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Savage Tide Eberron Conversion

Savage Tide Adventure Path

Short Version:
You can download my full Savage Tide Eberron conversion here:

Long Version:

I am running Savage Tide in Eberron. I have cleaned up my conversion notes into an form that anyone can download and use. These notes are, of course, based on the official Keith Baker conversion (copy-pasted where appropriate), but they are expanded and cover the entire adventure path.

Not everyone will like all the changes I made, but I think it should make it much easier to run STAP in Eberron. If you don't like certain things you can always cherry-pick what you like.

The nice thing about having a full conversion is that you can effectively allude to what is coming because you know what it is.

I know its a bit late, but it took quite a while to work these up, and some more time to make them into an professional-style document.

Anyways, let me know what you think.

Haven't gone through it thoroughly yet, and I don't use Eberron, but I might steal some stuff. Thanks for posting.

I'm relatively new to Eberron, and converting STAP to 4E as well as Eberron, so the sharing of your work is very much appreciated - thanks!

Good stuff! I wish I'd had this earlier in my campaign. My players are in the Shrine at the end of HTBM now - I don't think it's too late to alter some of the flavor to head down this path.

I really wasn't sure where I was going to take the path after they dealt with the shadow pearl production. I had some ideas, but they would have required some major re-writes. This seems a very satisfactory way of wrapping it all up without having to reinvent the wheel.

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