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1,001 Uses for Prestidigitation

D&D 3.5/d20/OGL

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104: World's Fastest Martini (shaken or stirred)

Liberty's Edge

ZeroCharisma wrote:
104: World's Fastest Martini (shaken or stirred)

"Do I look like the type that gives a damn?" :)

Shadow Lodge

105) Change color to gain a hide bonus

Shadow Lodge

106) Making people type s-m-u-r-f and change avatars

Shadow Lodge

It seems this thread has died 895 uses before our goal. *sigh* so close!

Scarab Sages

107) de-flattening (re-carbonating?) soda and beer.
108) Re-Salting Pretzels after you bite off all the awesome giant salt pieces.
109) Put on a puppet show for kids and actually have differant voices for each one. (though that might actually be pushing it)

Scarab Sages

Dragonborn3 wrote:
It seems this thread has died 895 uses before our goal. *sigh* so close!

110) Ressurecting Threads.

111) Don't like that corona they gave you? well BAM! now it's a Guiness. Or at least tastes like it.

Now only 890 short.

Shadow Lodge

yah this thread lives! Everyone keep posting till we reach the goal!

112) Making "Near-beer" real beer
113) Making water into to wine.

Scarab Sages

114) Making wands and rings "sparkly with magic" when it comes time to sell them in town.
115) Making your voice echo to make it even more impressive.
116) (may be stretching it) Chaniging your voice to James Earl Jones'...cuz it's bad@$$

Shadow Lodge

117) Making poems on the fly.

Liberty's Edge

Is that wand-wielding Sorcerer making fun of you because as a wizard, you have to use a spell book?

Make his Wand of Fireball pink, covered in glitter, and put a ribbon on it!

Is the Barbarian making fun of you because you won't get into melee?

Make his armor bright orange, with the words "Place Dagger Here" in bold black letters on his back!

Is the Paladin pissing you off?

Paint a target on his back!

Shadow Lodge

Please number them!

Pathfinder Card Game, Class Deck Subscriber

121) Empty the archer's quiver of arrows
122) Use a dagger to slice the archer's bowstring
123) Make the judge's powdered wig float off his head in the middle of trial
124) Lift the judge's robes as he's walking down the aisle
125) Make the cleric's light mace look like "something else" rod-shaped...
126) Chill the wineksin before you drink
127) Anti-fur rallies


Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber; Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Companion, Modules Subscriber

128) He failed his disguise self how badly? *creates facial hair*

129) dampen a cloth in the desert to squeeze into your mouth for water

130) a Kender can grab more interesting things at once

131) doing the finest of artistry when painting miniatures

132) chill water, put sleeping fighter's hand in said water...

133) get tomatoes to throw at people , without evidence of them later

134) lift a sheet and have it float around

135) no - eating this does not make you a cannibal, see - tastes like chicken

136) He's no royal guard... his tabbard colors are all wrong - SO last year, the queen would have a fit if she saw a guard in last year's fashion.

137)The guards are searching all of these containers? lets cover the one we're hiding in in garbage.

138) to the barmaid is it just me, or is it getting hot in here

139)Who needs to play with ice?

140)stripping the paint off a metal mini that your just screwed up painting


Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber; Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Companion, Modules Subscriber
Cpt_kirstov wrote:

138) to the barmaid is it just me, or is it getting hot in here

if you choose to soil a mouth, does that mean she'll talk dirty to you?

Liberty's Edge

Cpt_kirstov wrote:
Cpt_kirstov wrote:

138) to the barmaid is it just me, or is it getting hot in here

if you choose to soil a mouth, does that mean she'll talk dirty to you?

I'd prefer to use the 5 pound telekinesis on her, if you get my drift.


Bartender: "Why are you so twitchy tonight?"

Barmaid: "You wouldn't believe me..." *yelps and jumps*


142) Walk on water... by turning it into ice!

The Exchange

143) Never stop at a red traffic light again!

144) Make that snob's pants fall down, belt or no belt!

Yet again this thread has died short of it's goal. *sigh*

Db3's Astral Projection wrote:
Yet again this thread has died short of it's goal. *sigh*

145) Make *awesome* smoke rings.

146. Anime Hair
147. Anime Eye Glint

Scarab Sages

In place of

148: cause your eyes to flare with fire, that should be intimidating.
149: make your "sword" look bigger
150: make the jedi "rock trick"
151: make a phantom torch-light in the distance
152: phantom caltrops
153: phantom marbles
154: turn hot tomato soup into gespacho soup in seconds!
155: hands-free rest-room break!
156: illusionary fire on your weapon
157: illusionary fire on opponent's sleeve
158: illusionary fire on ally's foot
159: untie a belt pouch strings...picking pockets without touching them
160: pull down your opponent's hat.
161: light your pipe so you can blow cool smoke rings from a previous use.

162: Change the wizard's spellbook so that it looks like a sappy romance novel.
163: Draw 'X's on your opponents' eyes.
164: Put a big 'crack' in that super-dangerous poison the rogue has.

Sovereign Court

165. Pat yourself on the back.
166. Scratch that itch in an embarassing place without reaching.

167. On a cliff, make an illusionary rock fall nearby an enemy climber, to make him think a landslide is coming.
We just gotta keep coming up with ideas! We mustn't give up!

Liberty's Edge

168. Kobold repellant and disposal.

Scarab Sages

169) self pleasure

The Exchange

Ubermench wrote:
169) self pleasure

170)Self pleasure......again. Because once is just never enough!


171) Create a shower of sparks from from your fingers. Gives you a bonus to that 'Bluff' roll in combat to distract your opponent. (It didn't actually WORK for me, but I got the bonus for trying!)

172) Sparks/flame on your finger to light that oil you poured that the monster is standing in.
(WARNING! Does not work nearly so well when you are standing IN the oil WITH the monster!)

173. Make a 'hand' crawl on the floor to scare off nosy reporters.

The Exchange

174. Tickle a pixie's toes.

Scarab Sages

175) pick your nose

Scarab Sages

176) pick your friends nose

Liberty's Edge

Fake Healer wrote:
174. Tickle a pixie's toes.

177. Tickle something other than a pixie's toes. :D

Silver Crusade

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber; Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Companion, Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

178.) Heat up that armor. (preferably the chainmail bikini!)

179) Chill the top of that chainmail bikini armor, watch her nipples get hard.
180) Make yourself look like a leper.
181) Pay your road tolls in coppers that look like golds,

182- never having to pay for your SlimJims.

1 person marked this as a favorite.


Doppelganger Wizard/Artificer. So I've had lots of fun with my mates.
As for Prestidigitation uses, let see if I can remember some..

183: Skirt lifting, always classic.
184: Pebble in the Fighter's armored boots. Nasty!
185: Poke the Elder Black Dragon in the eye. See what happens.
186: Flavored condoms, anyone?
187: Put the symbol of an evil god on the paladin's armor when he isn't looking..
188: Glowing mark on an ally before they turn invisible.
189: -Braaaaaaaaapppppphh (with a metallic ring)- "Did.. Did you just fart in your armor?"
190: Add a smell to above said sound.
191: Classic hot foot with a twist.
192: Sovereign glue doesn't weigh much..
193: Mustaches on portraits.
194: 'Make a small, handheld item invisible until the end of your next turn.' Vanish the dwarf's ale when he isn't looking. Blame the Fighter.
195: Ignite the dwarf's beard.
196: Put out the leader's torch just as he rounds the corner..
197: "Yoink. I'll just borrow those keys, Mister Guard.."
198: Turn pieces of a party member's steak invisible just after he cuts each piece off.
199: Pick at that wedgie in peace.
200: Hmm.. Does that fur bra the barbarian is wearing count as a "Small, handheld item.."?

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Done these:
201: tie/untie your shoes
202: rug supported over a hole in the floor
203: hold the lantern
204: trip some traps
205: make something slippery
206: make that oatmeal granola bar taste like a hot fudge sundae
207: 'close' a door loudly to draw off the searchers
208: tied a safety loop over a sword in it's scabbard.
209: slippery door knobs
210: arsenic flavored potions
211: "Target the RED guy!
212: think of the Arcane Trickster

Can any one come up with the ultimate item for the abuse of this spell?

213: make the mushrooms in the stew extra special
214: put a hole on the drinking side of that dwarf's mug
215: keep music playing after the band stops.
216: make a tree hammock for your buddy, well ex-buddy in an hour.
217: give that pallys black horse a firey mane....and hooves.
218: make a local churches statue cry tears of blood.

  • And now for something completely different: A man with a bardic symphony up his nose...

http://www. youtube .com/watch?v=M0gzQS4w1sc

Ragadolf wrote:

172) Sparks/flame on your finger to light that oil you poured that the monster is standing in.
(WARNING! Does not work nearly so well when you are standing IN the oil WITH the monster!)

With my DM it would work MUCH better in those circumstances!

219: Break down the mortar holding the brick in the wall that that pesky pickpocket's trying to jump off of.
220: Give the 'oh-so-dignified' Paladin a wedgie.
221: Pull on the dragon's dangly bits. See if it won't help convince him to cooperate.
222: Tie your ally's boots together when running from said dragon.

223. Make shiny new toys to give to beggar children. (Evil characters only.)
224. Leave strong pepper-scent around to confuse and delay scent trackers.
225 Create a (small, clumsy, but functional) mirror when you find yourself unexpectedly facing a Medusa.

Silver Crusade

226. I'm surprised nobody has mentioned it but mood lighting for those times when the eleven princess just needs to be romanced.
227. Theme music everyone loves a Conanesque entrance.

Sovereign Court

228) (in gameplay) - Blew up the skirts of a bossy noblewoman to stop her from berating a commoner child.

229) three words - Wagon Racing Stripes

230) No no you said blue dragon, but clearly it is gold.

231) (w/ghost sounds) Pull My Finger....

232) Messing with the rogue checking for traps: DM - "Ok so you start fiddling with the lock and it turns red... now it moves... then it gets all grimey... and now its not... now it smells like cinnibuns... and now like trog dung."

RPG Superstar 2008 Top 16

2 people marked this as a favorite.

233.) Having trouble opening that door silently? Now its hinges are clean and well-oiled!

234.) Want to keep some rascal from sneaking through the door? Now it makes a hellacious racket to open because its unlubricated latch and hinges are encrusted with rust!

235.) "By Gorum's wiry whiskers! That nobleman's moustache and beard just fell into his pudding! He must be an imposter!"

236.) Visiting a Shoanti tribe: Instant tattoos... On the other hand, you might want to cover up that "Death to all orcs!" tattoo on the dwarf's shoulder.

237.) "I doubt that these are the men you were looking for: Those fellows' mounts were bays, and these men are riding Appaloosas."

238.) The lock's hasp looked like sturdy iron, but it turned out to be made of soft lead... (This one will likely be vetoed by the GM...)

239.) "I wonder how his weapon cord managed to tie itself to that table."

240.) "Strangely, his sword got stuck when he tried to draw it. I wonder how pine tar got onto the blade while it was still in its scabbard?"

Grand Lodge

#241 Focus the spell's soiling effect at the tip of your pen and never carry ink again.

#242 A polka-dancing smurf, right in front of that arrogant noble trying to intimidate my party.
#243 A tiny Dwarf, shaking his head while a drunk NPC tries to punch our barbarian. Didn't save the drunk man life, though.

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