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Massive Encounter chart ?

Dungeon Magazine General Discussion

Remember massive encounter charts listed by terrain?
The Mother of all Encounter tables is good but that is the only 3.5 one I know of, is there any others?

Does anyone remember the AD&D MM2 ? At the back there were list of every monster by terrain and rarity... as well as instructions on how to put them together to make your own charts.

Is there as list of all the monsters like this by rarity and terrain anywhere ?

How do you DMs usually get your charts?

Does anyone remember the old Monsters by Dungeon Level charts?

What were they in?

Murkmoldiev wrote:
Is there as list of all the monsters like this by rarity and terrain anywhere ?

Ummm .... you're going to hate me, but ... umm ... yes.

At least for the monsters I like and the books I own (hardcover and PDF).

I'm actually in the process of adding images to every monster record, which already includes environmental information. I've subdivided my world into regions, and am also in the process of coding every monster's geographic spread across the world.

Until that's done, I often search all monsters by the terrain in which I plan for the PCs to meet an encounter, find a few I like at the desired CRs and then make a custom random encounter sheet for the next couple sessions.

BTW, "rarity" went away with 2nd Edition. Now you just use stuff as much or little as you like. I have mixed feelings about it. Personally, I think it was a good reference, but I like controlling my encounters a bit more, and think unless you're gaming several times a weeks the PCs need to encounter the rare creatures with undue frequency.



That is rad...
can you email al your hard work to me?

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