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For the future - ECLs....

Alpha Playtest Feedback General Discussion

Scarab Sages

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Hi all,

I've been hoping that the PRPG is going to fix the wonkiness of ECLs, but I haven't seen anything yet.

When I moved from 2nd to 3rd ed, ECLs were one of the things I loved about the new system, but as you play with them some more you realise that they don't work quite as well at higher levels as you initially thought they would.

Are there any plans to look at ECLs (or another mechanic for character races with non-base abilities) in PRPG??

Liberty's Edge

As an option heres an idea that I use in my campaigns.

When a monster race has an ECL, and forces you to have 'non-levels' ie Like an Aasimar with an adjusted level of +1.

In 3.5 the character cannot rise to 2nd til he has enough experience to go to 3rd.... in essence he 'loses a level' no skill points, no hit points, no feats...etc. Ive never liked that system. It penalizes these races...however because they are inherently more powerful, a compromise must be had. I have the player take an NPC class for those levels.

So an Aasimar could take 1 level as an Adept, Aristocrat, Commoner, Expert, or Warrior for that level, gaining skills, hit points, save modifiers, et al.

Since the NPC levels are effectively half balances and makes for some interesting role playing choices. I allow the spell caster level to stack if they take Adept, and the spells become either arcane or divine...and add to the repetoire of the caster.

NPC Skills become class skills. If the player chooses commoner, I allow either additional points (6 being the norm) if Im doing point buy in...if its just rolling dice, then a +1 to one stat.

The NPC class cannot be changed, and must be taken for each level of LA needed. If there are Hit Dice involved as well (such as with a Gnoll) then those levels must be from the monster subtype...Humanoid as an example.

Try it on, I think you might be surprised as to how easily it fits

I also incorporated this into the unearthed arcanna Bloodlines, where for a bloodline level they have to take that same NPC class (if they already had one) or take an appropriate one if they didnt.

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