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Converting the Warlock

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The Exchange

I must note that the Core classes got bumps because of latter published classes that put them to shame. the warlock is perfectly fine of a class ( bump hitpoints to 1d8 as its secondary BAB and be done with it)

I Realy like the idea for the Warlock to be a prestige class
that could be taken at fifth level (for sorcerers only)

Since the new sorcerer class has stolen some of the Warlock's unique abilities (short range rays)at will cantrips... this could be a good way to boost these abilities and move further away from the wizard class witch i think is much needed

Wizards should not be able to become warlocks and a warlock class would kill the sorcerer class in pathfinder

Prsetige Class: Warlock

The Warlock is a sorcerer that has made dark pacts with either Devil,demonic,fey or abberations.

Must make a pack with either a devil, demon,fey or abberation.
Sorcerer level 5
Be able to cast detect magic as a spell-like ability.

Now I'm not certain where to go from here, but it would go something like this.

upon taking the first level of warlock the sorcerer's 1st level "blast (or what ever it gets from bloodline) becomes a eldritch blast ala as the old warlock.

At second level and on the warlock is able to sacrafice spell slots to make a spell a spell-like ability.

ok that's all I have right now.

The more I think about it, the warlock seems to be it's own animal. I've played warlocks since it first came out. And time after time these were the things that came up.

1. While the warlock was able to do a fair amount of damage, more times than not the actual damage done never measured up. Not certain what would help this or how it reflets of pathfinder, but there it is.

2. One trick poney
well by the time you're 20th level, you're really a 12 trick pony (if you don't take extra invocation) being able to breath underwater for 24 hours may be cool, but in a desert it means nothing. And if you have a cleric that is able to cast it as a mass spell then it's even less. So I beleive more invocations are in order(see new feat).

3. Skills redone
Acrobatics, Bluff, Craft, Disguise, Intimidate, Knowledge: Arcana/Planes/Religion,
Profession, Sense Motive, Spellcraft, Use Magic Device

Extra Invocation
You gain an extra Invocation up to the highest level you are able to have.

SO since a pathfidner character now gets a feat at every other level,the warlock has more freedom to have a vast array of invocations or pick feats that will improve his eldritch blast.

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