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The Thread Celestial

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I'm starting to think this house was built on a mages' sacred burial ground, and at least a couple made regular use of time stop.

{puts tentacles on TV screen}

Silver Crusade

That might explain all the summoning circles.

I thought those were aliens' crop circles. Huh.

If they're for summoning fiends, that could explain alot. However, it does pose a new question: Why are the summoned fiends so interested in rectal probing the Prime Material yokels?

Silver Crusade

The Prime Material yokels were totally asking for it.

I made some yolk 'L's one time when I was cooking.

Why is my hair on fire?

What's especially weird about that is I have no hair.

Well, after the CDC confiscated the leprosy-laden armadillo petting zoo, you cracked open a bottle of Ol' Janx Spirit and started drinking. About an hour later, you shouted something about Mrs. Frisby and Nicodemus weighing the same as a duck and therefore witches... so you set your Burt Reynold's Franklin Mint Commemorative Toupee Collection on fire.

CH & I made s'mores though. {offers plate of s'mores to CF}

Silver Crusade

The s'mores are tasty, if you are a fan of burnt hair.

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