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Kazmojen's fight

Shackled City Adventure Path

My party of 6 had a very easy time with this fight, partly because they were 3/4th level and they had some pretty good luck.
The party consists of a 4th level Large Great Sword wielding Snow Elf Duskblade, a 4th level human wizard, 4th level elven cleric, 3rd level Draconic Gray Elf Ranger, 3rd level Catfolk Rogue, and a 3rd level Draconic Raptoran Monk.
(Their sheets can be found at: hackled+City )

I'm using Recharge Magic and Level Adjustment Buy Back.

They rested up before coming down from Jzadriune. They came in through the kitchen and placed those slaves into the weapons store room until they could leave.

The rogue slipped into the barracks and performed CDGs on the sleeping hobgoblins. Then the duskblade made a ghost sound of feet retreating up towards the entrance foyer from the central hallway, which provoked a silent response of increasing defenses at the double doors while one of the two hobgoblins went to the foyer to investigate and check on the entrance. The party then rushed the room. The ranger took out the remaining southern hobgoblin. As the northern hobs came to the south to help, the monk stood guard to prevent many charging hobs. The duskblade came up to help kill hobgoblins, but before he could, the rogue got curious about the levers and pulled the one on the west, opening the pit trap under the duskblade, he made is reflex save and landed on the far side of the pit from the hobgoblins. The ranger killed one of the hobgoblins next to the monk, the monk put down another then leisurely hopped over the pit (+24 to Jump vs DC 20). A few javalin assults later and a few spells, a failed jump check by a hobgoblin and they were dead. The curious cat found another pit trap with the other lever, but nobody was over it. The final two hobgoblins rush in and die.

As our Duskblade is in a rush to get to level 5 (and switch to a half-troll something), he decided to just bust down the barred door. Everybody chipped in and after three attampts, the iron bar (DC 30!) gave in. Whereupon they found our boss battle. Kaz demanded to know what they wanted, and they replied the children. Pyllrak requested 450 for his 3 children and the party attempted to negotiate, but finally decided to pull a ruse and act to pay then switch it up. I rolled horribly on my Sense Motives to detect this. Pyllrak was dead before he know what happened. The monk partial charged to Kaz and used a stunning fist and hit! DC 16 vs a +9 bonus, piece of cake, right? Nope, I rolled a 3. So, now I have a stunned Kaz who's going to be nauseated next round. Not that it mattered, he was on the ground before long. The howler howled, calling in the reinforcements. The howler also reduced the monk to 0 hp which forced him to "guard" the children for a couple rounds until the cleric could patch him up.
The wizard's spells recharged after the hobgoblins amassed, allowing him to cast Malevolent Miasma, which took out two of them out (good save) and then Sleep 4 of them the next round (bad saves).

The monk did attempt to stun the howler, but missed. He had no more uses since he used one other that day.

We'll see how the rest of the dungeon goes next session.


Liberty's Edge

Kazmojen is a pretty fun fight. My party was level 3 when they got there and they were challenged enough to make it tough but not enough that they couldn't eventually pull through.

There are some great climactic encounters in the campaign as a whole. My party just did Vittriss Bale on Monday and loved it.

My party just fought Kazmojen last session and it was the best battle yet. They are 3rd level and also came through the forge and kitchen. They were easily mopping up hobgoblins at this point and not being very cautious. They barged into Kazmojen's chamber and quickly realized they'd bit off more than they could chew. The howler and Kazmojen rolled really well and made mincemeat out of the party tank fighter and the ranger. They were close to -10 when the rest of the party decided to flee. As they ran, the cleric use his area of effect healing ability, rolled great, and brought both the fighter and ranger back just above 0 hp. They continued to play dead, and Kazmojen and crew ran after the rest of the party. The fighter and ranger then quaffed healing potions until they were almost fully healed and ran after the rest of the group.

A great brawl in the forge ensued as the fleeing PCs tried to hide in the weapons room. The rogue finally killed the howler, which enraged Kazmojen so he turned and attacked her. He scored a crit and did enough damage to take her from full hp to less than -10! It was a serious world-rocking. BUT! he provoked an AoO by picking up his urgrosh before attacking. The rogue and fighter were both in range, and the fighter managed to trip Kazmojen with his guisarme before he got his attack off! I made a new attack roll with the prone penalty and Kazmojen missed the rogue this time. The next round he was dead. It was a wild back-and-forth battle and 3/5 of the party members nearly died, but in the end they were victorious and happy.

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