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Looking for an article; can't remember where...

Dragon Magazine General Discussion

It's in the Paizo era of Dragon, and what comes to mind is the image of a succubus(?) or similar reclining figure, in red IIRC. ANyway, there was something I was after in the article itself, but I don't even know what that's called either...

Any idea?

Was it Dragon Magazine # 306?

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber
Sharoth wrote:
Was it Dragon Magazine # 306?

Perhaps the later issue with malcanthet on the cover?

That would be Dragon Magazine # 353 if you are looking for the issue with the temptress Malcanthet.

Of course, we have a Succubus on Dungeon # 107. Hopefully what I have posted has helped.

Yep, it was 306, thanks! Must be there's the same image between the covers too, or a similar one...

Aha! 'Betraying your Evil Nature' - that's the one. Thanks again for your help. I knew it was something to do with evil (duh) but, being a bit hungover, didn't know much else... :)

no problem. Glad to help.

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