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Your favorite Dungeon character!

Dungeon Magazine General Discussion

As the title says, what's your favorite character(s) from the Paizo era of Dungeon magazine? Personally I often choose prepublished adventures based on whether I think the opponents are interesting and would be fun to use.

I think I'd have to be cliché and say my favorite Paizo NPC is Lashonna, from the Age of Worms adventure path. There's just something about her scheming and the incongrous nature of a silver dragon vampire that appeals to me.

Let me know what you think...

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Modules Subscriber

Avner Meravanchi from the Savage Tide! Unfortunately he was killed by terror birds on the Isle of Dread. I already miss him!

From TWO AP's (SCAP + AoW) it's got to be Celeste. A Ghaele Eladrin who pretends to be a rouge while actually an investigator. You can find her latest exploits in #129.

Celeste: helping your PC's since SCAP.

TommieKnocker wrote:

From TWO AP's (SCAP + AoW) it's got to be Celeste. A Ghaele Eladrin who pretends to be a rouge while actually an investigator. You can find her latest exploits in #129.

Celeste: helping your PC's since SCAP.

Actually, Celeste made it into the Savage Tide and can optionally join you for the final stages of the battle against Demogorgon. So her latest exploits make it through till at least issue 149, don't remember but think she can appear in 150.

And she gets my honorable mention; the playtest characters get my primary vote, as we saw them month after month fighting to save the world and doing outrageous things. I particularly liked the ranger with archery and the wolf pelt and a certain priestess of Wee Jas.

Yeah, *SIGH*. That certain Cleric of WeeJas, shall we just say T.S. or too much info. Anyway, I agree, (as does EVERYONE else) ;)

Grand Lodge

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Modules, Tales Subscriber

No contest here.
Not even close.
No argument.
Thank you Erik Mona; Smenk will go down as one of the top 2 or 3 NPCs ever (along with Strahd and Eclevdra).

Wolfgang Baur's titular Fire Giant's daughter: a typical teenage girl trying to get out from under her parents' oppressive house -- so she uses the PCs. And she's a Fire Giant! It was a loooong time ago but still one my favs.

Ooh, also the baby Crystal Dragon (of Chris Perkins) who gets into mischief by lobbing snowballs at some dwarves as a prank -- I think that was "Dwarven Delve."

Old Man Katan. (And his incredible marching mushroom band.)
Nuff said.

-W. E. Ray

The Faceless One
Vanthus Vanderboren
all of the councilmen in the Styes
That creepy spider collector guy from the Stye's sequal(his name escapes me atm)

Liberty's Edge

Gotta be Rowyn Kellani. So much potential in that character.

Nabthataron from The Demonskar Legacy (#104). A throwaway thug who has become the arch-villain of the SCAP I'm running my wife through. 40 years (~5 years IRL) later and she's still plotting and scheming against him. As a sorcerer, she took Mind Blank specifically as a counter-measure against Nabthataron's divination attempts. He'll be a far more climatic end to the AP than Adimarchus.

I know he's not even going to make the top hundred, but he just worked for our game.

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