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PC related to the Kellanis... sort of. (Spoilers, of course)

Savage Tide Adventure Path

Scarab Sages

Hey all,

My players are starting the STAP this weekend, and I wanted to run this situation by you all. One of the PCs is a Noble district Sorceror who wanted his family to be minor, *minor* nobility, and just be peripherally tied to one of the more powerful Sasserine families. So, I gave him the list of names, Vanderboren and Kellani included, and that was all. No info about them - just the names. I was operating on the idea that, Well... you don't get to *choose* your family in life, you just get stuck with them.

In any case, he chose to be related to and have economic ties with... the Kellani Family. That being said, and knowing the player and the character idea he's come up with, I suspect that he'll stick with aiding Lavinia. Especially since he's affiliated with the Dawn Council.

The question is this: What sort of ramifications do you all think he and his immediate family should expect from the Kellani family following the events of "There is no Honor"? Apart from the ones mentioned in The "Bullywug Gambit" and "Sea Wyvern's Wake", that is. Anything?

Seeing as this is the Kellani family, I'd expect more than just being avoided at the next family function. heh.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Modules Subscriber

You could organize a family gathering before the group discovers the Lotus Dragon hideout and create the impression that something fishy is going on. E.g. Rowyn arrives with bodyguards who are clearly criminals or are acting mysteriously.
It would also be nice to let Heldrath perhaps recruit the character as a spy in the Vanderboren family.

Afterwards he could be disinherited. Perhaps the family tries to ruin his reputation by staging some sort of incident to blacken his name.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

My players are also with the Dawn Council (some of them). They did a great show of trying to redeem Rowyn, and partially succeeded (as posted earlier, she is now a crown princess in the South Kingdom).

Maybe a PC kinsman of hers would be interested in such a plot.

Scarab Sages

Could be he would be interested in that. He's very... Neutral minded, in general. heh But he's proud of his own minor noble family. I suspect that he will be upset at the thought of the next head of the Kellani family consorting with (leading, even) torturers, murderers, and common thieves.

I think what happens with her in the lair is going to depend largely on how they approach. If they kick in a door and are out for blood, I don't know that the other members of the party are going to listen much to him when he recognizes her. ;) We'll see! Should be a fun confrontation, at any rate!

thanks all!

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Modules Subscriber

Perhaps Rowyn can use the family connection to her advantage and pretend she has been duped or even kidnapped by villains. ("I would never do such a thing. You know me, we are family!"). Perhaps combined with a fascinate/suggestion/charm person.

Just an idea to make it more complicated :-)

My Rowyn is still alive. She has been manipulating the PCs to no end. Now she is learning to be a thrall of Malcanthet and will reappear somewhere near the end of the campaign. Perhaps one PC will have to fight her for the throne of big D :-)

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