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Eberron Races

In preparation for my next campaign, for which I intend to use Pathfinder, and which I intend to set in Eberron, I was considering reworking the Eberron races (which were pretty well balanced with 3.5, making them sub-standard in Pathfinder).

The only real detail from Eberron that needs updating are the new races: Kalashtar, Warforged, Shifters and Changelings. The main factors to change are their stat adjustments and their favoured classes; in the case of Pathfinder all races have on average an extra +2 bonus to a stat, and two or more favoured classes. Some of the Eberron classes had more penalties than bonuses; this was due to their having abilities that compensated – warforged had their natural armour, their fortification and their immunities; shifters had their shifting ability. This is still reflected bellow, shifters and warforged come out a net 2 points bellow other races once all penalties and bonuses are calculated.


• Changelings are experts at disseminating, at appearing to be one thing or another. They are masters of the art of being personable. Hence they gain a +2 bonus to Charisma.
• Favoured Class: Rogue or Beguiler.
• Racial Hit Points: Changelings are not a frail race, but are less suited to fighting than to stealth and intrigue, they gain 4 racial hit points if the option is played.


• The Kalashtar are gestalt beings, with an intense spiritual connection to their host spirits. At the same time, Kalashtar were at one time human. Kalashtar gain a +2 bonus on any mental ability score of their choice – intelligence, wisdom or charisma.
• Favoured Class: Kalashtar may choose any of the psionic classes as their favoured class. If you are not playing psionics, they may choose from Monk or Sorcerer.
• Racial Hit Points: while cerebral, kalashtar do not neglect their bodies; like humans they gain 6 racial hit points if these are used.


• The shifter race are close to their animal side, and often seek the direct solution to any problem they encounter. Shifters gain a +2 bonus to Dexterity, and a -2 penalty to intelligence. They no longer take a penalty to charisma.
• Favoured Class: Shifters may choose Ranger or Druid as their favoured class.
• Racial Hit Points: Shifters are tough, independent survivers, and gain 8 racial hit points if this option is used.


• The warforged are made for battle, not cogitation. They gain a +2 bonus to strength and constitution, and a -2 penalty to wisdom and charisma.
• Favoured Class: Warforged may select Fighter or Warblade as their favoured class. Psiforged may select Psychic Warrior instead of Warblade.
• Racial Hit Points: Warforged are made for fighting, they gain 8 racial hit points if these are played.

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