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I was revisiting the 'Resources' area for Dungeon magazine, looking for the Online Supplement for Dungeon #148, and found that curiously, there are no Online Supplements for Dungeon #148, #149, nor #150 listed. Did those magazines just not get Supplements made for them? I'd like to get access to maps/portraits from that issue, for digital tabletop gaming, and the quality of the Online Supplements is better than what I could pull of scanning the magazine itself in. Did the issues with Wizards discontinuing that magazine halt the Online Supplements?

I found my own answer with a more specific search; this thread verifies that yes, there are no Online Supplements forthcoming from Paizo for Dungeon 148, 149, and 150. So... has anyone gone through and made nice scans of the maps from the Automatic Hound and removed the map labels?

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