DnD Monster Minis - Legendary Evils Huge Packs

Customer Service

I may have misread when these were first offered on the Paizo site, but I thought two things came into play if you ordered all 8 of these minis.

a) Order all 8 and be sure that you will get 1 of each huge monster.
b) Free shipping, possibly because the order was over $150?

I ordered a quantity of 8 and went to checkout only to find that my order of 8 is being split into 3 orders and I'm being charged shipping on each of the 3 shipments. Is that right? That puts me over my tipping point on what I am willing to spend. Just curious if there should be shipping or not. Thanks!

Please disregard this query. I have received my answer in another thread (under Product Discussions). Thank you!

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