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LGS embraces Pathfinder!

Pathfinder Campaign Setting General Discussion

Grand Lodge

Ok, for months I have problems with my Local Gaming Store, which is becoming my FLGS again.

I ran into the owners yesterday at the grocery store and got some very intersting comments. I asked if there were any 4e games locally, that I might sit in on for a try at it. And much to my surprise they said that no one they knew of was actually running a 4e game yet. One guy was planning a game after GenCon, though. They did sell a lot of 4e books, but no one is really playing yet. Feelings are mixed.

I asked if I might demo a Pathfinder game after the Beta rules come out, and they were VERY enthusiastic about it.

One of the owners had said 4e was the first D&D product that excited him since 2nd Edition (go figure). However, he is now stealing things back from 3.x and plans on creating a home brew stew of 3.x, 3.P and 4e. He said that Pathfinder seems to be taking the best of the best and making the most interesting RPG yet.

I plan on running the Rise of the Runelords AP with the Beta Rules. I'll also be encouraging the Pathfinder Society.

Excellent! Let us know how it goes.

Scarab Sages

Congrats, Krome!

I had a similar discussion with my FLGS. If you phrase anything with "get people interested in the products you sell", a smart store owner is up for just about anything.

And Paizo is already a plus in his eyes anyway!

Let's hear from more Paizo missionaries! (Paizonaries?)

Awesometastic! :D

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