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Two things I can't picture in Dawn of a New Age

Age of Worms Adventure Path

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Does anyone have an image of how room A8 is laid out. It's the room with the trapped Mosaic tiles on the floor in Lashonna's Dungeon. I can't picture it.

Also, Lashonna is waiting in room B2 of the Alhaster Spire. I don't see B2 on the map on p73. Am I missing it? Where is B2?

I recall being a bit confused reading the tower encounters in "Dawn of a New Age." I can't give concrete answers, but I can suggest something that I'm sure you're already considered: fix it yourself as you see fit. I've had to do that with all kinds of modules from 2E to 3.5 Dungeon. I can't get upset because I make more typos than the worst writer, and my math is so bad that my players wonder if my die roll results are ever accurate. ;-)

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