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Escaping Occipitus

Shackled City Adventure Path

RPG Superstar 2008 Top 32

Okay, I've got now down as far as plotting chapter 6. By 'eck, there aren't half a lot of random encounters (in the end, I used my spread sheet to save rolling for every ruddy hour the PCs are outside on the plane (even with an upper limit of one encounter per day!) Anyway, there's a bit of a disconnect between the end of chapter 6 and the start of 7, that nobody seems to make a big deal of. So either I'm missed something or everyone just fudges it a bit...

How do the PCs escape Occipitus? Nothing is mentioned, they just pop back into Cauldron at the start of chapter 7. I mean, the obvious answer is plane shift, but having just done several buckets of random encounters, I really don't fancy making up a mean 250-mile journey - and I'm fairly sure the PCs will be sick of 'em too, by that point!

How does everyone else handle this (especially if you have a party sans cleric or handy scrolls of Plane Shift)?

Aotrscommander wrote:
How does everyone else handle this (especially if you have a party sans cleric or handy scrolls of Plane Shift)?

This thread discusses getting back from Occipitus. Teleport is extremely useful for relocating at the end of a plane shift.

I allowed the Smoking Eye Template to have a "perfect" plane shift (which is a one way power as it only works in the Skull of Occipitus). Demon Lords should be able to appear right where they want to be heading, rather than plane shift followed by teleport.

By that point in time, our travelling cleric had Teleport and Plane Shift, so it wasn't an issue for us. As for the transition, it was fairly easy, as I had a downtime for the group where they popped back and forth from the plane. The new ruler took some time to figure things out and gather treasure from the plane for his fellows.

Starting Chapter 7 was no problem, as Ike could cast divination to find out the best time to attack the entire group, and set the assassins onto them.

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