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Pathfinder Licensee Pre-Order! TOME OF SECRETS

Product Discussion

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Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber; Pathfinder Battles Case Subscriber

I'm truly excited for a book like this. I liked the concept of the knight from the PHB2 and it looks cool at first glance but once you started reading it the knight fell far short of it's inspiration. I always loved the warlock so I'm really excited about both of these classes. The only concern I have is if paizo is going to produce any of those same classes like the knight in a future book of theirs or if, with this publication, they shall adopt the work of Adamant. While it won't stop me from snagging the pdf version it may very well keep me from a print edition

thenorthman wrote:

Should a person get there the very first day into the store area.

I guess what I am asking is their a limited print run? I know I can get a PDF, which I also plan to, but I also like a actual printed copy. That is the reason I like the subscriptions so much because I am getting both for the same price. :O)

The limited run will only be enough to cover all pre-order customers, plus another 60 copies or so for GenCon.

If you're wanting the PDF+printed copy, your best bet is to do the pre-order. That way if demand is higher than expected, and we sell out at GenCon, you don't have to wait until the main distribution release hits stores in late October/early November.

Our newest preview has just been posted in the General subforum:

Preview #3: Kellaine the Swashbuckler

Gareth-Michael Skarka wrote:

Our newest preview has just been posted in the General subforum:

Preview #3: Kellaine the Swashbuckler

I would like to hear more about the Spellblade and Shaman meself

Pathfinder Tales Subscriber

I'm wonder what the Knight and Priest class are like.

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