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Lightless Depths + Tortles

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Okay, so one of my players is running a tortle PC (from, like, Dungeon #6!). Clearly, one of his primary goals in life is to figure out where the heck he came from and what he is.

I've been planning on incorporating tortles into the history and ecology of the Isle of Dread, but I haven't had time to develop this yet. So far the vague idea that I have is that the remnant of tortles remaining on the Isle of Dread are enslaved, perhaps by Emraag? I think it would be fun for the PC to have the opportunity to free his people.

We just finished up Tides of Dread (which my players LOVED, though they're itching to get away from Farshore for a while), so I need to get cracking on this. Any ideas/suggestions/whatevers would be most appreciated!


Pathfinder Adventure Path, Modules Subscriber

Can you use parts of the original adventures Tortles of the purple sage I and II (dungeon 7)? I think there is something in them about the origin of the tortles. Or have you already played these adventures?

You could also use Dragon hunters (dungeon 104) and replace the captured elves with tortles. Dragon hunters fits well on the isle of dread. It is also a jungle adventure, in the same atmosphere. And if you wish, you could even replace the centaurs with Olman or phanaton.

Sovereign Court

I don't really want to add a full side adventure in, as we've taken well over a year to make it half-way through the adventure path and only have a year to finish. But I appreciate the ideas and feedback, Luna eladrin! :)

In the end, I decided to simply add in a society of tortles enslaved to Emraag the Glutton. Dragon turtle + tortle slaves seems like a good fit, and I'd been hinting to the PC that part of his destiny was to free his people. What the player doesn't realize is that most of the slaves view Emraag as their god (while some are waiting for a shining savior to free them). And he nearly got himself killed when he immediately decided to attack the dragon turtle instead of learning more about the situation...I forgot the character is a little hot-headed, and I certainly didn't expect him to so recklessly endanger his ship (now capsized) and crew (only a handful survived).

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Modules Subscriber

Nice to add Emraag in this way. I like Emraag a lot, and I feel he deserves a more important role in the STAP.

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