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Thinking about half an adventure path

Age of Worms Adventure Path

My group played the Age or Worms adventure path until it fell victim to DM apathy during the Spire of Long Shadows. In the year or so since I've had the opportunity to familiarize myself with the rest of the Adventure Path which we never completed. It seems like it would be relatively simple to turn the second more Kyuss focused half of the adventure path into its own high level arc to use in some later campaign. So help me with this thought experiment: What information from earlier in the campaign would have to be introduced if you were beginning Age of Worms with The Spire of Long Shadows? What aspects of later adventures would have to be changed?


*TFoE is the major opportunity to establish the Ebon Triad as a threat prior to PoR. They should be swapped for a group that has some group already established as a threat in the campaign.
*EaBK and tCB introduce the Spawn of Kyuss. They'll have to be established as a major threat some other way.
*Ilthane is introduced in EaBK and killed in GoW. PoR will have to be altered to account for the fact that the PCs will have never heard of her.

And here's the bonus round. My wife was one of the players in our abbreviated AoW campaign, so she's already played SoLS. She's likely to be a player in any future campaign I run. So what additional changes need to be made if the arc starts with The Prince of Redhand?

In all cases assume that the new high level AoW arc is set in a completely new campaign world and is not a sequel to the earlier campaign.

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