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Greyhawk City: Ruling Oligarchy Details

Age of Worms Adventure Path

Can anyone point me in the right direction for where I could find out the membership of the Ruling Oligarchy?

Best source for Free City of Greyhawk info:

Greyhawk: the Adventure Begins (available as PDF here at Paizo)

pp. 62-64 give a thumbnail sketch of each member of the Directing Oligarchy

Wonderful! Thanks - is there anything that's been published that updates any of those details for 595 CY? e.g. Is the Oligarchy still the same four years later?

There's some info scattered around the different Dragons and other sources. For one thing, Derider Fanshen left her posts as Oligarch and Constable due to retirement sometime between TAB's date and the current date, to take up a post in the Temple of Pelor, IIRC.

Sovereign Court

Having recently played some Living Greyhawk at D&D Experience, I was happy to play in an adventure in which we had to research every member of the Oligarchy:

Nerof's faction:

Nerof Gasgal - Lord Mayor
Org Nanshen - See Greyhawk, The Adventure Begins
Vesparian Lafanel - See Greyhawk, The Adventure Begins
Cariel Mansharn - Union of Merchants & Traders
Carmen Halmaster - Union of Merchants & Traders
Dernan Nathane - Union of Merchants & Traders
Gloreddi Bakkanin - Inpsector of Taxes

Eritai's faction

Eritai Kann-Iprizel - Church of St. Cuthbert
Sir Gavin Ambus - Constable
Tigran Gellner - Greyhawk Militia
Ravel Dasider - Church of Boccob


Gerda Holladrel - Gem Cutter's Guild
Kieran Jalucian - Guild of Wizardry
Stakaster Villaine - Church of Zilchus
Torrentz Hebvard - Society of Magi
Stimtrim Cannsay - ??? (didn't get a chance to research, other than he's a dwarf)

The end of the adventure saw Eritai either retiring or being forced out of the Oligarchy.

Wow - thanks for that.

So in addition to Derider Fanshen leaving the Oligarchy, it looks like Sir Anton Palmitian and Jerome Kasinskaia are no longer there in 595.

The Adventure Begins has Stimtrim Cannasay as a representative of the Union of Merchants & Traders.

Anyone know the story behind Tigran Gellner moving to the Militia and Sir Gavin Ambus's promotion from guildmaster of the Nightwatchmen?

A post on Canonfire led me to "The Directing Oligarchs of Greyhawk" - - which answers most of my questions :)

Zanderias wrote:
A post on Canonfire led me to "The Directing Oligarchs of Greyhawk" - - which answers most of my questions :)

There's also . Keep in mind that this article & the one above concern the Directing Oligarchy circa 598 CY.

In 595 CY, when AoW begins (and assumed to end in 596 CY), the Directing Oligarchy consists of the following:

Lord Mayor Nerof Gasgal
Carmen Halmaster
Dernan Nathane
Glodreddi Bakkanin
Kieren Jalucian
Org Nenshen
Ravel Dasinder
Stakaster Villaine
Vesper Lafanel
Cariel Mansharn
Tigran Gellner
Torrentz Hebvard
Gerda Hollardel
Stimtrin Cannasay
Etin Derecs (replaced sometime the following year by Sir Gavin Ambus)
Jerome Kasinkaia, priest of Rao (retires sometime in 596)
Sir Anton Palmirian
Eritai Kaan-Ipzirel

Zanderias wrote:
Anyone know the story behind Tigran Gellner moving to the Militia and Sir Gavin Ambus's promotion from guildmaster of the Nightwatchmen?

Tigran Gellner has been part of Greyhawk's militia at least since 582 CY, when he appeared in the City of Greyhawk boxed set as cCommander of the Cairn Hills Force. With the death of Sental Nurev in 583, Gellner was promoted to Captain-General of the Watch, the highest military rank in the Domain of Greyhawk, which seems to automatically guarentee a chair on the Directing Oligarchy.

Ambus really didn't get "promoted," seeing as the Guild of Nightwatchmen is a private organization. The Chief Constable is second-in-command to the Captain-General; however, whereas the C-G oversees the military forces of the entire Domain, the sources imply that the Chief Constable's power and responsibilities lie chiefly within the City of Greyhawk itself. The Chief Constable seems to be another office that automatically gains a Director's chair.

Of course, since the sources state that a director who leaves office need not be replaced, granting a chair to the occupants of certain offices is likely due to the fact that it's always a wise choice to have the heads of the watch & military involved in the decision-making process.

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