panicked for (1d4+20) rounds], enlarge person, erase [close range to one scroll or two pages], feather fall [immediate action to cast, close range, up to 20 Medium or smaller free-falling creatures and objects; 2 minutes or until landing] and shield [personal; duration: 20 minutes (D)]

2nd Level (DC 22, 9/day): command undead [close range, one undead creature, SR applicable, Will negates if intelligent, lasts 20 days], darkness [object touched, 30 minutes (D), 20’ radius], ghoul touch [living humanoid touched, SR applicable, Fortitude negates paralysis & stench for (1d6+2) rounds], knock [medium range; up to 200 sq. ft.; d20+30 CL check vs. DC of lock], resist energy [touched creature; energy resist 30 for 200 minutes] and see invisibility [personal; 200 minutes (D)]

3rd Level (DC 23, 8/day): dispel magic [medium range, one target], nondetection [does not use this due to the expense of 50 gp/spell], slow [close range; up to 20 targeted creatures – no two more than 30 feet apart; duration: 20 rounds; SR applicable; Will negates; affected = single move or standard action; -1 penalty on attack rolls, AC and Reflex saving throws; move at half speed – round down], tongues [x] and vampiric touch [x]

4th Level (DC 24, 8/day): bestow curse [touch, permanent, Will negates, SR applies, -6 decrease to one ability score OR -4 penalty on attack rolls/saves/ability checks/skill checks OR 50% chance per turn to act normally – doing nothing otherwise], black tentacles [x], fear [necromancy (fear, mind-affecting); 30’ cone; SR applicable; Will partial = shaken for 1 round/panicked for 2 minutes], locate creature [long range radius circle AoE; running water blocks the spell; duration: 20 minutes] and phantasmal killer [illusion (phantasm) [fear, mind-affecting]; medium range; one living creature; SR applicable; Will disbelief <telepathic creatures can rebound this upon the caster>; failed disbelief = Fortitude vs. 3d6 damage (success) / die from fear]

5th Level (DC 25, 8/day): feeblemind [x], mage’s faithful hound [close range, created phantom watchdog, duration: 20 hours until triggered, then 2 minutes; sees invisible and ethereal; barks loudly if Small+ approach within 30 feet; bites those within 5 feet <+10 melee / 3d6+3 bite damage> & bonuses as an invisible creature; ends if he is more than 100’ from the hound], mage’s private sanctum [CT: 10 minutes; up to 20 30’ cubes (S); looking into the area = clouded; no sounds escape; scrying spells are blocked; those within are immune to detect thoughts; 24 hours (D)], passwall [touch; 20 hours (D); 5’ w x 8’ h x 25’ deep] and secret chest [CT: 10 minutes; duration: 60 days or until discharged; F: 5,000+ gpv chest & 50+ gpv tiny replica; holds up to 20 cu. Ft.]

6th Level (DC 26, 8/day): disintegrate [medium range ray, SR applicable, Fort partial: 40d6/5d6 – if reduced to 0 hp = destroyed], eyebite [close range, one targeted living creature per round <swift action / round after the first>, SR applicable, Fortitude to negate <10+ HD = sickened for 200 minutes> / <5-9 HD = panicked & sickened for 200 minutes> / <4 or less HD = comatose, panicked & sickened for 200 minutes; the coma is not the result of a sleep effect; cannot be awakened by any means short of successfully dispelling the eyebite>], shadow walk [up to 20 touched creatures for up to 20 hours (D); SR applicable; Will negates; travels at 50 mph] and veil [x]

7th Level (DC 27, 7/day): finger of death [necromancy (death); close range ray to targeted living creature; SR applicable; Fortitude partial = 200 pts/ 3d6+20 pts], plane shift [conjuration (teleportation); F: tuned rod for the destination plane; ], power word – blind [enchantment (compulsion) [mind-affecting]; close range, V, 50 hp or less <current> = permanently blinded; 51-100 hp = blinded (1d4+1) minutes; 101-200 hp = blinded (1d4+1) rounds; SR applicable; no saving throw] and summon monster VII (shadow demon) [CT: 1 round; close range; duration: 2 minutes (D)]

8th Level (DC 28, 7/day; 6 remaining): mind blank [close range, one creature, 24 hours, protected from all devices and spells that gather information such as detect evil, see invisibility, scry, locate creature – even as powerful as a discern location; +8 resistance bonus on saving throws against all mind-affecting abilities], power word – stun [enchantment (compulsion) [mind-affecting]; close range; V; SR applicable; no saving throw; 50 or less current hp = stunned (4d4) rounds / 51-100 hp = stunned (2d4)rounds; 101-150 hp = stunned (1d4) rounds], summon monster VIII (3 shadow demons) [as summon monster VII] and maze

9th Level (DC 29, 7/day): power word – kill [enchantment (compulsion) [death, mind-affecting]; close range; V; SR applicable; no saving throw vs. instantly killed], shapechange [F: jade circlet worth 1500 gp; he does not yet have such a circlet however], summon monster IX (5 shadow demons) [as summon monster VII] and weird [x]

Shadow Demons (summoned) gain +4 enhancement bonuses to Dex and Con; duration 3 minutes & greater heroism: +4 morale attacks, saving throws and skill checks
Shadow Demons
CE Medium Outsider (chaotic, demon, evil, extraplanar, incorporeal)
Initiative +10 Feint DC: 22 / 26 Intimidate DC: 20 / 24
Senses: darkvision 60’; Perception +20, Sense Motive +12 | +4 morale = Perception +24, Sense Motive +16
Speed: fly 40’ (perfect); Acrobatics +16, Fly +24, Stealth +16 / +4 morale = Acrobatics +20, Fly +28, Stealth +20 | Sprint 1/minute: increases its fly speed to 240’ for 1 round | Shadow Blend (Su): as a move action during conditions other than bright light can disappear into the shadows as a move-equivalent action; artificial illumination & light spells of 2nd level or lower do not negate this ability.
Touch AC: 20 (10 +4 deflection +6 Dex)
HP: 83 each (7d10 HD [48] +35 Con)
SAVES: Fort +7, Reflex +13, Will +7 | +4 morale = Fort +11, Reflex +17, Will +11
DEFENSES: incorporeal, DR 10/cold iron or good, immune to cold, electricity & poison, SR 17, resist acid 10, fire 10
WEAKNESS: sunlight powerlessness [in bright light, natural sunlight caught in such light cannot attack & is able to take only a single attack or move action | if possessing a creature via magic jar is not harmed by sunlight but is automatically expelled if struck by a sunbeam or sunray]
ABILITY SCORES: -- STR, 22 DEX (+6), 21 CON (+5), 14 INT (+2), 14 WIS (+2), 19 CHA (+4)
BAB +7
• Melee: 2 claws +13 touch | +4 morale = +17 touch (1d6 plus 1d6 cold) & bite +13 touch | +4 morale = +17 touch (1d8 plus 1d6 cold)
• CMB +13 (bab 7 +6 Dex)
• CMD 27 (10 +7 bab +6 Dex +4 deflection)
FEATS: Blind-Fight, Combat Reflexes (7 AoO per round), Improved Initiative, Lightning Reflexes
SKILLS: Acrobatics +16, Bluff +14, Fly +24, Knowledge (planes) +12, Perception +20 (racial +8), Sense Motive +12, Stealth +16
LANGUAGES: Abyssal, Common; telepathy 100’
(Sp, CL 10th, DC 14 + SL) At Will – deeper darkness, fear (DC 18), greater teleport (self only), telekinesis (CD 19); 3/day – shadow conjuration (DC 18), shadow evocation (DC 19); 1/day – magic jar (DC 19), summon 1 shadow demon (SL 3 equivalent, 50% chance of success – shares the same stat block as themselves)

Shadow Companion
CE Medium Undead (incorporeal)
Initiative +2
Senses: darkvision 60’; Perception +8
Hit Points: 135 (3d8 racial HD)
Touch AC: 15 (10 +2 deflection +1 dodge +2 Dex)
SAVES: Fort +12, Reflex +14, Will +11 / channel resistance +2 & +4 = +17 vs. positive channeled energy
Speed: fly 40’ (good); Fly +11, Stealth +8 (+12 in dim light, +4 in bright light)
Immune: undead traits, incorporeal
BAB +17 CMB +19 CMD 32 (10 +17 bab +2 DEX +2 deflection +1 dodge)
Melee: incorporeal touch +19 (1d6 STR damage / negative energy & cures 5 hp or grants 5 temporary hp per touch, cannot create spawn)

Aizmeltan's Gear:

+5 leather improved shadow “robes” [15 lbs, 10% ASF, +7 armor, 0 check penalty, hardness 15, 85 hp] (40,000 gp)
+5 dragon bile dagger (1 lb.)(55,000 gp; “loaded” with 10 doses of dragon bile); DC 41 to see this hidden weapon (37 if a pat-down search is conducted)
ring of freedom of movement
ring of protection +3
Tiny replica chest (contains his trade goods via secret chest; Perception DC of 43 <39> to search)
Piece of copper wire (Focus for message cantrip)
A brass key (Focus for open/close cantrip)
A full set of tuned plane shift forks
A tiny bag and a small candle (foci for summon monster)

Conjuration Sor/Wiz Spells: (8th or less; always allows SR and Will disbelief for 80% effect; +50% duration) 7/day
• 8th Level: incendiary cloud, maze, trap the soul
• 7th Level: instant summons, magnificent mansion, phase door, plane shift, teleport – greater, teleport object
• 6th Level: acid fog, wall of iron
• 5th Level: cloudkill, major creation, wall of stone
• 4th Level: black tentacles, minor creation, secure shelter, solid fog
• 3rd Level: phantom steed, sepia snake sigil, stinking cloud
• 2nd Level: acid arrow, fog cloud, glitterdust, summon swarm, web
• 1st Level: grease, mage armor, mount, obscuring mist, unseen servant

Evocation Sor/Wiz Spells: (8th or less; always allows SR and Will disbelief for 80% effect; +50% duration when applicable) 5/day
• 8th Level: clenched fist, polar ray, shout – greater, telekinetic sphere
• 7th Level: delayed blast fireball, forcecage, grasping hand, mage’s sword, prismatic spray
• 6th Level: chain lightning, contingency, forceful hand, freezing sphere
• 5th Level: cone of cold, interposing hand, sending, wall of force
• 4th Level: fire shield, ice storm, resilient sphere, shout, wall of fire, wall of ice
• 3rd Level: fireball, lightning bolt, tiny hut, wind wall
• 2nd Level: darkness, flaming sphere, gust of wind, scorching ray, shatter
• 1st Level: burning hands, floating disk, magic missile, shocking grasp

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Wow - that's a lot of work there Turin! And.. is the last guy really called Ass-meltin' ? ;-)

carborundum wrote:
Wow - that's a lot of work there Turin! And.. is the last guy really called Ass-meltin' ? ;-)

I'm reasonably sure the name is attached to a Denizen of Leng already in print - for my druthers he was too wuss for the CR, so I juiced him up a wee bit. Ideally, he's be the one doing the ass-meltin'. ^__^

Some notes to go with the above stat blocks:

Pappy spends a lot of time via change shape in various male humanoid guises and does his best to spread his monstrous progeny through a specific gene pool. He enjoys the finer things in life these days (becoming an ex-monk as a result). He hates cats, although he thinks smilodons are "misunderstood dogs". While very interested in martial matters, the heroes/rulers that wiped out his local kin have irked him enough to where he won't easily back down once battle is joined. Were he to be panicked or Irovetti snuffed before he is, surrender or flight become valid options to consider in saving his miserable hide.

The troll bodyguards adore Irovetti and his madcap antics, especially as the mounting losses during the war very nearly unhinge what remains of his questionable sanity. They've learned to (badly) sing the King's favorite chorus lines. While my versions of them are RAW immune to mind-affecting effects, they are fully susceptible to bardic performances. The campier , crazier or sillier the better. Think about the mooks from Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Assign circumstance penalties according to how much effort the bard's player put into describing the performance, especially anything involving props.

Remi was - as scripted - under charm by Irovetti. He would have gleefully gobbled up the King of Pitax and burrowed his way out if the dispels had worked.

Toofers and Toofums were trained to attack creatures nearest the squeaky fetch toy Irovetti threw at the PCs. If some one had thought to nab it and turn the tables with a DC 20 or so Handle Animal check, the kittehs would have followed course.

King Irovetti was a smart version of the Great Cornholio, partially unhinged by the war going so badly for him. He wasted a lot of actions running around, exhorting Gedovious to get into the fight and tormenting King Max. When he finally had a good bead on the Queen he entered melee after singing the first two verses of his deadly performance that failed to kill both Mulder and the Queen.

The Bureacrat was Irovetti's major domo and screener of unwelcome guests to the palace. His obsession with getting the paperwork filled out is his undoing, resulting in death via flat-footed AC inevitable.

Mirthilda Blaggard is the quintessential antipaladin, eager to sow death, disease and destruction by every means at her disposal. Scarily, she is not the most formidable champion of her clan. Fortunately, this clan has been busy in Brevoy under Choral's employment. She eats children alive feet first, gives boring prisoners over to the nearest clan of ogres for giggles and knows where a cluster of verbose ropers are available to "interrogate" interesting prisoners. These provide her endless entertainment as the ropers are quite perverse.

Cassandra Slayn in personality is generally a perfect blend of the Terminator (first movie) and Michael Meyers. Once she has a "target" she works tirelessly towards bringing that group to ruin. In this case, this involved numerous simulacra, including an entire army of them to defend Pitax while the main body of the army was in the field. These dissolved into sand when her current body was destroyed. This also set in her mind that the obective is not one she can complete. She is free to return whence she came to rest peacably.

Her one psychological weakness is her face, shielded behind a magnificent porcelain mask depicicting how she saw herself as a mortal. She can be goaded into focusing her undivided attention upon the sorry fool who mocks her appearance or sunders/removes her mask. Given her arsenal of abilities this is not likely to go at all well, most likely resulting in a new hero/martyr while the others flee or regroup. As a true mummy she cannot be permanently destroyed by any means short of the Divine until her sacred jars are located and destroyed. Since each such set is unique to the true mummy in question, nothing is going to easily reveal that appearance. Combined with mind blank not even the mightiest magic of mortals can discern this information.

carborundum wrote:

Spectacular end to a gonzo-ubercombat!

Take a few days, visit a spa, clear your head... then sharpen your most evil pencil and go to town on a certain beastie for chapter 6 :-
You know which one I mean :-D

My players, as usual, dread your statblocks. I love 'em and laugh in expectation and incredulity at every addition :-P

Thanks as ever for the updates, Mr. T!

As a well-known Mr J once said: "Wait until they get a load of me." <maniacal laughter ensues>

This of course means that all the nastiness for "Month" has about been wrapped up. :D

Time to bring on the pain!

Since this campaign is sliding into the 6-7 years ahead of current time on Golarion, I'd trickled in some of the "rumors going on in the world around you" via e-mail to the players.

Naturally some of my research-disinclined players want to go after Treerazer and do Kyonin a big favor by dispatching a nascent demon lord in his den.


A few things to keep in mind.

  • Cordelon and Starfall are barely a decade old, another pair of banana republics in an area rife with banana republics, most of which rarely last 2 human generations.
  • Cordelon has made public use based on the player's comments at the table of I believe was said to be some 25 thousand animated burning/exploding skeletons, as well as several groups of very powerful fiends - glabrezu, for example - as shock troops during his wars of expansion, concluding recently with conquering and annexing Mivon and pretty much the entire interior of the River Kingdoms.
  • Kyonin's troublesome border between itself and the Five Kingdoms is Treerazer's realm. A wanna-be Abyssal realm on Earth it may be, but there's no worry of unwanted travelers crossing that particular border.
  • Kyonin has minor trade agreements with the two kindgoms. These agreements do not entitle the rulers of the aforementioned banana republics anything remotely close to an "immediate audience" with Her Majesty whenever Our Rulers decide that they want to do something.
  • Our Rulers were flabbergasted when Her Majesty's envoys in the respective embassies told them they could probably get such an audience in 10 to 12 years. After copious BWMC'ing - trodding on noble toes in the process - they secured an audience to "discuss things concerning matters in that area betwixt Kyonin and the Five Kingdoms" on June 27th, 4719.
  • Current game time post-annexation of Pitax is October 8th, 4718.
  • They discussed "crashing the court" while three sheets to the wind in order to get the information that they want and Kyonin is not handing over. They do not/ did not seem to get it that the geopolitical sphere of influence of the River Kingdoms in general has little to do with the interests of Kyonin. Let alone something that Kyonin generally regards as Not Your Concern.
  • I pointed out that the likelyhood of Kyonin having *accurate* information regarding Treerazer's abilities/weaknesses/etc. more than 2,200 years in the past is about as likely as 1930s German archaeologists having *accurate* information regarding events in the middle of the Dark Ages in Spain. In essence, not very likely at all.
  • Presently I believe that Cordelon - despite instructions to the contrary - has gobbled up everything but the Stolen Lands/Pitax (the main campaign's kingdom), Sevenarches (Kyonin's interest in the River Kingdoms), Tymon, Lambreth and the area on the northwest side encompassed by Echo Wood. This means Cordelon covers Loric Fells, Daggermark, Gralton, Touvette, Hymbria, Riverton, Liberthane, the Embeth Forest, Mivon and the east-southeasterly frontier along Galt's northern border and leading towards Cassomir. I'm not entirely sure about his math since the entire River Kingdoms encompasses some 2,016 claimable hexes. If Starfall accounts - for the sake of arguement - for 256 of them, Sevenarches another 260, Tymon, Lambreth and Echo Wood another 150 - being generous - that leaves 1,350 hexes...
  • Brevoy is some 1,440 hexes now united under Choral the Conquerer...

What does all of this mean?

Well, hopefully it means that I won't have to be winging it come this Sunday the 13th, digging up Second Darkness books and similar scrambling.

'cause if they decide they're going after Treerazer ... well, that would probably be a Bad Thing.

psionichamster wrote:

** spoiler omitted **

I can't wait to see the new beasty's.

If you're looking for a fun filler encounter or two, we just wrapped up Serpent's Skull at level 17, with rather nice PCs. Use them as a nasty little hit squad, and gun for, say, the dolls.

I think I have the Ranger (hitting AC 45+ easily on the right enemies, and putting out 200-250 damage a round) and I know I have my Illusionist, a controller/summoner gnome with a Truename'd Planetar pet and Effortless Trickery. Top that with the multi-song bard 17. Of course, you may not need any of that, if you have multiple encounters of book 6 going at once.

Sir Hamster:


The Misbegotten Troll was finished this past week along with Mr J. The former is a Black Knight Antipaladin 20 with a +5 unholy rod of lordly might that does horrific amounts of damage astride his winged fiendish triceratops via Spirited Charge.

Mr J with the mythic creature template and sized from Huge to Colossal is "only" a CR 25. I'm seriously considering tacking Exemplar onto this to bump his CR to 28. This should result in eye beams with a 120' range increment dealing 30d6 *without* Greater Vital Strike. And a 180' frightful presence with a DC in the neighborhood of the high 30s...

Whaddya think?

Any of the other non-player visitors can chime in too! :D

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If you're vital striking the eye beams, the exemplar is possibly overkill.... Or do the players have a means of gaining immunity?

carborundum wrote:
** spoiler omitted **

The Mummu Returns!:
they have at their disposal various spells that will permit most or all of them to assume fire-immune forms: fire elementals, fire giants and perhaps even one of the dragon forms. Whether they think to do so is another matter.

Latest update on what appears to be a case of The Stooopids:

Treerazer's battle against Kyonin more than 2,200 years ago has one believable written account that has survived the aeons.

According to this account Kyonin fileded a massive army of 50,000 elves complete with siege mages, support clerics, druids, blessed and enchanted cold iron arms and ammunition to facilitate smiting demons and a dozen very powerful leaders confident that they could banish the demon whence he came. Treerazer confronted this army alone.

During the ensuing slaughter the beast emits an aura or field many paces around the partially renders anything into fungal matter. The account fails to coherently describe the beast's powers, though it is clear that the beast has puissant power regarding such matter. Worse, as elves died by the score at the receiving end of its obsidian axe they near-instantly transformed into carnivorous fungal abominations, arose from where they fell and devoured all of their kin that they could before being slain once more.

At one point many of the leaders attempted a banishment using cooperative magic that should have worked - yet utterly failed. Alerted to the threat, the beast teleported into their midst and slaughtered them all before returning its attentions once more to making many elven widows and a fungal army.

The siege engines were what finally drove the beast off, the survivors forced to incinerate their now-fungal brethren en masse before they were swarmed under and devoured.

The usual battery of divinations were attempted to no avail. Consulting the Gawds they were told something to the effect of "attack at risk of peril greater than that which you endured in Irovetti's palace". Since this combat took 3 sessions to play out and cost them 10 deaths, I am cautiously optimistic that they won't hare off and get themselves TPK'd.


Needz moar lazerz!

Turin emerges from the rubble of the basement clutching a musty tome to his breast, eyes wild with warring emotions: fear, glee, hunger, lust ... above all, an insatiable lust for Things Hobbits REALLY Shouldn't Know.

I have unearthed my 2001 20th Anniversary Call of Cthulhu book, resplendant in its green cover, 320 pages of "win" and the spiffy red silk ribbon. The red Elder Sign upon the front cover almost glows with proper malevolence. The Yellow Sign on the spine is a nice touch.

idly flips to the critter section, then starts chuckling

These are proper Gawds! "Weapon: tentacle/claw 100%, damage: death"; "all phyiscal attacks do minimum damage"; "anything striking or penetrating ,.. is transported to another dimension"... love it.

Once more into the breach doth Our Monarchal Miscreants leap on the morrow!

Everyone's PC is 18th level with 16th level cohorts in tow.

Naturally I'm assuming that they will while away the first 2 or 3 hours actually leveling up (instead of doing so in the almost 3 weeks that they had available to them), getting their shopping ,.. er, item crafting done and general jack-jawing, griping about other games that they're playing in and otherwise giving me plenty of time to get a good buzz going by way of tasty tasty adult beverages.

To refresh memories, here are the Dramatis Personae

  • Her Royal Majesty, Queen of Starfall, Eirwen Kirsi, Eldritch Knight 10 with a cold theme
  • Guru of Starfall Mulder "da Cultist", UA Cloistered Cleric 18
  • Councilor of Starfall Zin Serina multi-archetyped Monk 18
  • Court Mage 'Torsin' Wizard 18
  • General of Starfall Armag-Varn Fighter 18, bearer of "Enemy of all Enemies"
  • His Imperial Majesty Galen Starmight the King of Cordelon, 'construct variant lich' Mystic Theurge 12
  • Royal Assassin of Starfall Fluff Gugg "teddy bear of nightmares" Cleric 16 of Lamashtu (Her Majesty's cohort)
  • Draggy II, dragon Cleric 16 (?) (Cohort of 'Torsin')
  • Molly Missy Bard 16 item crafter extraordinaire, lacking Forge Ring of all things (cohort of Zin Serina), High Diplomat of Starfall
  • Royal Picker of Locks Mr Straw, Rogue 16 (cohort of Mulder)
  • Whatsherface aquatic fey druid 15ish (cohort of Galen Starmight)

The General has yet to deploy his cohort.

September 15th 4718 A.R. is where we left off. Quite a bit of time will pass before the Queen of Forgotten Time makes her move. This will happen before Choral the Conqueror makes his move. If my oft-creative players jump the shark and head into Thousandbreaths early things get interesting in a hurry.

Actually, barring them insisting on completing *all* of their extensive lists of crafted magic items, it is very likely they will jump the shark in question. That would be pretty clever of them and very keeping in character.

On the other paw, I may well find myself improv'ing a raid against Treerazer. Oopsies!

APL is gauged at a solid 24 with an argument for 25 possible. I'm going with 24, bumping to 25 if such is clear. In simpler terms, they can potentially hit encounter CRs of as high as 28, perhaps even 29.

^__^ let the carnage commence!



Carnage & beer & lazerz!

psionichamster wrote:


Carnage & beer & lazerz!

I have a rancor action figure that Lord Starmight's player gave me as a present 2 years ago that will be used to represent Mr J on the battlemat when that heady moment comes. Yay lazerz!! (If they somehow come to the table fully prepared, I'll have to send Missus Turin back to the house to fetch Mr J...)

Best to bring him, just in case. ^__^…


Sadly, Our Monarchal Miscreants did suffer a single miseerable temporary or permanent death *at all* today.

During the first *five* hours they finally got leveled up, bought/crafted almost everyrhing they wanted and then on 5th March 4719 they popped a gate after acquiring Zuddigur's Picnic and strolled into Thousandbreaths 10 days before the spring equinox.

Mind that the spring equinox is when the Queen of Lost Time had slated to begin the Royal Rumble aka take over of Starfalll.

Thwy proceeded from A to B to E to F to J ( the Whirling Shore to the Fruiting Orchard to the High Folly).

They bokked mightily from Ithuliak's DC 41 frightful presence, regrouped some 1100 ft donwn the road/pathway and made their way back up teh pathway.

We broke off about an hour ago with nary a blow dealt other than Ithuliak barfing a paltry breath weapon of 68 points just before most of the PCs took their initiatives to book mightily for 17 rounds.


Mental note: do not make a journal entry when sailing 3 sheets to the wind.

To clarify the rambling post above:

Our Monarchal Miscreants expended a good couple of hours' real time combing through their information gathering options before preparing to enter Thousandbreaths and the First World.

They recognize that they are going to have to come and go via gate rather than the lower level teleportive escape mechanisms. Any such effects need to be either line of sight or specified direction and distance lest they be mutated horribly, explode from the inside or come through with various parasitic, vegetative or combination of infestations. Summoning is about useless to non-natives.

They diplomacized mightily as they are wont to do with the Ents around the Whirling Shore before Nyrissa finally caught on and exploded the talkative things. Leaving the elementals alone they high-tailed it as outlined above, using invisibility and a bag of tricks to escape the black swans and evade the mandragora swarms. They were smart enough to not interrupt the six mated pairs of Gargantuan winged owlbears getting their groove on in the bowers about the waterfall.

Making their way into the High Folly 14 hours into their excursion they spotted the mighty Ilthuliak perched atop the tower at the center of the glade. Fearing petrification gaze attacks, they were hammered hard by the wyrm's DC 41 frightful presence. Fluff Gugg threw a nat-20 and Galen Starmight only succeeded on his save thanks to his mind blank, everyone else utterly failed and fled frightened for the next 17 rounds.

Fortunately, while they are still frightened, they *bamfed* about 1100 feet down-road from the High Folly where they could act once more. Numerous greater heroism and remove fear spells flew, taking care of the whole "fear" problem, and they spent 5 rounds moving back to the edge of the High Folly once more where we left off for the session.

Fortunately, we resume next Sunday the 20th of May, same hack time, same hack channel. (With 10 rounds remaining on that lovely frightful presence, should something occur to remove their protections...)

Everyone was able to complete their item crafting/shopping. If particular note was'Torsin's' completing the upgrade of her arcane bond staff from evocation to a staff of power.

Poor Torsin had been left behind by the rest of the characters when Ilthuliak dropped a DC 34 flesh to stone upon her - against which Torsin threw a 36 Fort save before she *bamfed* down-path to join her comrades-at-arms in slathering on the buffs.

I have the week to finish statting up the remaining baddies ... it is going to be tight.

The carnage will be glorious!


Slightly off-topic, but have you been reading up on Skull & Shackles, Sir Turin?

Some of the encounters/NPC setups remind me of your designs. In a good, PC-killing way!

psionichamster wrote:

Slightly off-topic, but have you been reading up on Skull & Shackles, Sir Turin?

Some of the encounters/NPC setups remind me of your designs. In a good, PC-killing way!

Alas I have merely skimmed the first chapter by the inestimable Richard Pett and await the second installation. That certain authors may have taken a page or two from my playbook makes the happy-happy joy-joy region in my cockles tingle gleefully. Or maybe in the sub-cockle area ... we'll never know. ;)

PC-killing encounters and NPCs are a good thing for S&S in my opinion. Piracy is extraordinarily dangerous, the campaign/AP *should* reflect that danger. I cackled gleefully at the keelhauling and maiming sections especially. Good times to be had by all!

Sadly, S&S is not in the cards for the immediate next campaign post-Kingmaker. Starmight, Ineptus (Mulder), Owen (Zin Serina) and Armag-Varns' players all have mentioned interest in running stuff for the group afterwards. First up is Armag-Varn's rendition of a Chaos Earth campaign. A few of the players have already advised him that it would be wise to build in "chapters" to facilitate clean break points in the campaign if/when the group wants to kill things and take their stuff. This is because Armag wants to revisit gaming days of yesteryear when we were all young, had no life outside of work/school/gaming and were able to game several days a week in contiguous campaigns. "Breaks" were busting out CoC, Paranoia and Car Wars in the pocket boxes.

The next PF campaign I am currently willing to entertaining GMing is Carrion Crown for a 60 point-buy group. If there are 5 players, they each get 12 points. If there are 6+, they get 10 points. (More than 6 shouldn't happen.) This should let me run it "out of the books" instead of the headache-inducing monstrosity that this campaign has become. I am relieved that the conclusion is very near. If I'm lucky that conclusion will be this coming Sunday the 20th of May.

Keep your eyes peeled for Brother Faust the Elder's CoC journal to pop up some time in June. KGM and company have requested that the good Brother act as their Keeper for a run through Horror on the Orient Express. Brother Faust's intent will be to give them a "warm up" single-session scenario to cut their teeth on before they board the train in question


Sweet. Can't wait to see it.

Give the S&S adventures a gander, they're top notch.

I feel you on the "good ole days" reminiscence...I want to finish KM badly, but time just runs away, after all.

Time to wrestle the group to the ground, subdue them, drag them to your gaming place and get your campaign finished ASAP!

I'm almost done with KM and your group started it before ours did. (We had a 4 month break that started in late October.)

Tell 'em Turin says they're being a bunch of pansies. :P

Naturally, stat blocks will be posted for everyone's enjoyment of the OMGWTF?! factor that high level, high point buy, high PC & cohort count parties warrant once the tide of carnage subsides.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

After reading all the statblocks you've already posted, I can't imagine how refreshing it will be for you to play the 60-points game. I suppose it'll be a while, but I'm already gleeful at what your PCs will go through in Harrowstone Prison!

Between Carrion Crown and the glowing recommend from Sir Hamster for S&S I think the next 2 Pathfinder campaigns are decided in advance as far as I'm concerned.

Pray for annihilation this Sunday! ^__^

Our Monarchal Miscreants sallied forth once more to do battle with the purple and black great wyrm Ilthuliak, scourge of the River Kingdoms, Numeria, Brevoy and points about.

As they entered the Glade known as "the High Folly" and its thousands of petrified First World critters they began peppering it with assorted, ineffective spells that bounced off of her 40 SR.

Sadly, they were correct in their supposition the previous session regarding how all of these critters became lawn ornaments. Excepting Galen Starmight all of the PCs and the trio of cohorts were all clustered well within 60 feet of each other, so Ilthuliak flew down amidst the lot and let loose with her petrifying gaze (DC 41). At this point Starmight had already softened her up a bit with 4 temporary negative levels via enervation but was more than a hundred feet overhead.

All 3 doll cohorts - Mr Straw, Molly Missy and Fluff Gugg - became lawn ornaments on the spot as did Mulder and Torsin. Aramg-Varn only succeeded due to Molly's immediate action thingamajigger that added 3 to his save against the gaze. 5 peterification "kills".

The remainder of the 'fight' saw a gate deployed to facilitate immediate evacuation to the long-abandoned lair of Hargulka, altohugh Her Majesty was left behind after Ilthuliak got rid of the portal via quickened dispel magic. The EK did smartly elect to excercise the better part of valor and *bamf* back to the entrance gates. Sadly, my smart players figured out the Misbegotten Troll's necklace of lovelies after seeing the half red dragon troll antipaladin expend one of the sisters to absorb one of Armag-Varn's critical hits and his 1/week forced re-roll of another nat-20 by the general via banded mail of luck. Shortly after The Misbegotten Troll, bereft of his necklace of lovelies thanks to a chain lightning, fell over from the mountain of nonlethal damage to be summarily decapitated by the General.

After looting the troll they opened a ]gate via scroll, retrieved the Queen, rested, deployed a combination of moment of prescience and break enchantment to depetrify the five lawn ornaments, recharged their batteries and concoct a thorough plan to stomp on Ilthuliak for the third (and final) battle. Torsin expended 25k gp and a wish grant herself immunity to petrification after getting un-stoned, then prepared to and used a non-costly wish on the day of battle to very temporarily grant her allies this same immunity.

They thoroughly slathered on the buffs and abjurations, gated and teleported into Thousandbreaths thence atop the High Folly before proceeding to stomp a mudhole in Ilthuliak's non-buffed hide. The killing blow was Zin Serina's confirmed critical hit dealing 92 damage that the mighty great wyrm nat-1'd her saving throw against death by massive damage.

After 3 hours of cataloguing the petrified - including a sole pristine petrified winged owlbear - and the loot, they dug out the center of the hoard pile, dropped a gate in the floor and shoveled it all into a "counting spot" for 'Amy' the treasurer to begin counting and identifying while they contined their adventures in the First World.

Much satisfied and very confident in themselves, they wandered over to the Knurly House - the annis hag immediately *bamfing* to her sanctuary upon seeing the scrying sensor- thence to the gruesome Baleful Lantern before returning to the High Folly and crossing over the mile-long causeway leading to the House at the Edge of Time.

Crossing tthe causeway is uneventful and the group parleys with the 12 elf ghosts (60 Diplomacy check) to leaving them alone so that they may slay the Queen of Forgotten Time and finally set them to rest. The ghosts don't give them any information, although the shaded courtyard beyond the gatehouse seems quiet enough beyond the portcullis.

Once they wrest the portcullis up they turn and advance towards the courtyard, halting just below the adge of the gatehouse. Ahead the well-camouflaged Jabberwock stirred as they entered its blindsight range,rising out of its position.

Molly's 60 Knowledge (arcana) check quickly informed them that this was a pale shadow of the original Jabberwock, master of the Tane, posessing susceptibility to magic that doesn't permit SR, vulnerable to cold so long as it was not evocation, but otherwise only concerned about vorpal weapons. It could be bludgeoned to death by other means, if they could survive long enough. It's resistance to magic is fully a fourth again what Ilthuliak's. Was, and what little magic gets through that it its likely to ignore anyway. And *this* is a half-strength version of the real JABBERWOCK!

After the first few buffs started - namely greater heroism upon Starmight and something else I can't recall, the Jabberwock's frightful presence activated as it lit Zin Serina up with one of its two fieryeye beams (110 damage), the other missing the General thanks to a natural 1. The 3 dolls locked up, cowering on their failed saves. All the other PCs succeded, being able to flee while frightened instead of mrely cowering helplessly. Ovirnbaane wouldn't have its champion puss out so easily, burning its own action to grant the Fighter a re-roll that succeeded against the DC 40 effect at the cost of the General's next round. The monk and cleric fled afoot back onto the causeway whilst the Queen fled with Torsin via teleport to the other end of the causeway.

Starmight cast seamantle on himself, using the great reach of the pseudopod to transition the Fighter atop the gatehouse via Travel domain before tucking up inside the aforementioned gatehouse.

The Jabberwock flapped its way atop the gatehouse and picked off the monk at 60 paces with its first Greater Vital Strike eye beam that was a confirmed critical hit. The monk, already suffering from 90 points of fire damage although not on fire, absored another 525 points of fire damage. After 20 fire resistance and succeeding a 2nd time against the beam's burn, the monk was incinerated to a total of -307 hit points.

The fighter took one swipe at the Jabberwock, noticed that 30 points per blow was reduced *and* that it regenerates roughly seven times faster than a troll, and promptly fled into the stables. Starmight did his thing, plastering it with a telekinetically-flung volley of 15 flasks of liquid ice. The ladies continued buffing up once Fluff Gugg dropped a remove fear on the Queen and himself.

While Molly Missy was gibbering amidst the warm ashpile of her master, the Jabberwock struck again with another nat-20 Greater Vital Strike eye beam upon the feeling cultist/cleric. Sadly, this shot was against a blurry target that bebefited from being outside of the Jabberwock's 180' true seeing. Nonetheless, the ravening beam of First World fire dealt 320 points of fire damage, putting him at considerably past his 29 CON score, activating his celestial armor's determination property that put the cleric to a "mere" -25 hit points. In the process of the hit he did catch fire, now suffering 18d6 burn to the tune of 63 more points of fire damage, incinerating the poor cleric for the 2nd time in as many rounds along with very nearly all of his gear excepting The Book, his armor and maybe 1 or 2 other items. A wish by Torsin brought the few bits of surviving gear to the PCs. The Queen and Torsin were able to rescue Molly and da Monkette's bracers, belt, amulet and haversack. The rest of the Monkette's gear rests atop the causeway. Everyone still alive/intact fled to the High Folly, thence escaping again to the Material Plane via gate to regroup, drop a true reincarnation upon da Cultist and perhaps (or perhaps not) return Zin Serina once more to the living.

The next session is slated for 10th June.


I love it!

Shadow Lodge

Turin the Mad wrote:
The more developed telling of the tale of today's events, from the GM's point of view. First up, Candlemere.

I am back to reading this thread and have much to catch up on!

I'm just about to start Kingmaker myself, would you mind terribly if I happened to borrow this little setup? Our unfathomable overlords do ever so much need more screen time.

Orthos wrote:
Turin the Mad wrote:
The more developed telling of the tale of today's events, from the GM's point of view. First up, Candlemere.

I am back to reading this thread and have much to catch up on!

I'm just about to start Kingmaker myself, would you mind terribly if I happened to borrow this little setup? Our unfathomable overlords do ever so much need more screen time.

Considering that I borrowed the original expansion upon Candlemere, by all means borrow!

Although my wisps were really really nasty ... ;)

If anything I wish that I had greatly expanded this element of the campaign much more. It would go a long way to explaining why the Stolen Lands are so bereft of anything smacking of the arcane. First up would be occassional visits by an Ancient Osiriani fellow with a penchant for whispering terrible secrets into unquiet minds (in place of the rather lame Gyronna cult).

Matter of fact, I think I'd have the well-meaning colony seeking the PCs sponsorship settle on Candlemere (Tatzylford) instead of "as scripted". Over time artists and dreamers, innovators and inventors flock to the island colony, unaware of certain amphibious, gibbous and squamous horrors that have begun infiltrating the city until later ...

Capping it off I'd branch into a subterranean 'Mountain of Madness' or something.

Shadow Lodge

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't doing it

partially to have an excuse for tossing a Shoggoth in the game somewhere.

I love those things.

I shall keep you posted!

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Turin the Mad wrote:

If anything I wish that I had greatly expanded this element of the campaign much more. It would go a long way to explaining why the Stolen Lands are so bereft of anything smacking of the arcane. First up would be occassional visits by an Ancient Osiriani fellow with a penchant for whispering terrible secrets into unquiet minds (in place of the rather lame Gyronna cult).

Matter of fact, I think I'd have the well-meaning colony seeking the PCs sponsorship settle on Candlemere (Tatzylford) instead of "as scripted". Over time artists and dreamers, innovators and inventors flock to the island colony, unaware of certain amphibious, gibbous and squamous horrors that have begun infiltrating the city until later ...

Capping it off I'd branch into a subterranean 'Mountain of Madness' or something.

Turn it into Slumbering Tsar?

That could be an interesting fit Macharius, *very* interesting. It would certainly flesh out the campaign!

Orthos, by all means elaborate and expand on the Great Old Ones' presence in your campaign.

Pondering a bit further: "Nyarly" cultists (instead of Gyronna) - the Dark Man trumps a petty jealously-obsessed hag any day of the week. Perhaps infused with Shub-Niggurath cultists on the ladies' side of the equation. A gender-seperated cult perhaps? Or maybe "Nyarly" is "Old Dead-Eye", the ultimate prank along the lines of Pelor from Planescape --> 3e.

Colony settles on Candlemere in Chapter 2, early exploration results in a summons to the blasphemous dig site, "baby shoggoths" (chaos beasts) on the upper level, parental units further down.

"V" is no "four horsemen" pansy but a proper cultist of something along the lines of Abhoth or Ghatanothoa ... after all, the poisnous air could be more sinister than mere tar ...

Nodens needs no role on Golarion. With all the other annoying gawds already around, Nodens is busy enough elsewhere.

And don't forget the "three Hastur" rule ^__^. I recommend leaving bits of parchment about the scene as handouts. Perhaps "V" is a devout follower of "H" and uses byakhee en masse to precipitate the events of Chapter 4? The trespassers, instead of measly unpleasant gnomes, are the Grauls gone mad attempting to enact The King in Yellow over and over. You could certainly insert the Dungeon adventure of the same name earlier on to creep them out thoroughly and set the stage for later events in Chapter 4.

Shadow Lodge

I might have to bring back some of the fun stuff I shuffled out for Golismorga. Especially since I never got to finish that chapter.

A most excellent and admirable idea Orthos.

Kill tally for the campaign now stands at 68.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Turin the Mad wrote:
That could be an interesting fit Macharius, *very* interesting. It would certainly flesh out the campaign!

I think it would work best if one scrapped most of the Kingmaker AP and used Stolen Land, Rivers Run Red, and maybe Varnhold Vanishing to prepare the PCs for Slumbering Tsar (ruined city in the wilderness, surrounded by blasted landscape... what happened?) in place of leading up to Sound of a Thousand Screams. They'd have to be fairly heavily rewritten, but you wouldn't have to deal nearly as much with the Kingdom building rules and Mass Combat rules which seems to be a source of complaint for many people.

While on the topic of Frog God Games products, have you been paying attention to Rappan Athuk? I don't think you (or KGM) have done a mega-dungeon recently, if that's something you/your group would be interested in.

As I recall, Rappan Athuk was originally done in 3e. I wasn't overly impressed with it back then. Slumbering Tsar I am interested in. Whether or not it is even up for consideration in a year or two or three is another matter altogether. :)

Fact-check re: PC sit+ep at the conclusion of the previous session:

The PCs had fled to The High Folly but have not yet created a gate back to the Material Plane. This means that Zin Serina and Mulder are still very deceased.

Mulder's next body upon being reincarnated again is a gnome. Chalk this up to the pervasive influence of the First World. Which also means that his armor while retrieved is for the wrong size wearer.

Modification: as Thousandbreaths is so intimately linked to its embodied creatures and glades, so too is the River Kingdoms bound to its rulers. In this case, the energies of 3 deaths have accelerated The Queen of Forgotten Time's plans. At the moment of the second death percentile rolls witnessed by the Queen's player - my second roll of 10% was what it took the blooms occured en masse all across the River Kingdoms. The players won't know this is occuring until they cross back over - provided that the Queen of Forgotten Time is willing to let them depart unfought...

June 10th bodes ill for Our Monarchal Miscreants. ;)

Simply amazing stat blocks Turin. You astound as always.

I don't know when you're planning on creating a new thread for the CoC game. May I offer a humble request/recommendation on the name of the thread, so that readers who follow your other threads and/or mine will know that we are both in on it. Something along the lines of "Turin the Mad & Killer GM's HORROR ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS CALL OF CTHULU CAMPAIGN."

I should be posting Ilthuliak's stat block in the next few days.

KGM, that thread title is too long and cumbersome.

Perhaps "Keeper Faust's Horror on the Orient Express [CoC]" suits better?

Posting thread links in the proper spots should carry the rest of the transferral.

And at long last behold, the mighty Ilthuliak!

Ilthuliak – CR 26 (25 +1 ad-hoc for petrification gaze)

Female double-Exemplar Great Wyrm Black Dragon

CE Gargantuan Dragon (water)

Senses: blindsense 120 ft, darkvision 240 ft, dragon senses; Perception +45

Initiative +9

Aura: frightful presence (720 ft – frightened 7d6 rounds, Will DC 41 negates [10 +13 +18 Cha]); gaze 60 ft petrification (Fort DC 41 negates)

Speed: 80 ft – swamp stride, swim 80 ft, fly 250 ft.

• HIT POINTS: 780, DR 30/magic (26d12 dragon HD [312] +468 CON)
• AC: 59, 50 flat-footed (incorporeal touch +36 natural armor = 42 flat-footed AC/ 51 AC without spells)
• Incorporeal Touch AC: 23, 14 flat-footed (touch +4 mage armor +4 shield spell)
• Touch AC: 15, 6 flat-footed (10 -4 size +9 Dex)
• SR: 40 (30 base as a CR 19 great wyrm +10 double exemplar)
• Immune: acid, paralysis, sleep; magic missiles via shield spell
• Fort +33 (base 15 +18 CON)
• Reflex +24, ring of evasion (base 15 +9 DEX)
• Will +33, reroll 1/day (base 15 +16 WIS +2 iron will)
• RESIST cold 30, electricity 30, fire 30, sonic 30
• PROTECTION cold 120 [____________], electricity 120 [_________], fire 120 [_____________], sonic 120 [_____]
• CMD: 62, 66 vs. trip (base attack 26 +4 size +23 Str +9 Dex)

Ability Scores: 57 Str (+23), 28 Dex (+9), 47 Con (+18), 40 Int (+15), 43 Wis (+16), 40 Cha (+15) = 46 Cha (+18) w/ +6 headband of alluring charisma

Base Attack +26
• Melee AB +45 (26 base -4 size +23 Str)
o Bite +45 (4d6+34 plus 6d6 acid), 2 claws +45 (2d8+34), 2 wings +45 (2d6+11), tail slap +45 (2d8+44)
 Greater Vital Strike Bite +45 (4d6x4+34 plus 6d6 acid)
o CMB Improved Bull Rush +55 (26 base +4 size +23 STR +2 improved bull rush)
• Ranged AB +31 (26 base -4 size +9 Dex)

Special Attacks
o Breath Weapon – 280 ft. line of acid, 6d6x8 acid damage, DC 41 Reflex half (10 +13 +18 Con)
 Acid Pool – 120 ft radius – range 140 ft – 6d6x8 acid on 1st round, 6d6x4 acid on 2nd round, 6d6x2 acid on 3rd round, 6d6 acid on 4th round, 3d6 acid on 5th round, 1d6 acid on 6th round

(Spell-like Abilities – CL 36th, concentration +54 [36 +18 Cha])
o 3/day – mass charm monster (reptiles only, DC 36)
o 1/day – corrupt water
o At will – darkness (120 ft radius), insect plague, plant growth

25th Sorcerer Spell Casting, concentration +43 [25 +18 Cha] – Eschew Materials, Quicken Spell
o 7th (DC 35) (7/day): horrid wilting, limited wish| quickened 3rd level spells
o 6th (DC 34) (10/day): acid fog, disintegrate, flesh to stone | quickened 2nd level spells
o 5th (DC 33) (10/day): teleport, transmute rock to mud, wall of force, 1 of choice | quickened 1st level spells
o 4th (DC 32) (10/day): dimension door, enervation, 1 of choice
o 3rd (DC 31) (10/day): dispel magic, fireball, haste, protection from energy
o 2nd (DC 30) (11/day): acid arrow, invisibility, resist energy, scorching ray, 1 of choice
o 1st (DC 29) (11/day): grease, mage armor, magic missile, ray of enfeeblement, shield
o Cantrips (DC 28): acid splash, bleed, dancing lights, detect magic, mage hand, message, prestidigitation, read magic, resistance

GEAR: +6 headband of alluring charisma; 6000 gp diamonds (borrowed from her hoard - this is not in addition to the gems there.

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