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Old adventures to convert for Savage Tide.

Savage Tide Adventure Path

I've been looking through my old issues of Dungeon for potential ideas on little side-quests to throw into the cracks in STAP. I've seen some excellent suggestions as to add-ons to Sea Wyvern's Wake (such as "Tammeraut's Fate", "Last Breaths of Ashenport", "Dragon Hunters", "Last Shrine of Tamoachan", and so forth), but what I'm considering are ways beyond just the start-up of the campaign.

My introductory adventure is probably going to be "Mad God's Key", but I'm looking for link-in adventures beyond that. "War of the Wielded" is definitely on the list as well. However, I was thinking largely of additional swamp/marsh/jungle adventures, often with treasure/tomb maps found in previous sessions, with the possbilities of nautical adventures as well.

Right now, my list of possibilities includes:

* map: "The Pit" (#17)
* map: "Elephant Graveyard" (#15)
* map: "The Moor-Tomb Map" (#13)
* interlude: "Going Once, Going Twice..." (#13)
* interlude: "Irongard" (#18)
* interlude: "Forsaken Arch" (#120)
* interlude: "Roarwater Caves" (#15)

Any other suggestions or ideas that can easily be tied to Sasserine or its environs?

I ran this as my first adventure. It worked a treat as I was able to introduce Rowyn Kellani and Keltar Islaran early.

I haven't really done much with Sasserine and her environs, but I have started tinkering a little with the Isle of Dread.

I'm currently in the process of converting the 'Siege of the Spider Eaters' (Dungeon 137) to replace the lone aranea encounter in 'Here There Be Monsters'. So far, I've advanced the monstrous spiders in the village to large and huge respectively. I have replaced all the skeletons with caryatid columns and added a cutlass spider to Captain Haven Fara's treasure room. Finally, I have made Galen a rogue 5/fighter 4, who specializes in fighting with a lance on his pet spider eater's back.

"The Leopard Men" (Dungeon 22)
"The Land of the Men with Tails (Dungeon 56)

Both of these tie in with "The Elephant's Graveyard".

Cool thread. I am planning an Isle of Dread sandbox campaign - that is, the characters start the campaign embarking from Sasserine, and will stay on the Isle throughout the campaign. My players always complain about railroading (even when it's not), so a completely free sandbox environment must be what they want, then..

Great suggestions for side treks. I need a lot of side treks to make the sandbox work. I will have to check my collection when I get home for some more ideas.

When my players want to go do a little exploring (after we finish Tides of Dread) before the start of the next adventure in the AP, I will run "Rana Mor" for them. I cannot remember offhand what is the issue number but I figured it would serve as a nice, easy adventure for them.

I am also considering using the backroads and crossroads described in the Magic of Faerun supplement (it's 3.0 edition but still useable) as a means for the pcs to be able to return to Sasserine without the 3 month trek back (no one in the group is a real mage and they will only get access to teleport when the gun mage in the group is like 14th level or something like that).

CB Out.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Modules Subscriber

I have added Tammeraut's fate and The hidden shrine of Tamoachan. I am also going to add Torrents of Dread (dungeon 114) and The Porphyry House Horror (dungeon 95).
Perhaps I will also add Twisted Night (dungeon 149) and Strike on the Rabid Dawn (dungeon 111).

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