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Mr. Frost,
I just had a few questions on an idea I was working, as I just stumbled onto the "Write for Pathfinder Society" section. I've read through the requirements, what to do/not do, and I just had a few quick questions in regards to the setting. You wrote that you are looking for scenarios in the Inner Sea region, but are there any exceptions to this? For example, I really want to do something in a remote area in The Lands of the Linnorn Kings. I'm not inventing any new rivers, but it does involve an isolated settlement, and for the most part is pretty self contained. I just would like some feed back if this would be possible. If not then I can easily change the setting, but it's mostly the flavor of the area that draws me to it. If this isn't the best avenue for this kind of discussion I could email you from now on, but I wasn't entirely sure what would be proper.


If the nation is on the map labeled "Inner Sea Region" included with the campaign setting book, then it's okay. The Land of the Linnorm Kings is on that map. :-)

lol for some reason when I saw the labeling "Inner Sea Region" I thought it meant the area around Absalom and other areas surrounding that body of water, but I later noticed the top of the map was labeled "Inner Sea Region" as well...and well you know the rest :)

** RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

I've now completed the first draft of a murder mystery scenario for levels 1-7 and the bulk of the work went into the investigation and PC interaction. Before starting the second draft can I please check that the following is acceptable? I'm not giving away any spoilers.

The investigation itsef will qualify as an encounter as it will take some time (it's a proper investigation that requires research, analysis and targeted action, then repeat as required). The investigation can also get the party killed if they do it badly. The other encounters depend on how much time has passed in game and the actions of the PCs.

I also need to find a setting where a king has just overthrown his brother and taken the throne by force. The king hates magic users and has banned spellcasting. He has a fort or castle occupied by about 100 soldiers and a similar number of servants and hangers on. The castle needs to be in a fortified and hard to reach location with no town directly attached, but there should be a number of fortified towns within half a days travel which the king has control over. The kings word is law.

I'd assumed the River Kingdoms would be ideal, and they are, except 22 of them have been detailed and none of them are quite right. I have two options if I stick with the River Kingdoms:
1) As it's a small castle I could try and squeeze a small kingdom in between some others. Rivalry and local warfare is a necessity anyway and this gives me a reason.
2) I could overthrow one of the people listed in the River Kingdoms book as the kings change yearly in some places. It wouldn't be a major kingdom as they're not appropriate. Is that allowed, or should I treat the written kingdoms as unchangeable for now?

If neither option 1 or 2 is valid then can anyone think of another location for the type of kingdom I've described?

Is there a time limit, such as a forthcoming submission deadline or an end to the open call that I should be specifically aiming for?



We're not looking for open call authors to create new locations and cannon. We prefer that you work with the existing setting and wow us with your writing and adventure ideas before we give you the keys to write new locations for our world.

** RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

I'm not trying to create cannon, just stick a castle somwhere appropriate for the plot. If I can't use one of the smaller unlisted river kingdoms referred to in the book, can I drop a castle into another country or is a castle too big? For example I might need an NPC to own a house and I'm assuming I can just pick a town for it to exist in. Is there a limit to how big a structure I can create for my NPC? Castle, fort, mansion, shack etc...

If I drop it into another country then it may need to be a noble with a border castle instead of a king, which might work if the country is suitable.. Is that a possibility?

My king is unlikely to last long enough to become cannon as he's not the smartest cookie in the pot, and that's not a spoiler either...


I don't want to set precedent by vetting ideas before they're submitted. Submit what you think works and I'll let you know how I feel about it in an email after I've read the submission.

** RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

It's some way from submission yet as it's only a first draft, but I'll look at alternative locations to see if there's anything that will integrate better. The next draft needs names and places, most of which will provide their own plot devices and rumours, so I need to get this right before progressing. Thanks for the feedback.

I have no idea if this thread is still being used or not as the last posting seems to have been 2 years ago. I am very excited to be submitting something to you and would like to know when the current session of open calls deadline is?


Rolling, there is no deadline, but there is (I think) a large slush pile.


I had a response that the query had been received, and that it would be evaluated in the order it was received, for what that means. They are still running the open call and replying, so I take it as a good ign.

Shadow Lodge **

Prepare for a long wait I'm afraid. Apparently there is a huge backlog.

I sent my submission in December, still waiting for feedback on the adventure itself. :(

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