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Grand Lodge

;o) Serious fails on my searching them. Perhaps it was my translations that were amiss. Thanks again for the info.


Yeah Shadowlodge games days always have at least game per slot for 1-5 players (with the higher tier games by request), if there is a sudden influx of low level interest at any store there is always a couple of extra people who can GM

Shadow Lodge

I'm so bored, I'm making characters out of boredom. Is it next week yet?

Grand Lodge *

I am playing First Steps via the forum PbP at the moment for giggles. Already got the 1st part chronicle. Because I am on travel a lot its hard for me to attend games regularly.

That said? I had NO issues in getting into low tier games and have a level 2 and a level 3 character + two level 1s with some xp on the books.

Shadow Lodge ***

Well as Luke has shown his City Bias i should add my Burwood Bias, I organize the Burwood Games Days on the last Saturday of every month and i can guarantee that i try to make sure that there is a low level game on offer each month as previous mentioned demand can sometimes change what we might offer, but we love new players (FRESH MEAT!!!) and try to accommodate everyone they say they will attend. On a parallel line Al is one of the best people to talk to in regards to rules questions.

Grand Lodge

;o) As it turns out, was my nub skill rolling high. After taking a look see at the warhorn page, and the detail, well, enough said. Humble pie and all that.
Hondo, when work turns normal for me, i intend to become a semi reg at Burwood. When and if, i will see you there. And any others watching this thread.


Still waiting for Burwood30 registration :p

Shadow Lodge

Come on level 8-9's... Daddy needs some new shoes.


Well Im rocking a level 2, and my mates will be first timers so... Daddy needs a noob adventure!

LocalDave wrote:
powell01 wrote:
Helaman wrote:
The Gong may be a good weekend!
Thinking about Gongcon. Just want to find out what's on offer beforehand.
Hey all! Just stepping in as a member of University of Wollongong's gaming club, the Guild, to let you all know some details about Gongcon, which we are indeed holding over the weekend of 21st to 22nd of July. We have a large building on campus, the McKinnon Building, confirmed as our venue. There will be boardgames and tabletop wargames, plus collectable card games, hopefully including a Magic the Gathering tourney with prize money, organized by the guys at Good Games Wollongong. There will also be movie marathons run by the Harry Potter Society (who will also be running Wizard Chess and Quidditch on the lawn outside McKinnon) and the Manga/Anime Society, and Rotoract will be holding sausage sizzles etc right outside the doors, with other food amenities hopefully open nearby on campus. At this point, apart from the Pathfinder games run by the Shadowlodge, we have three other confirmed rpgs- Dave Posener will be running Stranglehold- a Pathfinder political intrigue for a group of despicable villains of level 7, Michael Sweet will be running Jenolan Jaunt, a Call of Cthulhu scenario set in Jenolan Caves, and Dan Morgan will be running a desert island survival scenario using, I believe, Basic Roleplaying, which I have played through using another system and is a blast, as all Dan's adventures are. We are still accepting submissions from GMs (if any of you are interested in running something, contact me at for a volunteer form) until the end of May. I'm hoping for two or three other rpgs (I wish I could run an oldschool d&d game myself, but I will be busy co-ordinating the others). From what I gather, there should be loads of Pathfinder fun via the Shadowlodge- check with Al Rigg for details. Entry for the whole weekend will be $10, though there may be another small charge for things like the Magic tourney and so on. We will be taking...

Hey again- it has been a while since I was here. Just a note to let you all know that Gongcon was pushed back a week to th 28th & 29th of July, and will no longer be in McKinnon but in building 24. All of the details have been updated at our Facebook event. :-)

Shadow Lodge


I'd like to travel light on Saturday. I was wondering if I had a pdf of my character sheet (all current, from my level to equips and gold) and just have a pen, paper and dice... Would I still be good to play?


I've only done 4 sessions, but have yet to pull a rulebook out... so...
bring a core rulebook though on the vague chance.


I see the 30th has one lowbie module and its a Part 2.

Do you have to have done part 1?

trying to work out where to place my accompanying n00bs.

Shadow Lodge ***

@Hannya Electronic copy is fine, i would do they same if i had a decent PDF reader and there is bound to be a few core rulebooks floating around if you need one

On a separate note Warhorn is now live for Burwood games day on the 30th and we are running the special event Module Dawn of the Scarlet Sun on the 17th at Burwood, so if you are coming on down please register on Warhorn.

Shadow Lodge

MEETUP.COM event updated. Sorry for misinfo.


Hey Shifty, Part 1 (The Bloodcove Disguise) provides a little background info, but it is not necessary to have played it beforehand.


Ahhh sweet, I will get the guys on the case then.

Shadow Lodge

Holy Cow, check this out: Tabletop Forge

Play campaigns with maps, tokens n shizz via Google+!

Just sticking my head in here to say hello.

I hail from Oberon, and I'm trying to organise a few Pathfinders to hit Penrith some time soon. perhaps 8 players.
Or maybe GongCon.

Shadow Lodge


I'm allowed to pay and have my weapon/armor enchanted with properties at my level of fame, right?

Dark Archive **

+1 Enchantments are on the 'Always Available' list. Anything more than that you'll need to observe the fame limit for the total cost of the weapon.

Silver Crusade



Endrian wrote:
Hey Shifty, Part 1 (The Bloodcove Disguise) provides a little background info, but it is not necessary to have played it beforehand.

Thanks, we had a great time.

Your advice was solid :)

Grand Lodge *

finally back from o/sea's


Welcome back...!

Shadow Lodge ***

Ladies and Gentleman the Next Pathfinder Society Games day at Good Games Burwood is now open for discussion please head over to the Event page and give us your opinion about you want us to run

For more information please go to Shadow Lodge Facebook page or the Facebook Event page

Sovereign Court ***** Venture-Lieutenant, Australia—Sydney aka Luke_Parry

Ladies and Gentlemen, I wish to officially note that the modules for Sydney Shadow Lodge this month will be:

Pathfinder Society Scenario #27: Our Lady of Silver

A Pathfinder Society Scenario designed for 5th to 9th level characters (Tiers: 5–6 and 8–9).

You and your fellow Pathfinders are sent to Katheer, the shining capital of Qadira, to witness the wedding of Pathfinder Faireven to the wealthy and beautiful Lady of Silver and bring back a trove of relics given to the Society as part of the wedding dowry. When the wedding is disrupted by unscrupulous thieves, you soon find yourself dodging double-crosses, accusations of grave robbery, and worse. You must find the relics soon, or risk facing the eternal expulsion of the Society from the treasure-filled deserts of Qadira.


Pathfinder Society Scenario #2-23: Shadow's Last Stand—Part I: At Shadow's Door

A Pathfinder Society Scenario designed for 1st to 7th level characters (Tiers: 1-2, 3-4 and 6-7).

The Shadow Lodge’s assault on the Pathfinder Society has come to a head in the Andoren city of Almas, where renegade Shadow Pathfinders have taken over the Grand Cathedral of Aroden, holding the Pathfinders and Venture-Captain stationed there hostage. You must gain entry into the overrun Pathfinder lodge and put an end to the open warfare within the Society.

Sign-up is now live on warhorn :-)

Just a reminder, we will be starting at 10:15am :-)

For more information, feel free to post here, or peruse the Facebook Event Page.

Shadow Lodge **

Blacktown Shadow Lodge is being held again the 5th August at Unlimited Hobbies.

First Session: (10:30 - 2:30)
#3-19 The Icebound Outpost (1-5)
#3-10 Immortal Conundrum (5-9)
#26 Lost at Bitter End (7-11)

Second Session: (2:30 - 6:30)
#3-07 Echoes of the Overwatched (1-5)
#3-25 Storm the Diamond Gate (3-7)
#36 Echoes of the Everwar (7-11)

Sign up at Warhorn.

Comment on the Facebook page.

Paizo event page here. (Event code: #8660)

Shadow Lodge ****

One week to go until Gong-Con!

A reminder of the schedule for Pathfinder Society play is below. However, if you're interested in coming to Gong-Con to play Pathfinder Society but have played all the games on offer, let me know and I'll do what I can to accommodate you. We'll have most, if not all, scenarios available so with a little notice, we may be able to pull some extra tables together to run something for veteran groups.

Saturday July 28 Morning (9AM - 2PM)

  • We Be Goblins!: A most unusual adventure for 1st-level goblin characters. Characters provided.
  • Mists of Mwangi: A Pathfinder Society Scenario designed for 1st to 5th level characters.
  • First Steps—Part I: In Service to Lore: A Pathfinder Society Scenario designed for 1st level characters.
  • The Quest for Perfection—Part I: The Edge of Heaven: A Pathfinder Society Scenario designed for Levels 1–5.
  • Shades of Ice—Part I: Written in Blood: A Pathfinder Society Scenario designed for 1st to 5th level characters.

Saturday July 28 Afternoon (3PM - 8PM)

  • Dawn of the Scarlet Sun: An adventure for six 5th-level characters—such as the six iconic heroes provided.
  • Voice in the Void: A Pathfinder Society Scenario designed for 1st to 7th level characters.
  • First Steps—Part II: To Delve the Dungeon Deep: A Pathfinder Society Scenario designed for 1st level characters.
  • The Quest for Perfection—Part II: On Hostile Waters: A Pathfinder Society Scenario designed for Levels 1–5.
  • Shades of Ice—Part II: Exiles of Winter: A Pathfinder Society Scenario designed for 1st to 5th level characters.

Sunday July 29 Morning (9AM - 2PM)

  • Master of the Fallen Fortress: A dungeon-based adventure for 1st-level characters.
  • The Penumbral Accords: A Pathfinder Society Scenario designed for 1st to 5th level characters.
  • First Steps—Part III: A Vision of Betrayal: A Pathfinder Society Scenario designed for 1st level characters.
  • The Quest for Perfection—Part III: Defenders of Nesting Swallow: A Pathfinder Society Scenario designed for 1st to 5th level characters.
  • Shades of Ice—Part III: Keep of the Huscarl King: A Pathfinder Society Scenario designed for 1st to 5th level characters.

More information here.

Hope to see you there!


Shadow Lodge ****

Winterfest is the annual roleplaying convention organised by the Blacktown Games Day Association, and held at Blacktown North Public School, 1 Bessemer Street, Blacktown.
Pathfinder Society games are organised this year by the Shadow Lodge, and Living Forgotten Realms games are organised by the Blacktown Games Day Association.
The venue is air-conditioned and soft drinks, chips and choccies are available. There will also be moderate catering facilities to enable you to purchase food for Saturday Lunch and Dinner and Sunday Lunch.

Registrations are now live, so sign up straight away to avoid disappointment at the Winterfest site on Warhorn.
You can also join the conversation on the Facebook event listing.

The Pathfinder schedule is as follows.

Saturday August 11 Morning (9AM - 1:30PM)

  • We Be Goblins (1)
  • The Temple of Empyreal Enlightenment (1-5)
  • The Midnight Mirror, Part 1 (3-5)
  • From Shore to Sea, Part 1 (5-7)
  • Haunting of Hinojai (5-9)
  • The Harrowing, Part 1 (8-10)

Saturday August 11 Afternoon (1:30PM - 6PM)

  • The Goblinblood Dead (1-5)
  • The Midnight Mirror, Part 2 (3-5)
  • From Shore to Sea, Part 2 (5-7)
  • Portal of the Sacred Rune (7-11)
  • The Harrowing, Part 2 (8-10)

Saturday August 11 Evening (6:30PM - 11PM)

  • The Frostfur Captives (1-5)
  • The Icebound Outpost (1-5)
  • Dawn of the Scarlet Sun (4-6)
  • From Shore to Sea, Part 3 (5-7)
  • The Harrowing, Part 3 (8-10)

Sunday August 12 Morning (9AM - 1:30PM)

  • The Icebound Outpost (1-5)
  • Song of the Sea Witch (3-7)
  • Wonders in the Weave, Part 1: The Dog Pharoah's Tomb (5-9)
  • The Golden Serpent (5-9)
  • The Rats of Round Mountain, Part 1: The Sundered Path (7-11)

Sunday August 12 Afternoon (1:30PM - 6PM)

  • The Temple of Empyreal Enlightenment (1-5)
  • Storming the Diamond Gate (3-7)
  • The Immortal Conundrum (5-9)
  • Wonders in the Weave, Part 2: Snakes in the Fold (5-9)
  • The Rats of Round Mountain, Part 2: Pagoda of the Rat (7-11)

Winterfest is held in memory of Richard Priest. The organisers will be raising money for cancer research so please bring some extra dollars along with you.

See you there!

Shadow Lodge



Hey Al!

You got a spare Aasimar boon? I got this idea for a character see...

Shadow Lodge



Sorry, closest I got was a kind offer of an Iffrit :(

The Exchange *** Venture-Lieutenant, Australia—Sydney

Shou wrote:

I agree, more people should sign up to the Harrowing... It's not that scary... }:)

Shadow Lodge


Alice Margatroid wrote:

I'm not actually from Newcastle per se--I live in Port Stephens. But, close enough! Honestly, I'm just surprised there's someone apart from myself and a close friend of mine interested in Pathfinder, haha...

If you're keen to play locally, a very good mate of mine has recently started Pathfinder and his group plays fairly regularly. If you don't mind playing with a bunch of Air Force dudes I'm sure they'll welcome you. PM me if you're interested. I'm also interested in the Sydney game.

Grand Lodge



I'm Misa-chan, Shou-sama's betrothed (even if he doesn't know it yet)!

Just wondering... if I bought a scholar's outfit, would it look like a schoolgirl uniform?!

So Kawaii~*

Dark Archive **

1 person marked this as a favorite.

...Various parts of me just died. :P

Sovereign Court ***** Venture-Lieutenant, Australia—Sydney aka Luke_Parry

Jed, you and I need to have a talk :-P

As to your question, I think that this would technically fall under the 're-skinning' rule, insofar as to the best of my knowledge, there are no 21st Century Japanese high schools in Golarion ;-)

As such, you mileage will probably vary from GM to GM, insofar as whether you will be able to call it that, as some people will feel that this messes with verisimilitude a tad too much.

Of course, if you described it as something setting-apropriate (18th Century kimono, perhaps?), you could definitely get away with it :-)

(Please note that I am not taking a particular stance, one way or the other, on the issue - I am merely telling you what you can expect to encounter.)

Grand Lodge

So I look like this then?

Sovereign Court ***** Venture-Lieutenant, Australia—Sydney aka Luke_Parry


I don't remember anything like *that* outfit in any antique paintings ;-)

Grand Lodge

We're a clan of Ninjas, we do the abnormal things for the sake of the mission!

The Exchange *** Venture-Lieutenant, Australia—Sydney


Jed *sigh*



Sovereign Court ***** Venture-Lieutenant, Australia—Sydney aka Luke_Parry

1 person marked this as a favorite.


Jed, I will remember that the next time we need Shou to 'take one for the team' with Grandmaster Torch ;-)

Shadow Lodge

Whoa whoa, now hold on, everypony....

The Exchange *** Venture-Lieutenant, Australia—Sydney

Hannya Misaka wrote:
We're a clan of Ninjas, we do the abnormal things for the sake of the mission!

Your girlfriends words Shou...

Shadow Lodge

She's a stalker! She's from one of the other families amalgamated with the clan, one of which have taken human spouses (made her half-elf)!

The Exchange *** Venture-Lieutenant, Australia—Sydney

Doesn't change the fact that your clan is willing to go the extra mile for the mission...

Shadow Lodge

The Hannya clan lent their forces- including "prince" Shou- to the Pathfinder in hopes for better relations with the Grand Empire of Jinin!

We owe no loyalties to Guai-lo! XD

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