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The Thread Celestial

Off-Topic Discussions

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I made sure I got the good vodka out. The last bottle turned out to be bleach. Was I ever embarrassed.

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June Cleaver wrote:

*takes a shot of holy water*

*vomits a slain mohrg*

Mmm. Spicy.

Wow! You really are the Beast.

<Gets the mop out for the mohrg>

Celestial Healer wrote:
Won't that burn you, Gentleman Nurn?

I'm a Slaad. It's Holy, not Axiomatic. *bottoms up*

Besides, a little burn is good for the digestion, yeeessss.

I am Bouncer of the Holy Flame of Law. I got your burn right here.

Oh no. Not again...

Silver Crusade

Good! Start with June Cleaver!

*eats the flatware*

Aw, dang it! Now I'll have to conjure more!

<Conjures flatworms>

Celestial Follower wrote:

Aw, dang it! Now I'll have to conjure more!

<Conjures flatworms>

Don't entice her with junk food. The more flatworms she eats the less weight she gains. We'll never be able roll her off of thread.

*looks up with a flatworm hanging out of her mouth*


You heard nothing.

June, I hear there's plenty of flatworms on Mars.

*goes to Mars*


That was unexpected...

Is that part of her normal reproductive process? Are there June spores all over Barsoom now?

Watch out, John Carter!

Exterminatus would be lovely now, yeeesssss.

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Gentleman Nurn wrote:
Exterminatus would be lovely now, yeeesssss.

June isn't secretly {gasps}... Junros, progenitor of the Cleavleks, is she?

Or maybe I just picked the wrong week to start taking hits of LSD off squares of the Weekly World News?

Silver Crusade

Whatever she is, she is someone else's problem now.

At least until she Cleaverforms the entire planet in her own image, then begins her silent and hungry trek across the voids between the stars searching for new worlds to infect and consume. Hence why it would be mutually beneficial for us to eradicate the planet before that task is complete.

I would say I'm normally not in favor of preemptive violence, but I'd be lying, yeeessss.

I think this calls for delicious yam tortes!

Maybe I should have used pumpkin instead of yam?

Silver Crusade

*looks at the yam torte he has used to prop up the short leg of his chair*

What makes you say that?

Things just haven't been the same here since June left. *sigh*

Liberty's Edge

Silly celestials, June isn't the summer month.

Silver Crusade

Maybe we could summon her back.

Ooooh, that would be great, boss!

And you're right, Gark. Now that June is gone, I feel like my heart is in the wintry depths of the Antarctic in July.

Make sure you do the circle RIGHT this time.

A circle doesn't have a right, it is circular and without direction.

Poor circles. Some day they'll get rights.

Hopefully you can gate her back before she attempts to mate with Curiosity.

That would cause a cascade of failed SAN checks among NASA engineers.

Oh wait! I think I have a Turney's flask in this coat somewhere, yeeessss....

Aren't NASA engineers already insane, that they think they can touch the sky?

You celestials have fun with June, Shakespeare Hippy, and everyone else. I'm off to Gen Con 2012 with my trusty paladin steed and a nice shiny sword.

Silver Crusade

*draws pentagram*

*summons June Cleaver*


*melts into puddle of goo*

Silver Crusade

Hmm. That might actually be an improvement.

*scoops it into the flask*

Right. Where's the microwave?

Dark Archive

Oh no, that's concentrated evil... you're not putting it in me.

Well, I'm open to other suggestions, yeeesssss.

*hold monster on the guy who just started casting* Not THAT kind of suggestion.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Shiny Joy Microwave of Sparkle wrote:
Oh no, that's concentrated evil... you're not putting it in me.

*face emerges from the goo*

That's what I said to Ward on our wedding night!

*returns to goo state*

*thwacks the side of the flask* Quiet down in there.

Did I forget to clean the cat litter?

/eets eth ogo.

Silver Crusade


It smells like poodles in here.

Puddles r liek ryce, ew pik op flafours.

Silver Crusade

*tries to turn Puddle*

*tries to disintegrate Puddle*

{adds tropical punch kool-aid to Puddle}

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