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Cartography Tutorial

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A. Old School Dungeons

Early D&D This used a powder blue background. So We will draw this in Microsoft Word.

1. Open a Word Document

2. Go into the Draw Menu in the lower left corner.

3. select GRID and set vert/horiz grid spacings to 0.2 cm

YOu should have a nice blue background with square grid on it.

4. Go into AUTOSHAPES and select freeform from the lines option.

5. Starting at a point on the blue grid, draw a line while holding the mouse button down so that you draw three caves off a central fourth cave. As you bring the line around to a point near your origin, avoid joining them up. This provides you with a mouth opening to your cave.

6. Having a wireframe cave on your blue background it is most likely selected so go to the fill colour bucket and select white.
you should now have a white cave on a blue background.

7. Select the TEXTBOX item in each cave and streach out to a centimetre square so you can type a number designation for each cave and select NO FILLCOLOUR and NO LINECOLOUR from each menu.

8. Set the Number designation to a light grey so it is barely visible against the white.

9. Position a Text box with NO FILLCOLOUR and NO LINECOLOUR. Put in SIZE 22 ARIAL BLACK with colour set to light yellow the words THE BANDIT CAVES.

10. Select it all with a hold down mousebutton and drag. Then having selected everything in the Area, go to the Draw menu and select group.

There is your Basic D&D Dungeon.

The Exchange

This should be better for you: LINK

If you dont see the posted jpg marked thebanditcaves then you will need to sign up with the forum...

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