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1,001 Uses for Prestidigitation


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roguerouge wrote:
46. "A prestidigitation can slowly lift 1 pound of material." Oh, the naughty uses of that sentence....

244) Briefly "hypnotize" (distract) that opposite sex guard by making your "pecs" bounce (also works on female/gay guards).

245) Enchant wondrous magically-supportive chain-mail bikini and knock-offs of Seoni's (in)famous dress. Also works creating Enormous Schwanzstucker™ brand codpieces.

246) Each time a certain someone's name is said, a horse ninny magically accompanies it.

247) Attempt to paint Treerazer "Pinkie Pie"-pink, including cutie mark (famous last standard action of an over-confident, now-deceased elf mage).

I shall not let this forum die so easily! (From Chaotic Neutral View)

248) Make the King's Prized jewel on his crown go to an "off" shape and color.

249) Barbarian Chainmail Bikini make it a little bigger so it falls off

250) Make the entire parties rations smell and look like crap. Exept when its in your hands. (More for you!)

251.) Rainbow-Beards for the Dwarf.
252.) Facial Hair for the Elves.
253.) Pinch Alcoholic Barbarian's Ass when Barmaid walks by.
254.) Give the Bald-shopkeeper hair.
255.) Give the Bald-shopkeeper's Rival Male-Pattern Baldness, That'll teach her.

256.) Spontaneous Bird poop barrage, without the need of birds.
257.) Conjure tiny Pirate ship in ship-captain's spy glass.
258.) Paint Female anatomy on Half-orc Barbarian's Armor.
259.) Lure livestock to stand over Sleeping party members. Provide Hydration.

260.) Talking Furniture.

Grand Lodge

My young wizard has prestidigitation active practically all of the time...

261) Reading light (about a candle of light directly over his book)
262) floating, glowy writing (basically, a transparent note board)
263) changing the color of his cloak to fit his mood
264) game board (chess, checkers, etc.)
265) "holographic" tactical map for the party to make a plan
266) temporary bookmark (he reads a lot)
267) mess kit (plate, fork, knife, spoon)
268) pen and ink (ink was mentioned before, but why not make the pen, too?)
269) feeding yourself when your hands are occupied
270) keep your tea hot

271) Tick off the otyugh the bard's trying to negotiate with. By cleaning up her lair.

272) Tricking goblins into believing your a simply entertainer with your Prestidigitation skill, than ask them to bring a torch over so you can create "fireworks" for them.
273) Have familiar drop a bunch of oil on a bad guy, snap your fingers all anime style while saying "Too slow"
274) Avoid being gutted by robbers by taking one of your "magical daggers", pretty lights and all, and handing it over to them as a way of escape (this is if your planning to not flat-out kill them)
275) Change the color of your familiar for a scouting bonus (Sure be great to make your Hawk pure black come nightfall, or make it the color of the forest your in)
276) Tickle a shopkeepers nose, whenever they sneeze pocket a small object.
277) Pay a rude barkeep with a brand new "Gold" coin.
278) Convince the person who hires you to grab a magic item that it is evil by numerous overtly evil things (changes cclor, along with ghost sound to make it sound evil, holy water trick, etc). If he doesn't believe you, show bruise on your hand to help convince him. If he tries to touch it, make it chill and become horrified when he touches it and ask if it was cold. Than if he says yes solemnly walk away from him with a s##!-eating grin.
279) Do the opposite against evil characters by pretending an object is extremely holy in nature, using above methods but with the intention of making said object come off as divine
280) Disguise an escort with hideous scars or make them exceptionally beautiful, whatever works to keep people off your trail
281) Throw false items at other characters for a surprise, such as throwing daggers, caltrops, alchemists fire, etc.
282) Show off your amazing strength by crushing a "gem" in your hands when rube tries to off you.
283) Plug up holes in waterskins or backbacks with sewing material, and keep doing so up until you can get it formally repaired.
284) Change the color of water to look like a potion, drink it and claim it makes you an all powerful wizard and only cast spells when you drink it (For wizards who don't want to be discovered)
285) Whenever anyone plays music, mess with their timing by holding down a unoccupied key, string, valve, etc.
286) Draw detailed maps of an area based off of your familiars view (if your that high of level), or be able to look at a map and draw it perfectly on another substance.
287) Stop ruffians in their tracks by releasing their belts so their pants fall off.
288) Pretend to craft potions for your teammates, give them a Placebo effect for their rolls and statuses.
289) Do the same thing for enemies, pretending that you just injected a vial of "poisons" into them, and they only have one hour to live.
290) Create a mound of gold for a dragon as tribute. Hilarity commences.

Silver Crusade

I will not let this die! Also, I got a lot of these from this

My older bother told me this one.
291 - Enter a shop. Ask for a item at a major discount. When the Shopkeeper tells you to get lost, take out an empty bottle. Have white smoke leave the Shopkeepers nose and flow into the bottle. Tell the shopkeeper that this is his soul. Buy the item with a major discount.

292 - As you walk through a garden, make flowers appear at your feet.

293 - As you walk through a garden, made all plant-life at your feet 'rot'.

294 - Court a young noblewoman by giving her flowers.

295 - Convince a crazy person that you are casting the spell 'Cure Major Wounds' for bonuses to diplomacy checks.

296 - Convince a crazy person that you are casting the spell 'Form of the Dragon' for bonuses to intimidate checks.

297 - Make an escaping target smell like pine needles if you are in a city. Then use an animal companion who can track by sent to locate him later.

298 - Make an escaping target smell like fresh bread if you are in the wild. Then use an animal companion who can track by sent to locate him later.

299 - Create a little blue ball of light to distract someone.

300 - Make everything that someone tastes, including the air and the inside of there mouth, taste like chicken.

301 - When a enemy becomes invisible, create smoke around your party. When the enemy touches the smoke, that section of it will disappear. This is because when it interacts with any magic, things created by prestidigitation are disappear.

302 - Color trees you pass so if you get lost, you can retrace your steps.

303 - Cover the floor of a room in dirt to distract a servant.

304 - Whiten your teeth to help you court a noble woman.

Silver Crusade

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I just typed this whole thing up and then accidentally closed the tab. Luckily, I anticipated my own stupidity and split my post up into different parts. It is still a pain to type this all again.

305 - Make the teeth of someone who is courting a woman or man you like black and yellow.

306 - Whenever you are near a woman or man that you are courting, make the area smell like roses. This will make their subconscious associate you with romance and good things in general.

307 - Whenever a person who is courting a woman or man that you like is near them, make the area smell like vomit. Both or their subconsciouses (or is it 'subconsci') will associate the other person with disease and bad things in general.

308 - When dogs are tracking party, make several stones smell like bacon and throw them in a direction you are not going to travel in. This will lower the chance that the dogs will go after you.

309 - When dogs are tracking your party, suggest that you split up. After everyone agrees, make a teammate smell like bacon. This will lower the chance that the dogs will go after you.

310 - When dogs are tracking your party, suggest that you split up. After everyone agrees, make a fox smell like bacon. This will lower the chance that the dogs will go after you. In case you did not know, foxes are notorious, for being the most difficult animal to hunt.

311 - When dogs are tracking your party, make a wild and deadly animal smell like bacon. This will lower the chance that the dogs will go after you.

312 - When dogs are tracking your party, make an area you passed through, but are no longer in, smell like bacon. This will lower the chance that the dogs will go after you.

313 - Make colored spots appear on various things that you pass. If you get lost, you can retract your steps to at most a half hour ago.

314 - Make a escaping target smell like something that does not belong. For example, fresh bread in a wilderness or an orchard in a dense city.

Silver Crusade

I now know why I should not post things late in the night. Sorry for the mistakes. The next use that is posted will be #313.

Shadow Lodge

Use prestigitation to write a book detailing all the uses of the spell

Ruthenium wrote:

313 - Make colored spots appear on various things that you pass. If you get lost, you can retract your steps to at most a half hour ago.

Variant- If you just make a conspicuous "dirty" spot (Ex:an arrow made of a thick layer of dirt) it would stay that way after the spell expires or until it was cleaned off in another way (rain/wind/Consuela).

314: make small rocks that you can throw at people without hurting them.

315: If you're in a jail, piss of the guard by changing the color of his face, then knock him out when he opens your jail cell to attack you.

316: cleaning all your cook-wear after using it.

317: Press the keys on someone else's computer. Either to screw with them or to type out a message.

318: While you use the spell to clean yourself, you can also make the clothes of the party member (or NPC) you don't like dirty.

319: cover your tracks in a dusty old dungeon so it looks like no one has been there. (note, it would probably take 1 round per foot step to dusty up the area, so you'd have to move slowly).

320: Make tracks down the other hallway too to mislead them.


Anyone else listen to the critical hit podcast? This breaks... oh, about ALL the rules for prestidigitation, so I won't number it unless someone else thinks it's worthwhile.

Pods of Casting: record your journals and adventures in the form of audio recordings! give them to your friends! To local bards! store the passage of history in the palm of your hand!

However, to not break the rules so much...

321: Holographic advertisements/signs.
322: Animated newspapers anyone?
323: You need a health potion? All i got are these blue ones, and as we all know, health potions are always pink.
324: An ineffective replacement for Color Spray
325: Wait... what color is that dress?

326: Make someones saliva taste like goat semen constantly
327: Makes someones saliva taste like period blood... constantly
328: Makes someones saliva taste like poison
329: "Transform" someones saliva into miniature worms that are squirming around inside their mouth
330: Create a red liquid inside a small vial and claim it is the strongest poison to ever be created. Claim that even a single drop will not only burn through anything, but will instantaneously cause someone to choke on their own blood. Then proceed to drop some liquid on the ground and create the illusion of it burning through the ground. Nice little intimidation tool.
331: Maybe you believe someone is going to poison you and you want to try and play it safe while you sleep. Create a small "poison vial" that is leaking into your mouth when they walk in so they believe you to be already poisoned. The next morning when you're alive they will be truly mind f~!&ed.
332: With each step someone takes have the word "F$##%*" slowly echo through their head only.
333: Give evil commands to other players but in a more creative way such as adding rhyme to it or turning it into a song for example: With just a single dynamite, through many pleasures and delight, throw it far and through and highlight that little white orphanage"
334: In any situation, if you want to have some fun, you can put the words "I f!&#ing hate Orcs" or "Death to all Gnomes" on someones back.. now just sit back and watch them get bombarded.
335: Cast a small sad rainy cloud that cries and asks why the person it is following hates it.
336: Cast a small angry thunderous cloud that spews out insults on the go as it follows someone.

337: Create the illusion of this post actually being revived, seriously though come on guys we can reach 1,001 we just need to be creative!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

338: Eat without using your hands
339: Drink without using your hands
340: Snatch food from other peoples plates (or forks)
341: Coalesce water from air (might take a while)
342: Stop bleeding (depends on degree of injury)
343: When hiding underwater, create a tube of air to the surface so you can breathe. No reed needed.
344: Send those annoying flies into your companions mouth.
345: 'Cleanse' smoke or deadly vapors from air, so you can breathe
346: Help keep yourself warm or cool when traveling through inhospitable environments. Would probably help greatly with survival checks.
347: Maybe condense oxygen levels in the air you breathe for high altitude environments to help combat altitude sickness. Might require prior knowledge of oxygen or a lot of learned experience with prestidigitation. Actually, this could help in any environments for checks to continue running.
348: Gold and platinum have similar density (actually platinum is a little heavier). Disguise your gold as platinum.
349: Mess with a merchants scales to get a better deal (or validate fake currency).
350: Make your natural 1 a natural 20 (some GM's might accept that creativity, once)... Or just influence dice in character.
351: Slip poison into your enemies food or drink, from a distance.
352: Slowly fill your faster companions backpack with sand, when he's not looking.

Note: One of the problems about posting to a 1001 unique uses thread is that you don't know if your post is unique without having to read through the rest of them. It only gets more difficult the more posts there are. I myself was only able to read through half of them. Guess it doesn't matter much in the end :).

353: Get rid of those annoying cobwebs without having to touch them or walk through them.
354: Who needs toilet paper.
355: Conceal your scent and the scent of your party. My GM actually allowed my character to do this by making a survival check (My character is a ranger. Don't ask how he knows prestidigitation XD) to oppose the enemy's perception check. Saved us from a nasty encounter while hiding behind a fake wall made with silent image.
356: Retrieve a stored item within your 6 second combat round without having to use up your move action.
357: Save time collecting strewn about coins and gems in dungeons. No need to bend down and pick up each one. They all just float towards you like you are a loot magnet!
358: 'Lift' items off a shop, literally.

358: Pretend to be a higher level caster. With a good bluff check, anything is possible!
358: Make your weapon look awesome with flame effects or glowing parts. It only takes a standard action each round, and it's not like you need that action for attacking or anything when you look this awesome.
359: "conjure" an entire boardgame set like chess... or pathfinder.
360: Keeping track of filing by color-coding.

Liberty's Edge

361: Making your eyes glow and changing your voice to sound like you have Ben possessed by a Goul'd.
362: Convincing the goblin prisoners to eat an alchemist fire by making them thing it is truffles, then watch as they fart and cause their whole tent to erupt in flames.
363: Make a laser pointer just before the party fights a dire tiger.

Liberty's Edge

364: Disabling autocorrect.

365: Mark off 365 days on a calendar... even though the writing disappears later.
366: on that note, fake signatures!
367: Invisible ink/messages that disappear
368: if you use the "soil" function you can write permanent messages on paper with dirt.
369: Write "I prepared explosive runes this morning" on a wall... It won't explode or anything, but it might keep people cautious of it.
370: With some creativity and Craft Wondrous Items, you could combine it with the Animated Portrait to make an animated statue that answers up to 10 pre-programmed questions.

*throws 10,000 diamond dust into the air shouting some magic words*
I shall not let this forum die yet!

371: Turn the king's face blue, and make his drink smell funny. Grab some water, that you turned orange, give it to him as a cure poison potion. Once he drinks it end the blue on his face. Now the king owes you a massive favor for saving his life!

372) Make your ally taste so awful that the allosaurus who is munching on him will spit him out.

(This happened in my game. I asked the player to make a Bluff check against the dinosaur, which they passed with flying colors. This cantrip saved the life of their native guide!)

373) Turn the Jewelers wares at the yearly festival all grey and dull to get a better price!

374) Heat the helm of a city guard so that they must throw it off when you need an extra second of head start to run.

375) Punctuate every intimidation roll with thunder clap.

376) Start everyday with water that taste like coffee. It's pretty hard to not start the day with a smile like this.

377) Look like a champion over beasts by giving your house a horn.

378) For the more nefarious rouge out there one can flavor pulverized glass as salt or hard candy to kill your enemy at the dining table.

379) Raise prices for cold drinks in your desert tavern by not supplying ice. "You want COLD water? Sorry Pal, that'll cost extra."

380) Hilariously interrupt the enemy captains rallying charge by knotting his laces together when he's not paying attention.

381) Make your colleagues more compliant to your way of thinking by gathering all the little rocks under their bedrolls while they sleep during your lookout.

382) Turn yourself a sickly grey color and age the color of your clothing so you can hide amongst the vagrants when the city guard is risen.

383) Heat puddles to comfortably bathe while roughing it in the wild. Very civilized.

384) Perhaps my favorite thing to do is change my bag of holding to have visibly little teeth and never withdraw items from it while observed. I went something like twenty sessions before anyone realized it wasn't a bag of devouring. Apparently both of the rogues had considered nicking it but didn't because of it. It was amazing.

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