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Wizard - school bonus spells

General Discussion (Prerelease)

Shadow Lodge

I have two questions regarding this passage:

'Whenever a wizard attains the listed
level, he can choose one spell from his school to prepare every
day as a bonus spell. Instead of gaining a spell of the listed
level, the wizard can instead choose a spell of a lower level,
which he can then prepare twice per day (except for 2nd level).
A universalist can choose spells from any school. Once chosen,
these spells cannot be changed.
2nd Level: The wizard can cast any first level spell from his
chosen school. This spell is prepared once per day for every
two caster levels he possesses.
4th Level: The wizard can cast any second level spell from
his chosen school once per day.'

1 - Does the wizard gain a bonus spell per day, or is this a bonus spell known as well?

2 - Are only the Universalist's bonus spells unchangeable or all specialists' as well?

1. they are that one spell and extra time per day. A free slot for that spell, once chosen it never changes

2. It works the same one spell you know you can not change it later. It can be of any school

not the level 2 spell is 1 time per day per 2 levels you have. SO 2 at 4, 3 and 6 and so on

Shadow Lodge

seekerofshadowlight wrote:

1. they are that one spell and extra time per day. A free slot for that spell, once chosen it never changes

But is it an additional spell known or is simply one of the spells already known? ie. At 2nd, 4th, etc level the wizard

a: learns 2 spells for leveling up and then picks from all those known for this bonus spell.


b: learns 2 spells for leveling up plus another one that becomes this bonus spell.

AS A, it is any spell you know. You do not learn extra spells. What this ability does is allows you to cast that spell without memorizing it every morning.

So if ya took fireball as you 6th level spell you would have an extra slot with it memorized per day. You could use your normal slots to ready it as normal as well.

You still would have to know the spell but after that point for that slot you dont have to have your book or spend time recalling it.

The spell slot for that ability is always full, used or used it has that spell and no other.

It would be good to clarify that you need to know this spell from a normal source.
(if that's the case, or clarify it whatever the case is)

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