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Tongue Eater beaten

Shackled City Adventure Path

Wow, we ended a session with Tongue Eater closing in on the party - after they had been worked over horribly by the Hill Baboons.

The fey sorcerer cast something requiring a will save and TongueEater was on the floor howling in laughter for five rounds while the party fighters chopped him into tiny bits.

Man, every time I think 'these guys are dead'...Can't wait to see what happens with the t-rex!

What T-Rex? The skeleton T-Rex in the Kopru Ruins or is there another one I am forgetting about?

My group had no trouble with the skeleton T-Rex or Tarkilar, yet the Hexblade managed to die in the encounter with the Ogre Zombies!

Olaf the Stout

I thought my players were going to have trouble with Tongue-Eater (the only silver weapon they had was one silver dagger...), but the warlock stepped up to the plate as usual!

The T. rex skeleton was interesting. The PCs were plinking away at it, and then the cleric decided it would be a good idea to cast Enlarge Person and go toe to toe with it. One big CHOMP made him change his mind. :-)

Liberty's Edge

When my party got there it was an awesome fight. The group is headed for the soul pillars now and the Toungeater fiht is still remembered fondly.

yes, the skeletal t-rex.

I have high hopes. They're pretty cagey now though. I'm also excited about a souped-up Triel encounter. If she's lawful, the place will be crawling with summoned fiendish apes...until those pesky pc's ruin my plans in the name of fun!

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