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Skullrot Inmates: Fleshing out the Roster.

Shackled City Adventure Path

Does anyone have extra inmates they made for Skullrot's many cells? My PCs are both canny and patient, and I think they may do a full inventory of the place simply to release certain entities to give them an edge in combat with the wardens. My group favors wind-walk, which has given them an edge in undected entry.

I'm generating my own, but its nice to see what other people have come up with. I've also been making use of the STAP Gaping Maw Prison Dressing page, which has been marvelous, but as Skullrot is an Asylum, and a near fully stocked one at that, I can't use it overmuch.

Currently, due to other plot concerns, I have two specific inmates: a Bronze Dragon paladin, grandfather of a PC. A unique slaad, patron of a PC with an altered Acolyte of the Skin PRC.

I've been using the tables in the SCAP hardcover, and generated a few more inmates (I like to view percentile rolls of 01 or 100 as "special", so I have a special Balor on deck, but haven't figured out what about it as of yet) but the process is, well, rather tedious. And at this stage of the game, finale and all that, I don't want to handwave it and deny my players the attention to detail that I bring to the game.

Any thoughts, ideas, or places to go for inspiration? On either the inmates themselves, or the crimes they commited to get there (crime being relative, in the case of some of the trapped good creatures).

Here's a few that I cooked up (I assume you're using Greyhawk);

A 24-HD paeliryon (Fiend Folio, though Fiendish Codex II has a CR 18, updated version), Shalbal once conspired to overthrow Dispater, but was foiled by the wily Lilis, the latter's consort.
Though Dispater wanted to immediately execute the traitorous baatezu, Lilis had a more interesting punishment in mind (Shalbal's plan involved fabricating evidence that Lilis was using Dispater's spy network against him, and then take her place to get closer to Dispater): incarceration on Carceri's prison of Skullrot. Seeing more justice in trapping Shalbal for all eternity amongst maddened demons and outcast angels rather than releasing her to oblivion, the Iron Duke readily agreed.
Now driven mad in its prison, Shalbal has come under the delusion that it had become “Supreme Overlord” of Dis, but was imprisoned by its treacherous lieutenants. The devil raves about how it will deliver unholy wrath unto it's subjects one moment, and then calmly inviting a random passerby to tea and a friendly game of croquet the next. From time to time, Lilis will visit Shalbal, and extract information out of the hapless prisoner, thereby deepeing its madness.

Neras Fust:
An ambitious half-elf vampire rogue 8/assassin 10, Neras attempted to gain great power by using a dread ritual that would allow him to absorb the necromantic energy of all vampires into his, being – using the legendary Sword of Kas as the focus. However, a loose pact between agents of Vecna and the Union of Eclipses (a brotherhood of vampires) saw this plan to failure. Neras was then shunted to Skullrot, lest someone could somehow bring him back if slain (it was believed that the sword of Kas bestowed the rejuvenation special ability of the ghost to Neras).
Through his undead immunities has protected him from the magical insanity that prevails the prison, Neras has not taken to his exile with relish. When not tormeted by Dark Myrakl (usually via quick exposure to sunlight), Neras is left alone in a cage that does not allow sound into it (unless subdued by the warden), and has taken to carrying conversations with himself; he is so used to doing this, that he will lapse even when being spoken to.

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